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EaseUS Data Recovery Review: Recover the Lost Files Easily

EaseUS Data Recovery Review

We all hate it when there’s some error in our laptop, desktop, smartphone etc. which can’t be fixed. Maybe the hard disk has crashed. Now, you have used the device for a long time and there’s a tonne of data in it. If you cannot access the device how will you get the data? What if the error requires you to format your device or hard reset it to access your device? Your files, photos and various other data are  gone. Other times you might have ended up deleting the wrong files. How can you get them back? This is where you require recovery tools to help you recover lost data.

Today, we are going to take a look at a popular recovery tool called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. EaseUS is a company which has been providing services to customers for more than 15 years and have been able to successfully recover lost data for multiple clients. It is built to help you recover your files completely after they have been lost. A great feature of this tool is that it works on multiple different OS and multiple different devices making it flexible for use over a range of devices.  We will look at all these in greater detail.

OS Supported

operating system

A great thing about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is that it is available for use over multiple devices and different operating systems. This means that if you already liked working with this tool for your laptop which runs the Windows OS you can use another version of the same tool to recover the data for your Android device. So, let’s take a look at the operating systems that the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports.

  • Windows

One of the most widely used operating systems all around the world is windows. More than 800 million people use Windows which makes it a very common OS. So, there’s a high probability that the laptop you are using runs a version of Windows. So, if you are on a Windows laptop or on a Windows desktop you can use the range of EaseUS recovery tools that are available for the Windows OS.

  • MacOS

Apple is one of the biggest brands in the world. MacOS is the operating system provided by Apple for its desktop and MacBook. There are over 100 million Mac users all over the world. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is also available for Apple users. If you own a MacBook or a Mac PC then you can use the EaseUS recovery products available for Mac users on your devices.

  • Android

Android is the most used operating system when it comes to smartphones. The number of devices which run android are around two billion. This is because it is an open source software which many companies use to provide custom OS to its customers. EaseUS has versions which support the devices which use the Android OS.

  • iOS

We already talked about how big a brand Apple is. The amount of brand loyalty that Apple gets from its iPhone users is phenomenal. So, if you are from the OS it is highly likely you possess an iPhone and may be an iPad as well. This means you have tonnes of data stored in it. So, there’s a high risk of losing a lot of files, documents, pics etc. due to some error. Thankfully, EaseUS has got you covered with its versions for iOS devices.

Different Use Cases of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

easeUS products

One great thing about the EaseUS Data Recovery Tool is that you can get multiple recovery software packed in one. Each of these software is meant for specific data loss situations which you might face. So, let’s take a look at the use cases of EaseUS data recovery software.

  • Lost Data Recovery

This is the scenario in which you have accidentally pressed the delete button or used the shift + delete command to delete a bunch of files which you weren’t supposed to. Another such scenario can be when you permanently delete the files from the recycle bin only to realize later that you have deleted a couple of important files as well. You can use EaseUS Data Recovery Software to recover the deleted data.

  • Partition Recovery

There are various different error scenarios we run into while using our desktop or laptop. One such troublesome scenario is when a partition gets lost, deleted, turned into the RAW format or it becomes inaccessible. In such cases you can use the EaseUS effectiveness-based file Recovery Software to recover the files from the partition.

  • Formatted File Recovery

When a storage device is formatted all the files that are present in it are lost. During this scenario it can be tough to recover the data from the formatted storage device. EaseUS provides a solution to recover your files from formatted USB, partition, memory card etc.

  • Storage Media Recovery

One of the most frustrating data loss scenarios to face is when your HDD becomes corrupted or inaccessible. You have hundreds of files in the HDD which you cannot access anymore. This can happen with other storage devices like memory card, video player etc. as well. The EaseUS Recovery Wizard is meant to effectively handle this scenario to retrieve your files from such storage devices.

  • Emergency Data Recovery

This is a pc recovery tool which can be useful if you experience data loss due to accidental shutdown, virus/malware attacks, boot errors or whenever your system crashes.

Features of the EaseUS Data Recovery Tool

Other than being packed with the potential of different recovery softwares EaseUS also possess other important features which makes it a good recovery software. Let’s take a look at these features.

  • Advanced Scan Algorithm

The software comes with scanning modes Viz. Quick scan and deep scan. The quick scan is for light recovery and finishes quickly while the deep scan goes deeper to scan the system thoroughly for buried files. EaseUS is always upgrading their algorithm to make it more efficient and effective.

  • Recovering While Scanning

When you use the software for recovery it scans the system for files which show up as a sort of search result. You can start recovering the files which have already been found rather than waiting for the software to finish scanning.

  • Export/Import Sessions:

If you have a big storage device then scanning can take longer. You have the ability to pause or resume data recovery scanning at any time. This is a huge advantage as you can customize the recovery schedule.

  • Filter Specific File Type

If you want to recover only a certain type of file you can use the filter option to specify the file type that you are looking for.

  • Preview to Check File Integrity

Many times when you recover files from which may not be intact or recoverable. You can use the preview option to preview files like images, videos, word files etc. to check if they are intact.

  • Repair Media files like JPEG/MP4

EaseUS recovery software is not only designed to recover your files but if some files which are not intact or are in bad conditions, it can repair these files which you can preview as well. These files can be your JPEG/JPG files. You can also repair damaged MP4/MOV files by directly connecting your camera or connecting the card with your desktop.

Versions of the Product

There are three versions of the EaseUS Recovery Software:

Free Version

  • You get to recover upto 2GB data for free.
  • You get the preview option as well.
  • Partition recovery is also available

Pro Version

  • This version costs $69.95 per month.
  • You can use the free trial to check if the software is something which you need.
  • No limit on data recovery.
  • Preview option available.
  • Partition recovery available.
  • Free high-quality remote consultation for cases which might need some extra assistance.

Pro + Bootable Media Version

  • Free trial available.
  • Unlimited data recovery.
  • Partition recovery available.
  • Free high-quality remote consultation for cases which might need some extra assistance.
  • You can download a WinPE to use in cases when your system has crashed.


The entire review talks about the various features of the EaseUS Recovery Software. Those are the many advantages that you can get from the software. It is easy to download and the setup file is 40MB only.

The scanning process is easy and you do not have to be a computer wizard to use the software. Lots of positive experiences. You will be able to recover your lost files, documents, photos, videos in most scenarios and it mostly works smoothly.


The biggest con that we could find is the pricing of the software. There is no one-time fee. Also, the trial version only lets you recover upto 2GB data.

So, use the trial version to ensure that the entirety of your files can be recovered without hiccup before venturing into buying the software. This is because 70 bucks is not a joke. Also, do not bank on the refund policy as more often than not you might not get a refund.

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