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Refog Review: Keylogger Software for Windows & macOS

Refog Review

The Internet has brought forward an abundance of advantages. People can connect with their friends and family all over the globe, connect with their acquaintances, search for virtually any and every information, and spend their free time using their connected devices for recreation.

But like every benefit that technology brings, the internet too has a few downsides.

Parents worry about the screen time their child is having and what exposure are they getting through the worldwide web. Companies want to monitor the employee screens to ensure work efficiency, and mostly, people wish for a monitor that would help them revisit keystrokes to see if things ever go south.

All these worries can be instantly shrugged off if you, a parent, an employer, or a responsible senior use Refog services. Refog, a screen monitor, keylogger software comes with countless options to choose from to keep your family and organization safe.

The Brand Story

Refog was founded in 2002, providing exclusive access to screens for employee monitoring and parental control for businesses and homes. The basic mission behind the brand set up is to safeguard children against the horrors of the internet and help increase productivity and loyalty in employees.

The company has more than 5 million customers all around the world. Small enterprises and offices along with parents and guardians of 201 countries, benefit from the company’s mission. Large industries and setups benefit from the software by keeping their industrial secrets in check and by increasing the overall productivity of their firm.

Software and services

Refog software for keystroke monitoring, screen monitoring, and other services come in three forms. You have an option to choose from their Home software, business software, or mobile tracking. Hence, providing a foolproof way to help preserve the credibility of your company, safeguard your children from unnecessary exposure, and track their whereabouts out of parental concern.

The software can be used for both Windows and Mac devices. A few notable services of the company include –

  • Free Keylogger
  • Keylogger for Mac
  • Keystroke Logger
  • Parental Control Software
  • Spy Software for Parents
  • PC Monitoring Software,
  • and, Mac Monitoring Software for home uses.

Business software include,

  • Computer Monitoring Software,
  • and, Computer Activity Monitoring to help you track employee activities on the terminal server.

Business software

You can even use the mobile hover Phone Tracker to find if your child is always at safe locations. Keylogger for Android and Hoverwatch Android Spy will let you know if prying eyes ever try plowing deep into your children’s safety or if you sense anyone with sinister intentions pestering your children. You can visit Refog.com for more details.

Not to miss Refog personal monitor

personal monitor

It can be unnerving to see your young children spend time online playing games rather than doing homework or indulging in graphically violent video games. A gentle reminder such as a personal monitor will aid you to remind your kids to spend ample time on their academic activities.

Alarming statistics show that 52% of kids have visited sites not intended for minors. Still, a personal monitor can quickly draw the attention of your kids away from harmful indulges, especially of teenage kids who do know their way around technology.

Remember that Refog personal monitor is not to disturb the online experiences of your kids but only alert you if they seem to trespass into dangerous territory. Free Keystroke logger for Windows and parental control software maintains the protective bubble around your kids.

Productivity-enhancing computer monitoring software


If you are interested in Refog due to business concerns, you need to check out their computer activity monitoring software and track employee activities on the terminal server.

Business is a delicate balance of trust between employees and employers.

Refog’s activity monitor and computer monitor helps strengthen this bond of trust by letting you access employee activity on computers and reward the ones who are incredibly efficient. Not only does it allow you to increase morale and ethics in the work environment, but also keeps a check that no sensitive business information of your firm ever leeks out. And, if it does, you can always go through the monitors to know the extent of the damage and how to control it.

Remember, monitoring employee activity is necessary to maintain a positive and streamlined workflow. Until no one is privy to personal information, and it is strictly professional, you are on the right track.

Mobile HoverWatch

mobile hover

Children these days are much more susceptible to stalkers and cybercrimes, considering their high social circles and tonnes of information available online. While the children themself may not understand these dangers, it is essential to have a phone tracker, or a Hoverwatch to see if they are in places that are safe and communicating with people who have their best in their hearts.

According to some disturbing statistics, 13% of children are invited by sketchy figures on the internet for personal meetups. By using a phone tracker and Hoverwatch, you can ensure that your children never fall privy to such hands. It is also important to remember that you should encourage kids to have a social life in safe territories only.


Considering all the fantastic benefits of Refog, $30 and $45 for one and three devices, respectively, per month is a fair price. But you can further lower it down to $95 and $135 if opting for a yearly subscription.

Business monitors come at a price of $240 for six licenses, $420 for 12 Licenses, and $1000 for 50 Licenses. The prices are the same for employee monitors and terminal servers.

Refog software does not offer any discounts which can be seen as the only con of the amazing softwares and monitoring services provided.


Parents constantly worry for their children and businesses for their industry secrets, but with Refog, you can up your security game by several notches. The software updates periodically to stay up-to-date with emerging threats. Do give it a try for worry-free internet time!

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