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Unleash Your Inner Mechanic: Car Tasks To Reduce The Risk Of High Garage Fees

Unleash Your Inner Mechanic

With the global price of oil increasing, the rising cost of fuel continues to be a concern for Indian drivers. The cost of running and maintaining a car is substantial, and many drivers are looking for ways they can reduce expenses after they’ve bought their vehicle. The good news is that there are a number of maintenance tasks you can do at home, keeping your car out of the garage for longer and avoiding costly repairs further down the line.

Cosmetic Maintenance

While a rusting car may seem like a cosmetic issue, when rust is allowed to develop, it can cause long-term problems for the vehicle that are likely to result in expensive trips to the mechanics. Washing and waxing your car regularly to ensure that moisture doesn’t encourage rust is the most straightforward way to stay ahead of the problem, but it’s also crucial to fix dents in order to prevent the metal from corroding. Sanding down the dent, cleaning it, and applying a body filler are tasks as easily completed as a home repair job. Ensure that the area is smooth before touching up the paintwork to cover the area. AutomotiveTouchup demonstrate that paintwork can easily be repaired without the need for a mechanic, and the original paintwork can be matched exactly.

On the inside of the vehicle, tears in upholstery can age your car significantly, and can cost a lot to have repaired professionally. Both leather and vinyl can be repaired with a patching kit and an iron. Car mats needn’t be replaced with pricey brands: you can make your own using carpet tiles or cut-offs. The sole aim is to protect your car, so there’s no reason you need to keep using the ones sold by car manufacturers.

Under The Hood

Online videos are a valuable resource for novice mechanics, and will help with cosmetic tasks like applying paint confidently, as well as with engine-related maintenance. Knowing your way around your car’s engine will allow you to improve the vehicle’s mileage and stay out of the garage until it’s absolutely essential. Consult your manual and familiarize yourself with the engine: there are many small tasks that you can complete yourself when you know what you’re looking for. For example, engine air filters can be replaced at home. You’ll know it’s time to do this if the filter blocks out more than 50% of the light when you hold it up. Keep an eye on oil levels, power steering fluid and brake fluid: these can all be changed at home easily. Investigate online tutorials and watch videos for tasks that are new to you. The more small jobs you can do yourself, the less you’ll need to pay a mechanic to do for you, and the more likely you are to keep costs low when it’s time for your car’s next check-up.

Running a vehicle is a costly business, but many maintenance costs can be cut down significantly simply by learning what’s needed and completing the tasks at home. Get to know your car’s manual, and consult online resources to keep your car on the road and out of the garage for as long as possible.

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