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Regular Car Maintenance Procedures You Should Not Miss

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Having a car or any motor vehicle is not just about learning how to drive. To prolong the life and maximize the performance of a vehicle, you need to run regular maintenance procedures. And if you don’t have the slightest idea on how to do those, then it is necessary to learn even before you take your first drive.

It is your responsibility to drive safely. This obligation does not just end at following traffic rules and mastering how to drive in different conditions. As a car owner, it is imperative to employ regular vehicle maintenance measures to ensure your car is in good shape while you are on the road.

Safety always comes first in driving, and doing even a basic maintenance checklist makes your ride safer for everyone. Forgetting to check for a flat tire or busted tail lights can increase the chances of an accident.

Maintaining your vehicle provides equally important benefits aside from safety. For one, it improves performance. All types of vehicles are exposed to wear and tear, unused or not. Performing a regular check-up helps you feel at ease that your vehicle is functioning at optimal levels.

Another outright benefit is the hefty repair cost you can avoid. A minor issue left unattended can become an expensive problem later on. Taking a bit of time for a check-up habit can uncover small complications you can quickly resolve without a visit to a repair shop.
Before you take a ride in your first car, go over some of these handy tips to keep your worries away and your car running smoothly.

Check fluid levels

Every fluid in your car has an essential function. Engine oil lubricates the moving parts. The brake fluid obviously works on slowing down and bringing your car to a stop. Coolant, antifreeze and radiator fluid keep their respective parts at right temperature, thereby preventing overheating or freezing of the engine. Transmission fluid makes gear-shifting work. Power-steering fluid is responsible for your car’s smooth turns. If any of these fluids become low, contaminated or overflowing, then you’d probably know by now what the effects will be.

Before driving, always check fluid levels so you know when to refill or replace. Have your oil changed regularly. Fluid maintenance is a big factor of your vehicle’s longevity, so don’t take it lightly.

Check tire pressure

When it comes to your car, there is no room for too little or too much. As with fluid levels, this also remains true with your tire pressure. For one, tire pressure affects fuel economy. The correct pressure means improved fuel mileage, while under-inflated tires can cost you more in fuel.

Also, tire pressure influences performance and comfort. With the proper air pressure in tires, the weight of the vehicle is distributed evenly resulting in stable tires that are easy to handle. Lastly, air pressure affects the wear and tear of tires. If you want to keep your tires for longer, then make sure to fill them to the correct tire pressure.

Wheel balancing and alignment

It’s not just the wear and tear that’s going to cause problems as your mileage increases. The distance travelled and rough conditions can affect the balance and alignment of your wheels. Over time, you’d expect your car might be leaning a bit to the right, left, front or back. When the wheels lose balance, the weight is not evenly distributed inducing a vehicle to vibrate or shake. Wheel balancing can quickly fix this concern.

Similarly, wheel alignment is equally important to prevent excessive tire wear and tear. Suspension problems and vibrations also result from unaligned wheels, and so does poor cornering and vehicle handling.

You might still drive your way to your destination with imbalanced and unaligned wheels, but expect problems to come along. Avoid accidents by getting your wheels checked and let a mechanic fix the problem.

Whether it’s a car, a motorcycle,or electric pallet trucks, regular maintenance is important and will not cost you a fortune. Make it a habit to keep your vehicle in good condition and you will be rewarded with a longer useful life.

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