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EngageBay Review: Marketing, Sales & CRM Software

EngageBay Review

A marketing campaign is deemed successful if the product it is campaigning for is cleared off the shelves. To make this happen, you need to be running a circus of touchpoints to product sales and form submissions—a well-designed, well-choreographed, and planned circus. There are multiple cogs in this machine, and working it requires a good deal of skill and experience.

You may be making sales and reaching out to potential clients, but how aware are you of the opportunities you may have missed? Or how confident are you of the tools you’re using now? These questions linger no matter what, and they should because sales and marketing is a multifaceted and multilayered tool that is complex and exhausting.

With all these obstacles in your path, you need a well-equipped tool to take you through rough patches and guide you to success. EngageBay is that tool!

Enagagebay is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and service automation solution with free CRM.

It is a one-stop spot for all your marketing needs, from attracting new customers and engaging your audience to provide a superior customer experience and converting them to happy customers.

Only interested in sales or marketing or want the complete package? EngageBay has got you covered. It offers four products- an all in one suite, a marketing bay, a CRM and sales bay, and a service bay. It is extremely simple to use thanks to its user-friendly UI and a step-by-step guide to achieving your goals.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the products that EngageBay has to offer.

Marketing Bay

Marketing Bay

An integrated marketing platform that offers features from A through Z. With automated marketing and landing pages to attract your customers, EngageBay’s marketing features can help you grow your business and boost your revenues.

  • Review of Customer Journey

To target an audience, you need to know them, and to know them, you need to study them. Well, EngageBay lets you do just that. Under the “Activities” center in the marketing bay, you can review your customer interactions from start to finish and track every information that will help you better your marketing strategies.

  • Customized Landing Pages

Initial impressions matter a lot, so naturally, a custom and impressive landing page matter. Create eye-catching landing pages in minutes with EngageBay’s long list of landing page templates or build one from scratch if none of the templates interest you. You can also customize them to match your theme or colors.

The process is quite easy and not intimidating to someone doing this for the first time.

  • Smart Marketing – Email Marketing Automation

Marketing through email lists has proven to be the most effective way of engaging your audience and transforming them into happy customers. Now you can take it a step further with Email Marketing Automation. Nurture your audience with a series of email sequences and set up emails triggered by their actions on your website.

The interface is clear and designed with an effort to aid even their novice customers. It takes only a few clicks to set up and maintains an easy display to track developments.

CRM & Sales Bay

CRM & Sales Bay

With free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and a simple pipeline to sales that eradicates miscommunication and confusion, the CRM & Sales Bay does an amazing job at aiding sales growth and better customer relations.

  • Integrated System

Handling marketing and sales can get complicated and create chaos. Amidst the chaos, a seed of miscommunication can be planted and wreak havoc on your business farm. In avoidance, the sales bay has developed an integrated system between sales and marketing. The integration offers seamless handover from marketing to sales and makes the process effortless.

A united system between sales and marketing adds that marketing automation, and you have a perfect circle.

  • Deal Pipeline

With EngageBay’s Free CRM, you can now view and track your deal’s status at every stage. The pipeline can be viewed in a single location and is organized into different sets. To move a sale to a different stage, select, click, drag, drop, and you’re done.

The feature is a great assistant for managing your customers and tracking your deals. All available in a single location with a simple and intuitive interface, it is now easier to close deals.

  • Sales Analytics

Generate reports on sales, CRM, marketing, and more to manage them better and identify success and failure areas. With a click of a button, you can generate a growth report or a deal to study the statistics behind them and improve further.

With options to produce custom reports or automate them to be released every week, month, or year the feature is a model to study stats and get good.

Service Bay

Service Bay

Retaining your customers is as important as selling products and gaining new ones. Retention is attainable through a pleasing customer experience and world-class service. Well, if that’s what you’re in the market for then, you’ve come to the right store. The service bay offers an ingenious way of satisfying your customers through ticket tracking, prioritization, support, and integration of sales, marketing, and service team to present the best solution.

  • Organized Ticket View

An organized mind works better than a confused one. The organized ticket view is a physical representation of the words I’ve mentioned a sentence ago. The service bay displays an organized view to track your spending, completed, and newly assigned tickets at a glance. And if you don’t like the current idea, you can always create a custom one to suit your needs.

  • Personalized Automated Responses

Tickets need to be solved quickly, and spending time on answering similar issues, again and again, can get mundane. To avoid this, a feature that lets you create repositories of pre-written responses to frequently asked questions is included. Support agents can clear them in a few seconds and maintain an efficient productivity rate.

  • Helpdesk Reports

Slice, dice, and mince metrics from different departments to provide meaningful answers. Study service reports understanding your strengths and weaknesses to improve yourself and give a better support experience. You can also view your support team’s performance metrics, as a team and individually, and understand how they perform against set goals.

EngageBay has an extensive box of features, listing all of which will turn this article into a short story. What I have listed here are some of the best features that the platform has to offer. Features that can practically affect the sales, marketing, and service of a business.

In conclusion, EngageBay is a phenomenal platform for small to medium-size businesses looking to boost sales and increase revenues. From smart marketing features to instinctive service options, it is a holistic package and a cheat code to rocketing your business to the top.

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