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GanttPRO Review: Online Chart Software for Project Planning

GanttPRO is a cloud-based project administration resolution for little and mid-size corporations to enterprises as well as individual users. This software offers Gantt diagrams, scheduling, motion tracking, and many more functions.

GanttPRO authorizes supervisors to register team members employing an optical interface. Users can further reschedule complicated project assignments using GanttPRO’s drag and drop feature. Creation of different positions, allowing them to crew members, track advancement, set tasks, and breakthroughs and map crucial parts performed by users.

Anyone of the crew is entitled to leave annotations on tasks, fast and files to the study, and receive real-time notifications about procedures that other team members are taking. Information about the project could be exported in PDF, PNG, XLSX, and XML format.

GanttPRO similarly permits its users to be introduced to charts from software like Microsoft Project and Excel. Support to its users is offered over mobile phones, via email, and through online chat.


Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

Interactive project planning with multiple views

GanttPRO enables its users to combine custom columns to keep track and rank according to their needs. Dependencies will connect tasks with set lag or lead and using auto-scheduling for automatically recalculating changes independent jobs.

You can exit from a wide choice of filters such as task type, assignee, status, priority, dates, and colors. Other features may incorporate optical milestones, project calendar, and task hierarchy tasks and subtasks. Keeping aside the Gantt chart templates, users can also switch towards grid view, board view, and portfolio view.

Project Planning

Project and task management

The online Gantt chart software maintains project administration with its basic features that encourage users to compare their initial plans with the current state. It also has a critical path that recognizes tasks selected that directly affect the project’s completion date. It also has a versioning tool that can track old changes in the plan to roll back towards any previous version.

It could also trace project health through its progress, several tasks completed, unassigned for overdue in a highly visual form. Other features could also include bulk actions or multiple changes, priority setting, Gantt chart templates, percent progress, task status, and custom users can promptly begin with preconfigured templates, save the custom template, and copy-paste blocks of reusable tasks.

Collaboration, team and resource management, reports, and many more

GanttPRO is a team solution where users can attach files, project plans, post comments, and leave remarks on task details that could be read by team members by notifications and emails. You could also partake static and dynamic charts using stakeholders and clients via a public URL. You should add different types of sources, including labor, materials, and virtual resources.

Allow multiple persons on responsibility and control workload and guide team members with peculiar roles, duties, and permissions by creating personal records. Other specialties incorporate event management by deadlines, durations and task time trackers, budget analysis reports and time logs by people, import from Excel, project and Jira cloud, export to PNG, PDF, XML, or Excel formats. Safety points add support for SSO and SAML login credentials.


GanttPRO grants an individualized plan at $15 per user, per month, billed annually. The team plan depends upon the number of users.

For instance, for five users, it will be priced at $8.90 per user per month billed annually, but for 25 users, it displays $8, $7 for 30 users, and so on. A customized business plan is also available with a free 14 day trial period.

Why should one choose GanttPRO?

GanttPRO is very easy to use and rich with features project outlining tool designed to help in administration and best practices, so you can make sure your projects possess high chances of gaining success.

It is scalable and very cost-effective. It could also be easily shared with private stakeholders, outside partners, and clients safely for project clarity. It also has many additional resource management tools, Gantt chart templates, time tracking, customization.

Reviews and Testimonials

Here are a couple of things people appreciate most about GanttPRO:

  • Universal access:

You can access your GanttPRO account from any other computer like any other cloud-based app. It is one of the significant perks if you are in an industry that needs substantial traveling.

  • Easy to use:

GanttPRO is very easy to manipulate, and many users love this feature. Building projects is a breeze and running tasks within them. For a tool all about Gantt charts, these facts indicate that it is straightforward to use and incredibly encouraging.

  • Customizable Gantt chart templates:

Users also love that it is straightforward to create templates for projects and make the overall project production method more effective.


GanttPRO is a very reliable product for maintaining an individual project. Nevertheless, it may not fit for an organization where the PMO must determine consolidated broadcasting except served to settle this collectively.

GanttPRO targets small to average corporations who need a fully-featured Gantt software outwardly e a fraction of opposing agency add-ins like invoicing. If you do worry about keeping a board view for additional purposes or your smaller projects or own to-do list, it could be done too.

The curve for knowledge is small, particularly if you have exposure to other Gantt chart tools. Most people have learned the Gantt chart, and it is extraordinary for a web SAAS tool to maintain such a healthy Gantt chart.

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