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Email Checker Review: A Tool to Capture Accurate Emails

email checker review

Emails are a big part of our day to day life. Work and otherwise, emails have become one of the most popular ways of communicating and writing a good one is one of the essential parts of communication.

However, most of the time, we all end up putting a wrong email address to a well-written mail. This is where an Email Checker comes to the rescue.

What is Email Checker? email checker

Email Checker is a tool to check that an email address is correct and active. This checking is carried out in real-time and without sending a message. Email Checker is one of the longest-running email checking services. Email Checker has a significant presence across North America and the Middle East.

Email Checker works on an Email Verification API, that is versatile enough to work with all types of websites and applications such as Online Enquiry Forms, Point of Sale (POS) Systems, and Economic Checkout Pages. Email Checker is one of the most reliable email checking tools available in the market today. Email Checker is trusted by market giants for their emails.

Features of Email Checker Email Checker features

The features of Email Checker are continually updated from time to time and can check thousands of emails every second. Ensuring that only accurate and active email addresses are part of the customer acquisition, involves a lot of work, and these are the prominent features of Email Checker:

  • Syntax and Format Checking:

Is the most basic check done by Email Checker. This includes checking for “@” in the email address and reporting the same. Having “@” in the email address is one of the essential criteria of email addresses.

  • Domain Checking:

checking included checking a valid internet domain is part of the email address and validates if the domain is configured to accept mails.

  • Mailbox Checking

The function checks the address segment before the “@” sign. This service is the specialty of Email Checker.

features of email checker

  • B2B verification:

Has a B2B cloud platform designed for speeding the process. This involves various custom-built features to handle the special requirements of B2B email list cleaning.

  • Yahoo Verification:

is a special Yahoo and Ymail option in real-time API. This is one of the USPs of Email Checker since they have a dedicated verification service to provide accurate Yahoo verification.

  • Fast Verification:

is a fast email verification feature in Email Checker dashboard wherein every single email address in the address book can be verified quickly.

email checker qualities

  • Integrations:

there is a possibility of different clients requiring different integration options, and users can have automated file retrieval using Batch API or FTP access to the account or the manual addition method.

  • Disposable Email Address:

Email Detection checks for the temporary and disposable email addresses in the database to prevent user’s sending and delivery reputation.

  • Server Uptime

Services provided by Email Checker are redundant and resilient in a manner to ensure maximum service availability. The SLA agreement for both the APIs and the dashboard is of 99.9%.

email checker tool features

  • Cloud-based Infrastructure:

accuracy and coverage of the services provided by Email Checker are unrivalled since these are run from global data centres using an intelligently distributed network and involves using major cloud platforms.

  • Error Correction:

Few special characters are written in the email address column, which is not a part of the email address. The Email Checker APIs have this optional error correction feature wherein these characters are removed.

  • Common Typo Handling:

In a hurry or in general can sometimes result in typos, which if not taken care of mark for the wrong email address. In this case, the mail will not be delivered to the desired client, and there would be no effective communication. So, Email Checker checks for these typos and provides the user with suitable alternatives to choose from.

  • Compliant:

is compliant with all major email providers such as AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. For AOL, Yahoo and Outlook, there is an extraordinarily dedicated and amazing verification suite. The verification servers of Email Checker are also compatible with major networks, including Yandex.

How to use Email Checker?

email checker setup

All that is required to start using Email Checker is to sign up with a username and password. This creates the account right away, and users can use this to clean the email data


pricing email checker

There are various kinds of pricing options available. These include:

  • New Credit Block Pricing Plans:

Use this; users need to select the number of credit blocks required, sign up and complete the purchase. This usually starts to work within minutes of making the payments.

There is also a Pay Per List service that allows the users to upload the email list and only check for the email checking services required to clean the list.

  • Prepaid Email Verification Credit Blocks:

Prepaid credit blocks range from $14 to $2,499. These include a specific number of email credits ranging from 10,000 credits for $14 to 2,500,000 credits for $2,499. There are 12 options for users to choose the number of credits as per their requirements.

  • Monthly Subscription Plans:

Monthly subscription plans range from $10 to $1,899. These generally include both the Real-time API and Batch Processing Solutions. These monthly plans usually all of the leading email checking services.

In case the users exceed the monthly subscription plans, they can request for on the go credits. After that, the overages incur. The API overages are charged $0.003 per email. There is no monthly hard limit for API subscribers.


Overall this email checking tool is exceptionally well formulated and easy to use. The dashboard is user-friendly with “drag and drops” features and simple enough to upload the email list.

Apart from the ease of use, Email Checker also has a lot of unique features that make email writing and communication very effective. The Email Checker gets a big thumbs up from all of us. Do let us know what you think about this tool.

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