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The Black Hair Guide: Best Growth and Maintenance Products for 2020

Black Hair

Black hair. What can I say? It’s a very beautiful thing. It’s a mark of identity. It’s a symbol of who you are. It’s amazingly and wonderfully part of your being a black woman in America in 2020. Okay, so black hair is important.

I think I’ve established that, so that raises the question, if you want more growth, what can you use? This article offers a list of some phenomenal products that are sure to give your lovely locks the boost they need in order to fully enhance your inherent, natural beauty.

Also remember that there are a lot of companies offering natural hair extensions from Brazilian, Indian or even peruvian hair.

Our first product is proven and trusted coconut oil.

coconut on ground

Coconut oil has been used for a very, very long time for maintenance of black hair. It is a great way to add moisture to your scalp and its properties promote hair growth. And if you use a high-quality brand, you’ll have a nice faint smell of coconut. It costs about $10 on Amazon, so go ahead and make this investment. Your hair will love you for it!

Essential Oils

As the name says, these oils are essential. 100% natural, essential oils can help repair damaged hair by stimulating hair follicles. Essential oils can be used as a daily hair rinse or as a moisturizer for the scalp. You only use a little bit at a time so even the tiny bottle will last you a while.

Deep Conditioner

A deep conditioning is needed about once a week to effectively maintain black hair. You don’t want to forget a conditioning because black hair tends to become brittle, especially when it’s dry. Make sure you get a conditioner that is specifically formulated to maintain black hair.

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We LOVE this product! It’s a cream that has been made to strengthen black hair, reduce the risk of balding, and promote new hair growth. Check it out on Amazon. It’s currently only $7.69.

Boar Bristle

Boar Bristle

It is best to brush your hair at least once a day. The brushing action likely helps evenly distribute your natural oils throughout your scalp and hair. The best brush to use is a boar bristle brush. A high-quality boar bristle brush runs a little under $20, but it’s a good investment you can use for years to come.

Pure Allure Hair

Pure Allure Hair is an AMAZING brand that offers the best hair extensions. All of their extensions are made of 100% virgin hair and are guaranteed to please. They have a wide selection of extensions to choose from so you’ll definitely be able to find something you love. Wearing extensions is a good way to give your natural hair a break.

To wear an extension, you can put your hair into a protective style (i.e. box braiding) and then, obviously, attach the extensions. For most extensions, you can wear them upwards of 2 months.

That time gives your natural hair time to grow and strengthen, just make sure you keep up with the necessary maintenance.

There you have it—the top 6 hair care and growth products for black women in 2018! We hope this list has been informative and can help you on your buying decisions. Stay beautiful, beautiful!

Once again remember to check hair extensions from quality providers such as Pure Allure Hair.

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