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Donorbox Review: All About Non-Profit Fundraising Software

donorbox review

It is necessary to understand how to expand your ideas with the internet’s help in contemporary times. Businesses need funds to grow beyond their current status. The year 2020 has seen so many fast-paced changes, and it has affected everybody’s life adversely. The need for procuring funds has only intensified. Non-profit organizations rely heavily on funds, and it is essential to keep a steady flow of revenues to support social work in action.

It is always crucial to reach out to more helping hands who believe in your vision. Online fundraising programs can help in achieving your goals. So why a fundraising software like Donorbox is required should not be a surprise now. But the question is, is it worth it? And why should you choose this donate button over the others?

Well, let’s focus on the features that it has to offer.

Ease of access

To start your fundraiser, keep in mind how easy it is for your donors to donate to your cause. Donorbox allows your donor to pay swiftly without any hiccups. Donorbox supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal Express with One-Touch.

Moreover, organizations based in America have to accept ACH bank transfer payments, and the organizations in Europe SEPA bank transfer payments. While it is possible to ask for help from Email requests or direct phone calls, nothing beats the ease of having a proper donate button on your website. To start with, collecting funds can take as low as 15 minutes.



When it comes to making online payments, the fear of how secure transactions always occur. Donorbox provides a fraud detection feature, which can save you from becoming a victim of online fraud.

It claims that all the donation forms are securely encrypted using SSL/TLS Encryption Technology. All the donors’ financial data remain secure, and Donorbox doesn’t hold on to any data. You are also secured with 24/7 customer support with a live representative.

Recurring Donations

Donorbox will help you do a lot of work without your immediate presence required. It automates many things like timely recurring donations that you can set to Monthly, Annual, or Weekly. Recurring contributions are a great way to sustain donations, and it is one of the most requested features which Donorbox gives you access from the get-go.

Along with that, you can accept donations in different currencies, of which Donorbox supports more than 20. Company gift matching and company donations are also supported, so make sure you use it for motivation and increase the funds.

Donors can make use of the settings to set their preferences on recurring donations. Every time a recurring donation is made, Donorbox automatically creates a donor profile giving the donor login details and password. You can ask a set of questions to know your donor better.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Do you need to know more about your fundraising efforts? You can use the built-in Analytics feature to have a statistical view of your progress.

You can also save time and effort utilizing Donorbox to take care of your country’s tax and legal demands for raising a fund. Providing tax receipts to your donors for each donation is also simple. Year-End tax receipt and GDPR friendly forms are all covered.

Make sure that your donation pages are meeting your standards. DonorBox also provides you with a lot of customizations options. For starters, you can translate your donation forms into 11 languages.

Features such as pop up donation forms indeed make things handy and approachable. A goal meter is just some of the minute features here to mention, though extremely beneficial to build your fundraiser’s visual appeal.

The expansion possibilities

Donorbox has recently started its service “Donorbox text-to-give,” which is in beta. There are no additional costs to avail of this feature. All that donors have to do is to send the campaign code on number 1 855 575 7888. The senders will receive the link to your campaign page to make donations. The filling up of the donation form and successful payment will follow.

A quick donate option is also provided after the first donation is made to avoid any payment delay. All donors will have to send “give” to the same number to repeat the last payment and then send “confirm” after a message is sent from Donorbox to ask for permission to proceed with the payment.

Donorbox’s ability to consistently provide newly requested services to its users inspires confidence that your organization can grow with Donorbox without any hurdles.



Pricing is where Donorbox becomes something extraordinary. There are no initial setup costs, and you can have your page ready in no time and completely free. Donorbox charges 1.5% of the donations you receive at the end of every month, which is very low by the market standards; other fundraising platforms charge around 2-5%. Make sure that you also include the Paypal and Stripe merchant’s accounts charges on each credit card processing into your considerations.

Donorbox does best what it is made for, Collect donations! The whole experience is user-friendly. The ability to organize things professionally and feasibly all at paying one of the lowest fees for availing the software’s ease is a no-brainer, in my opinion.

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