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10 Best Feminized Seeds For Growing Marijuana

Feminized Seeds

There is a rapid change in the stance of governments around the world regarding cannabis usage. Many countries are relaxing the conditions for the medical and recreational use of Cannabis. Growing cannabis seeds is a very profitable business. Moreover, you should look to buy feminized seeds. These seeds are genetically modified to give only THC-rich buds which are used for recreational and medical purposes. However, there are tons of feminized cannabis seeds. This makes it difficult to choose the most profitable ones. We have tried to alleviate these problems. So, we have listed down the best feminized seeds for growers. You can easily purchase these seeds online and build a successful business.

Best Feminized Seeds:

White Widow Feminized

White Widow Feminized

White Widow feminized is one of the most popular strains among the growers of cannabis. This is a hybrid strain. Therefore, it contains a mixture of two distinct strains. It is a cross between the Brazilian Sativa strain and the South Indian Indica strain. So, it has the effects of both these strains. Moreover, it gives users a euphoric high, making it quite popular.

Further, this ranks among feminized seeds due to its high levels of THC. These seeds have around 19% THC. However, it also provides very potent buds, making it a favorite. Also, the effects of both strains are very distinctly felt.

The Sativa leads to uplifting, energizing effects, while the Indica genetics may produce more relaxing, sedative effects. Above all, these feminized cannabis seeds are some of the best for all types of growers.

Blue Mylk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Blue Mylk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Blue Mylk is known for its unique flavor profile and potent effects. This is also a hybrid strain. It is a crossbreed between the Blueberry strain and the popular white widow strain.

Moreover, this strain has slime of the best flavor that we have seen. It gives you a sweet taste of blueberry and a creamy, milky undertone. This unusual flavor profile makes it popular among customers. 

Further, this has around 20% THC which allows for powerful highs among users. The plant also takes about 45 days to grow to its full size. This allows growers to get cannabis quite quickly.

However, it is a rare strain that makes it difficult to get your hands on. Most importantly, it provides feelings of euphoria and a good high and is easy to grow. You do not have to be very experienced to grow these feminized cannabis seeds.

Zkittlez Feminised Seeds


Zkittlez is one of the feminized seeds which takes you to the tropics. The flavor comprises the taste of many fruits such as grapes, strawberries, and others. There are tropical tones present as well.

Moreover, this is due to the grape ape and grapefruit strains being present. They have a rigid harvesting season. These are harvested in late September. They have a high yield in addition to an amazing flavor which makes them popular.   

Further, these are feminized cannabis seeds that produce a strong high. Therefore, its effects depend on the tolerance of individuals. Some individuals find it to be perfect for being social and creative.

However, others find it to be sleepy and relaxing. Most importantly, these rank among the best feminized seeds which can be grown both outdoors and well as indoors.

Acapulco Gold Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Acapulco Gold Marijuana

Acapulco Gold is one of the top feminized cannabis seeds in the world. This seed is native to the region of Acapulco, Mexico. This is a purebred strain. This has not been mixed or crossbred with other strains.

Moreover, it is a Sativa-dominant strain. Therefore, consumers report energizing effects. They feel creative and energetic after the use of this strain of cannabis which makes it very desirable.

Further, these feminized cannabis seeds have a woody aroma. Many of the popular strains gave a fruity flavor. However, this strain has an earthy flavor with notes of toasted nuts and caramel. Most importantly, these rank among the best feminized seeds.

This is the first choice for consumers looking for an earthy taste with energizing effects. It is moderately difficult to grow. Therefore, novice growers should not try this seed out on their first attempt.

Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla

Royal gorilla is a very strong strain. These feminized seeds produce buds that give some of the strongest highs. The citrus and earthy tones create a distinct flavor profile. This flavor profile is quite famous and loved by many users.

Moreover, this distinct flavor along with the strong highs makes it one of the best feminized seeds. Also, it has many medicinal benefits which increase its user base.

Furthermore, it has one of the highest THC content. It even exceeds 255 at times which makes it very potent. Although this strain was discovered accidentally, it has quickly become one of the most talked about strains.

Most importantly, this is one of the most profitable feminized cannabis seeds. Growing these feminized cannabis seeds is worth the time of all growers.

Heavy Kickers Mix Feminized Seeds (HERBIES SEEDS)


Heavy Kickers Mix seeds are true to their name. They are a hybrid strain that involves a combination of three strong strains. These are some of the best feminized seeds. However, they are not for novice consumers. A high THC content of around 33% is enough to give you one of the strongest highs of your life.

Further, the citrus taste helps people to have a good time while getting high. This is an acquired taste and the consumers of this strain are large. Despite being a potent strain it is quite easy to grow. Therefore, these are some of the best feminized seeds for all types of consumers. You can get these.

AK 47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

AK 47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

AK 47 Cannabis seeds have one of the most unique names. These are regarded as some of the best feminized seeds. Moreover, these seeds are considered to be one of the most awarded strains through the years. These feminized cannabis seeds have amazing quality in addition to quick yield. Therefore, these seeds are some of the most profitable ones. 

Further, these seeds have a pleasant high which lasts for a long time. This strain is quite strong. So it is not recommended for inexperienced users. This strain has uses among patients suffering from pain as well.

So, the use case of these seeds is high which makes them quick sellers. However, these feminized cannabis seeds give significantly better yield outside. So, try to grow them outside to maximize yield from the seeds.

Mimosa Feminized Seeds

Mimosa Feminized Seeds

Mimosa feminized cannabis seeds are a hybrid variety. Purple Punch and Clementine have been bred together to produce this strain. Moreover, the sweet citrus aroma is the selling point of these seeds.

They generally have a medium to high yield which makes them very useful in all circumstances. They are one of the best feminized seeds to produce an energetic high in addition to a creative one.

Further, the flowers of these seeds have many uses. They can be smoked in addition to being used in edibles. The versatility of these feminized cannabis seeds makes growing them very useful. Above all, these seeds have all the qualities which cannabis enthusiasts want.

The sweet smell is sure to attract most cannabis consumers. Yet, they are quite easy to germinate which makes it easy for growers around the world to grow these seeds.

710 710 Cheese Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

710 710 Cheese Autoflowering

Cheese Autoflowering feminized seeds are one of the best ones to grow for all types of growers. These are auto-flowering seeds. Therefore, they switch directly to the flowering stage based on their age rather than the amount of light they receive.

So, they are much easier to grow. Moreover, if you are just starting to grow cannabis, you should try auto-flowering seeds. They require less attention and care than regular seeds. 

Further, the cheese strain of feminized cannabis seeds originates from the UK. they are seen as one of the top strains in the country and the world. These best feminized seeds can be identified through their distinct violet color.

However, they do have a lower THC content than the other trains. The THC content is around 15%. Most importantly, this is a balanced seed. Therefore, you get a balanced mix of physical and cerebral effects. These are some of the best feminized seeds for cannabis enthusiasts and growers.

Power Kush

Power Kush

Power Kush is one of the strongest variants of the Kush cannabis seeds. As the name suggests, this variant is quite powerful. Moreover, you get a high yield with this variety. This makes it great value for money.

Above all, this has a sweet aroma which has boosted its popularity. The sweet skunk and earthy tones of sandalwood and spices make them very desirable. 

Further, many inexperienced growers have started by growing these feminized cannabis seeds. They are low maintenance and give great yields. You can grow them under almost all conditions and do not take much effort.

Finally, these are some of the best feminized seeds which do not break the bank. You can find them for cheap and grow a very profitable yield. The high yield and low cost make it a favorite among a variety of growers.


These are some of the best feminized seeds in the world. Moreover, these seeds can hello you establish a successful growing business from scratch. Using these seeds guarantees that you will have a good yield. However, some feminized cannabis seeds are difficult to grow.

Therefore, only experienced growers should use those seeds. Most importantly, this list gives you plenty of feminized seeds to choose from. You can grow amazing buds and get a good profit by selling them.

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