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15 Best Fidget Spinners Available in India

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Are you a person who is constantly in a state of stress due to crazy working hours?

Do you often have bouts of anxiety at work especially in the middle of an important project or presentation?

For parents: Do you have a child that seems to be constantly inattentive in class? Or a child who has trouble learning and fights a lot with other children?

These are all signs of attention-deficit disorder which can be a debilitating problem for many people, especially those who are undiagnosed. In children, it takes the form of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and can greatly interfere with their growth and learning.

Basically, such people tend to find it difficult to constantly concentrate on a task at hand. Their attention wavers and they need something “to do” and it could be absolutely any activity. In most people, this manifests itself as biting of nails or fiddling with pens and other writing instruments. These little acts of distraction provide a way for these people to let out some of their pent-up anxiety by doing repeated physical tasks.

Recently, a little toy called a fidget spinner has taken the entire world by storm. These little devices have been around for long but starting surging in popularity over the past couple of months.

Basically, a fidget spinner is a series of blades (like a fan) mounted on a ball bearing which you can spin using your fingers. The reason it is named such is this: the toy gives people something to “fidget” with while “spinning” it and hence its a fidget spinner.

Studies have found these toys to be highly effective for those suffering from anxiety, attention deficit disorder and even among kids with learning disabilities like autism. Its a cheap and portable little toy which can be used by everyone regardless of their age or where they are in the world. You can easily spin it at home while working on something important or take it to work when you need to focus on an urgent task at hand.

In India, you can buy a fidget spinner online through most major online e-commerce websites. You might be wondering whats the cost of a cheap fidget spinner in India? You’d be surprised to know that some of them are as cheap as under ₹500. How do you then pick the best one? What factors determine whether a fidget spinner is good or not? Never mind about those questions.

We put in a good amount of research so that you don’t have to do that yourself.

Here’s a list of the best fidget spinners in India:

#10 Munchkin Land Fidget Spinner

Munchkin Land Fidget Spinner

Price: ₹129

The Munchkin Land Fidget Spinner is nifty, compact and weighs just about 59 grams. This little toy is perfect for children with learning disabilities and also for those suffering from anxiety disorders that interfere in their work. Using it is simple: just hold the fidget spinner in one hand and use the other hand to give it a nice spin. The Munchkin Land Fidget Spinner is also useful for those that have trouble falling asleep or focussing on things.

 #9 Discount Retail Anti-Anxiety 360 Fidget Spinner

Discount Retail Anti-Anxiety 360 Fidget Spinner

Price: ₹115

Sold by Discount Retail on Amazon, this fidget spinner is specifically meant for those that need to desperately relieve their stress and anxiety. Available in white color, this fidget spinner is also a wonderful toy that you can use to compete with your children over your “fastest spinning” skills.

#8 KD Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy Hand Spinner, Red

KD Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy Hand Spinner, Red

Price: ₹169

With a low price tag and availability in a variety of colors, this might be the best fidget spinner to start with. This is especially important if you plan to give one to your kids and are afraid of them losing or breaking it.

#7 Mstick Fidget Hand Spinner

MStick Fidget Hand Spinner for Fun


Price: ₹129

Available in 4 colors, the Stick fidget spinner is made up of durable ABS material which ensures better durability. Also, the ball bearing in the centre of this fidget spinner is a ceramic one and stays firm without the fear of it falling out. This fidget spinner also incorporates a steel counterweight which helps increase the centripetal force and keeps it spinning longer.

#6 de ultimate Best Quality Fidget Hand Spinner toy with Hybrid Ceramic Bearing 

de ultimate Best Quality Fidget Hand Spinner

Price: ₹129

Perfect for kids between 0-6 years, this fidget spinner comes in multiple colors and is quite affordable at the listed price. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about your kids accidentally losing it. The hybrid ceramic ball bearing promises a sturdier build and ensures it won’t break easily.

#5 Premsons Fidget Spinner

Premsons Fidget Spinner

Price: ₹85.08  

Made by the popular departmental store Premsons, this fidget spinner is an attractive choice at a very affordable price. With a weight of just 32g, you can easily spin this toy using just a single hand leaving your other hand free to concentrate on your day-to-day work.

#4 Amor Best Quality Turboroocer

Price: ₹199

Amor calls its fidget spinner as a Turboroocer and this is a must-have toy for anyone that needs to relieve their stress or anxiety. Made of durable polymer material, the Amor Best Quality Turboroocer is slightly pricy but the build makes it worth it.

#3 Mitrade Spinneroos Blue Edition Fidget Spinner

Price: ₹499
The Mitrade Spinners Blue Edition Fidget Spinner looks like a hi-tech toy thanks to the grooves on its blades and the powder blue color. This fidget spinner fits easily into your pocket and is a must-have especially for those that are trying to quit smoking.

#2 Piras Fidget Spinner

Piras Fidget Spinner

Price: ₹97.16  

At a price tag of ₹158, this is possibly among the most affordable fidget spinners available in the market. Despite the price tag, the black color gives it a premium look and you can easily use this fidget spinner to work and while commuting.

#1 Daddy & Sons Toys Co Fidget Hand Spinner

Daddy & Sons Toys Co Fidget Hand Spinner

Price: 699

This is the world’s first fidget spinner that comes with its own Augmented Reality (AR) app which makes it a cool must-have toy for you as well as your kids. This fidget spinner helps you not only with anxiety but also in those long boring meetings when you’re brainstorming to come up with the next big idea.

A fidget spinner is a great addition to your collection even if you don’t have trouble with anxiety. For instance, scientific studies have shown that fidget spinners can help you concentrate, boost your thinking power when brainstorming for ideas and can even help you finally quit smoking.

Take your pick from this list of the best fidget spinners in India and tell us which one you decided to choose. Also, most importantly, time your spin and tell us in the comments section about your best spinning time ever. There are some who go up to even 1 minute and 25 seconds on a single spin.


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