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Combin Review: Best Tools for Instagram Growth & Posts Scheduling

Combin Review

Combin is a company that has professionals from various fields such as software, marketing,  designers, working towards one common goal- to provide their clients with the best possible solution for Instagram marketing.

They have been doing this for some time now and has a good number of clients who have used their tools and reaped benefits. They are constantly looking to develop new ideas and keep up with the platform so that they can tailor their service to the latest stuff. This is very important if you want to provide an efficient solution to Social media marketing (here, Instagram) to your customers.

Main Use of the tool

  • Detecting followers who do not follow you

Finding your target audience is one of the prime aspects of social media marketing. Hell, it is a prime aspect of any kind of marketing.

So, when Combin is providing you a tool to make the task a lot easier to handle why not go for it. Combin Growth ( the tool provided) can help you perform advanced searches on Instagram among your followers and other users to find out interested parties.

You can use searches using hashtags or location or combine both hashtags and location and club multiple of them together. You can find users who liked or commented on your posts. This can help you find out your potential competitor’s followers and so you can generate and find out a lot of useful information to formulate your tactics.

Finding your target

  • Find Target Audience

Combin Growth helps you detect the followers who do not follow you back on Instagram or have unfollowed you. This is one of the prime features that come with their service. If you are looking to expand on Instagram it can be annoying to find that the people you were following in the hopes of getting a follow back didn’t do it or unfollowed you.

Of course, you can do it on your own but chances are if you are looking to use Instagram marketing tools to boost up your followers you will have a lot of followers and thus it will be very difficult to go through your followers and following list and cross-check each name.

Combin does it for you in a few simple and easy step. All you have to do to get started is download their software Combin Growth and install it. Then link it up to your Insta account and see who are the users that do not follow you back. Yup, it is that simple.

who do not follow you back on Instagram

  • Check the number of real or quality followers

One of the other use cases that Combin Growth helps you with is finding out and distinguishing your real instagram followers. It can also help you with seeing what is the quality of your followers.

See who they are following or what is their following to follower ratio. It will allow you to keep in touch with your Instagram audience who actually matter and will help you further your influence. Keeping in touch with your real followers can be difficult if you have lots of them. But you need to keep in touch otherwise you might lose them to someone who does. Combin Growth can help you solve this problem.

You can generate a list of quality followers using their tools and then like their posts and comment on their posts to keep a good and healthy relationship with them. After all, this is one of the important fundamentals of Instagram marketing. To find out about this you can visit their website and find this use case and follow the steps mentioned.

  • You can schedule posts

If you want to reach a huge audience on Instagram and keep on posting timely it can get difficult once you start to grow. But don’t worry Combin will help you with that too. You can use their tools Combin Scheduler to schedule your Posts and Stories and believe me the features are pretty flexible. This tool can help you plan your content efficiently, effectively, conveniently.

Scheduling your post for auto publication and creating a beautiful Instagram feed has never been this simple. You can schedule your posts or instantly publish your posts. The post will be automatically published on the date you choose. You don’t have to wait for a reminder to post. You can also alter image size and shape.

The tool will help you tag locations, hashtags, and other accounts. You can either publish one or two posts or a bunch of posts on one click. Options are endless and so are the opportunities. You can also repost posts of other users.

Tools provided by Combin

1. Combin Growth

Combin Growth

Combin Growth is one of the tools that is provided by Combin to help facilitate Instagram marketing. The tool is loaded with variety of features that can help you better manage your audience. You can find target audience using this tool and engage them with your product, you can also manage and engage with your followers and find quality followers to interact with and grow your brand or influence.

By targeting an audience who might be interested in your brand will help you get more followers who can then become the part of your loyal community.

Features of Combin Growth:

  • Statistical Measure of Growth and Performance

Statistical Measure of Growth and Performance

This allows you to regularly view the growth of your Instagram account. How many new followers you have gained, who has unfollowed you, how many likes and comments did you receive. You can check these stats daily, weekly, monthly thus providing a lot of flexibility.

  • Advanced Searching on Instagram

This is another great feature of Combin Growth which can enable your account to become more efficient and grow a lot. This allows you to find target audience and also audience of your potential competitors by using hashtags, locations, followers, likes, comments, etc. This will ensure that you are reaching out to users who have an interest in similar things that you are propagating.

  • Specific audience targeting

Specific audience targeting

If you have a lot of followers it is hard to segregate them based on certain criterias which might be useful for you. For example a product of service for only females of US region need to be targeted to the relevant audience. Also, it will allow you to see how much relevant audience you really have for that product. Combin Growth allows you to define a target audience based on gender, follower quantity, languages etc.

  • Using Machine Learning for better Analysis

Using Machine Learning for better Analysis

Combin Growth uses the latest machine learning technologies to perform various analysis on user accounts to check the quality of followers. This can help eliminate meaningless engagement with parties who are not going to be interested and this allowing you to focus your attention on interested parties.

  • Audience Management and Export

Audience Management and Export

This is another great feature of the tool which allows you to detect the users who does not follow you back or have unfollowed you since. You can also keep a track of the accounts that you have unfollowed in the past for certain reasons and thus you can automate not to follow those accounts. You can even export all user list to an excel file.

  • Automate redundant actions

Automate redundant actions

Various repetitive actions like comments and all can be bunched up. Instead of engaging with individual accounts one can engage with multiple accounts at one. Bulk follow, unfollow, like can also be done

You can choose to add up to 15 accounts depending on the option to are opting for while buying the services.


2. Combin Scheduler

Combin Scheduler

As your Instagram account begins to grow managing posts and likes and comments can become very difficult as you have to regularly keep in posting on your feed. But Combin Scheduler is a tool provided by Combin which can make this task much easier for you.

You can plan ahead and schedule a bunch of tasks to occur at any particular date. You don’t have to worry anymore as this tool will take it upon itself to reliably post contents as scheduled by you.

Features of Combin Scheduler:

  • Scheduling beforehand and posting instantly

Scheduling beforehand and posting instantly

Combin Scheduler allows you to plan ahead. Of course, you might be busy and thus cannot post regularly. So, what you can instead do plan what images you think you have to post on certain days and then just schedule them based on the date and time.

Now, you don’t have to worry. Unlike other tools where you will get a reminder and then have to post pictures yourself the task is fully automated in Combin Scheduler. The tool also let’s you post instant images and thus gives you a lot of flexibility.

  • Full Automation

full automation publishing

As mentioned before Combin Scheduler fully automated the task of posting images on your Instagram feed. You just have to collect a bunch of images that you wish to post and schedule a date. There won’t be any annoying reminders to post again and again. The post will be done automatically.

  • Editing Image Sizes

Editing Image Sizes

Combin Scheduler also allows you to edit the sizes of your images. You can choose from multiple options to make your image Instagram-ready.

You can use the zoom and crop features of the tool to edit the size of your image so that it fits the aspect ratio of Instagram. The tool allows you to modify the shape of the image to square and change the orientation to portrait or landscape mode right in the app.

  • Tag Locations

Tag Locations

If you have a bunch of posts that you want to schedule to be posted or want to post instantly and you want to take locations to them then you can do it easily with Combin Scheduler.

You can specify locations to attract you a certain demographic and this target your post to specific audiences. This feature is in-built in the tool and allows you have a lot of managing capability when it comes to location tagging.

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  • Mentioning Accounts and Hashtagging

Mentioning Accounts and Hastaging

Of course, posting an image on Instagram without a hashtag is of no use of you are trying to attract people.

Hashtagging is one of the prime features of Instagram that allows you to link your post to a certain tag and thus gaining the attention of users who regularly follow those tags. You can also add accounts to your post to increase engagement with your followers and grabbing users’ attention.

  • One-touch upload for a bulk of content

One touch upload for a bulk of content

Yes, you can schedule multiple images to be uploaded and posted at the same time. You do not need to select and post, select, and post again and again. Just select the images you want to post and then publish them with one click.

  • Post-Re-Scheduling Option Using Drag Feature

The user interface of the Combin Scheduler is pretty good. It allows users to do various tasks very easily. To reschedule your post you don’t have to set another date by typing it or changing it at someplace. Rather you can use the in-app calendar drag feature to just drag your post to the date you think is suitable. That’s it! This makes rescheduling posts very easy.

  • Instagram Publications Repost Feature

Instagram is a platform where there is no option for reposting. This makes it very difficult if you want to repost a post you like from another account. There are multiple tools online but you get them in Combin Scheduler as well. Soany features in one place will help you increase your brand value on Instagram.


Is Combin Safe?

Is combin safe

All the features of the software are very pretty and will help you promote your content on the platform, but nothing will be convenient of using the software lands your account in jeopardy.

So, is using Combin for Instagram marketing safe? Let’s see if I can answer your question. Combin explains that their security is based on these few factors viz. the way they process information, the way their users use their services, and the conditions that Instagram provides.

They have a two-factor authentication system and the password is only required to get an access token and is no personal information is shared with anyone. The problem of security only comes into question when the users themselves start using the software without any caution. Unlike other Instagram marketing tools which automate all of the users takes Combin offers a lot of freedom to its users.

So, even though on their side they try to foolproof everything users’ erratic actions can cause problems, like if the users decide to spam in the comment sections or use actions with too much intensity and scheduling a lot of actions at once. This can have an adverse effect. Also, ultimately a lot depends on how Instagram decides to change its conditions and algorithms.



Look, if you are looking to expand your content online Social media marketing is one of the best ways to do it. Instagram has become one of the staple social media platforms to out your content out. But with a plethora of competitors and users, it can be overwhelming.

So, taking help of services and tools which can help you promote your content can be a great help and chances are your competitors are also using it. Just don’t go overboard. Try doing things with caution. So, why not head over to Combin and give it a try. Try out their free plan and if you like it sign up for a personal or business account.


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