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10 Best Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers to Boost Your Profile in 2021

Pinterest is a popular social media platform where people share interesting and entertaining information, art etc. in the form of images. It has been 11 years since the inception of this platform. Today a lot of bloggers use this platform to promote their blog posts. It is also a place for artists to share their work. So, having a good following on Pinterest is quite a positive potential.

If you believe that your profile has good quality content and will be interesting to more people then you should figure out a strategy for promotion on Pinterest. If you are looking to buy Pinterest followers to help with the promotion then these are some of the websites which provide that option. This is just to give you a nudge in the right direction. So, let’s take a look at websites where you can buy Pinterest followers.

Here is the list of 10 Best Sites To Buy Pinterest Followers:


SidesMedia Pinterest Followers

SidesMedia is the company that will kick-start this list. It is a company that claims to provide social media services that are real. It supports some of the most popular social media platforms. This is good because if you like the services of this site and the customer support it provides then you can go to it for all your stats purchasing requirements.

Sort of like a one-stop-shop. The company mentions that people looking for better exposure on social media platforms can benefit from these services. You will be able to grow your audience with the help of SidesMedia.

The company claims to deliver top-tier engagement within a matter of 3 days. SidesMedia promises to deliver real followers only. It has a network of users who have real accounts on social media platforms.

So, when you purchase stats they will be the one who will actually do the following, liking, commenting etc. They get a small fee for doing these tasks. This is good because you may often end up losing followers if the platform removes the fake accounts. SidesMedia claims that its methods are completely safe and will not out your profile at any risk.

For people looking for Pinterest promotional services, you can head to the website and check them out. SidesMedia sells Pinterest followers. The price starts at $29. You get 500 followers for this price.

You can buy a max of 2500 followers for $197. These will be active and high-quality followers. The delivery will take around 1 to 2 days. SidesMedia claims to really care about its clients and provide effective service. Get in touch with the customer support team if you have any queries.


UseViral Pinterest Followers

UseViral is the next company on the list. It has a large network of social media users. It uses the potential of this network to help boost your presence on social media platforms. You can get services for a lot of different popular platforms. You can get a boost in Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud, and Twitter.

Some of its most popular services are YouTube subscribers, Pinterest followers, Twitter followers and YouTube views. The company details its working process on the website. When you place an order it starts marketing your account on various platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc. They also get in touch with their web partners to promote your content or profile on websites and apps.

The company researches your profile to get relevant users to follow your profile or like, view your content. It promises to deliver guaranteed results to the clients.

If you want to buy Pinterest followers with fast delivery then you can find respective packages on useviral.com. The price for this service starts at $29. You will get 200 followers at that price.

There are three other packages with the costliest being $197 for 5000 followers. These will be active and high-quality followers. The delivery will take 1 to 2 days to complete. It will help you get some online credibility which can help with social media promotion.


MediaMister is a service provider that is popular among individuals who purchase stats to boost online cred. The company understands the impact that social media has and is also aware of the tough competitive nature of it. One of the reasons for the existence of MediaMister is to help proactive businesses with their social media marketing.

It has services that can help clients stand out and get a competitive edge. These days any support to get an edge over others can be quite beneficial. MediaMister has been around for a few years and has been able to help more than 50k customers.

The company has services for almost all popular platforms worldwide. You get services for really popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. The company also provides website traffic services.

So, if you want to increase the traffic on your website you can take a look at that as well. The company has a team of professionals who bring a combined experience of 50 years to the table. They care about each client and work hard to ensure that you get the social proof you are looking for.

The kind of social proof that is not only effective but 100% authentic as well. MediaMister mentions to contact them if you have any queries or if you have problems with your order. The company provides a one month period for any refunds. If you are looking for Pinterest followers then you have two options Viz. Profile followers and board followers.

For profile followers, the price starts at $2 for 50 followers. The same goes for board followers as well. If you want to buy Pinterest followers cheap then this is one site for that. It will take 1 to 2 days at max to get the stats. In general, for small orders, you will see the results in a few hours.


Woorke Pinterest Followers

Woorke is a social media service provider that has services to help people with complete digital marketing. The company is not limited to providing services for social media only.

It is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of services to grow online. A business does not have just social media profiles or pages on the internet. It also has a website and other presence online.

So, if they want to get an overall boost to their online presence then they can check out these services. Over the years the company delivered more than 25k services. One of the most popular services that Woorke provides is email accounts. Oftentimes, you are not able to find the right email address for your business. You can check out the stock of Woorke for Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.

To date, the company has sold more than a million email accounts. You can also get SEO services as well as web development services. If you are looking to grow on social media platforms then Woorkee provides services for multiple social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, SoundCloud, TikTok, Reddit, etc.

If you are looking to buy Pinterest followers then the price starts at $4.99 for 50 followers. The delivery speed for this will be normal. You can choose between two other rates Viz. Fast and Drip feed cost $5.99 and $5.50 respectively. These will be premium quality followers and will help boost social credibility and popularize your Pinterest profile. The company also claims that this service is non-drop.

Mr Insta

As the name of the next company suggests Mr. Insta is a service provider that primarily provides services like Instagram Followers, Likes, views etc. But this company has premium services for other social media platforms as well. You can get services for YouTube, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Twitch, Twitter, and Spotify.

The company claims to provide quick and guaranteed results. You do not have to wait too long to get the services. The company will start processing the order as soon as the payment is successful. The Pinterest services that this website provides are Pinterest followers and Pinterest likes  You can buy Pinterest followers from Mr. Insta. It has multiple packages for this service.

The price starts at $15 for 100 followers and goes all the way up to $550 for 10k followers. There are multiple packages in between that range. You do not need to follow any profile back.

Mr. Insta claims that this service will help increase the engagement to your profile. It will take at most 3 days for the complete delivery. For shorter orders, it is much faster than that. You will see the results in a few hours.

Mr. Insta also provides a refill guarantee. If the number of followers drops below the order quantity then you can contact them to get a refill. This guarantee is valid for 1 year. Also, Mr. Insta will generally deliver more stats than the order quantity. The company provides 24/7 customer support and we encourage you to contact them with queries and doubts.


Appsally brands itself as the perfect growth weapon for businesses. It has services that can help you get an edge over competitors from the comfort of your bedroom. Appsally is basically a marketplace for growth. Here, the company has expertly chosen the best marketers which even hyper-growth companies use.

This hand-vetting process gets you to access the services by some of the best marketers out there. It provides tools for SEO services, influencer marketing, reputation marketing, etc.

These tools are at your fingertips and you can use them as you wish to gain success. The company claims that its mission is to help clients stand out from the crowd in an affordable, quick, and safe way. Today, Appsally works with over 563 marketers and provides around 365 services.

The company has worked with more than 10.5k customers over the years. All the marketers are hand-picked. Appsally claims to not use bots as even though that service is cheap it does not add any real value. The company claims to deliver real growth with real humans. The company also provides a 15-day guarantee.

If within these 15 days you experience a drop in the number of stats below the order amount you can ask for a refill. You get an unlimited replacement within this period. If you cannot find a suitable plan for yourself you can hit the company up on Facebook or email and discuss the possibility of setting up a custom plan. Appsally has services for Pinterest as well.

First, you have to select a campaign Viz. Boost engagement, boost conversion, others. The site details about each of those campaigns. In general, if you are looking to buy Pinterest followers then choose the boost engagement campaign. Now, provide the link to your profile and pay for the purchase. The starting price for the Pinterest campaign is $20. It will get you about 250 followers.


The next website on the list is Getplusfollowers. It has various services that you use to get a boost to your follower count on various social media platforms. The company provides support for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

The company also provides services for content creation and posting. In this service, you can purchase packages and the company will create and post social media content. This content will be posted via your profile. The content will be according to your business and it will have hashtags as well to improve visibility.

The other services include purchasing followers and views for the above-mentioned platform. One thing that is different about this website is that it needs your login credentials. Now, if that is a big no-no for you then you should look at other companies.

The company uses your login credentials to have access to your profile. It uses your profile to follow other targeted and real accounts and users. So, if you want to buy active Pinterest followers then check this site out.

You can change your password anytime to block the system. Getplusfollowers says it’s necessary for it to have access to your profile to get real followers for your profile. Also, they won’t be able to change the password without your permission. The company claims that all the services that it provides work within the terms and conditions set by the platform.

So, your account is not at any risk. If you want to buy Pinterest followers then there are three packs to select from. The trial pack is $9 and promises to get 25+ followers.

The beginner pack is $24 and promises 100+ followers and the premium package is $49, promising 250+ followers. All the followers will be real and targeted. The company promises to refund 500% if they give you fake followers.


hootsuite social media scheduling tool

Hootsuite is a company that was created for people to be able to connect on social media and work together. The company connects people with brands, communities, and teams that they are interested in. It has a nice understanding of social media platforms and wants to help you grow a presence online using the power of human connection.

The company has been in the market for 13 years. Ryan Holmes founded the company in 2008 and it soon became popular with companies using it to make a good presence online. But this is not like other companies that we have been checking out. You cannot just buy followers and get on with it leaving the company to supply you with followers. This is why it can be a bit difficult for people to use. It has a learning curve.

Also, it is costlier than the other options. What you need to know is if you just want to increase your follower count to gain some online cred then this is not for you. What Hootsuite does is help you integrate your Pinterest account with it. Now, you can use Hootsuite to perform all the Pinterest activities.

You can even schedule posts beforehand and do not have to worry about them. Hootsuite will take care of automatically posting them on time. It also allows an entire team to work together and post pins.

The entire thing is a single and secure workflow and everything can be done using a single dashboard. Hootsuite will help your customers discover the things they love. This can help you gain followers. Do contact the site if you have any queries. They have a 30-day trial period and the plans begin at around $17.


The next company on the list is Followersup. The company is all about providing services to its clients that can help them gain more followers. Hence, the name of the company is Followersup. So, if you are looking for a boost in the follower count of your social media profiles check it out.

The company provides services similar to the other social media service providers on this list. You can purchase likes, views, comments etc. The company caters to many of the popular social media platforms. On the website, you can expect to find services for Twitter, Tumblr, Mixcloud, Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

You can purchase services for any of the above platforms or more by choosing them on the website. Then you can select the service you want to buy. This will depend on what stats you are looking to boost. Like do you want followers, likes, views, comments, etc? Once you choose the service you have to choose the quantity of the stats.

Now, all that’s left to do is to choose a payment method and purchase the order. Followersup will do the rest and get you the ordered number of likes, followers, views etc.

If you want to buy Pinterest followers, the price starts at $5. At this price, you get 100 followers and the average delivery time is within 24 hours. You can buy a max of 10k followers at a price of $134. The average delivery time is 72 hours. For all the packages the warranty period is of 30 days.

Turbo Media

TurboMedia is the last company on this list. It is a company which like a lot of other service providers is primarily focused on Instagram. But it does provide services for YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, Pinterest and Twitch.

If you are looking to grow on Pinterest using the services by Turbo Media then the price starts at $15. For this price, you get 100 Pinterest followers. The costliest package is $550 for 10k followers. The company guarantees the delivery of the services. You can start to see the results in a day and the delivery generally gets completed in 3 days.

For smaller quantities, it takes much less time than that. You do not need to provide any password to the company. So, you do not have to worry about your profile being used by the company. The company claims that everything is safe and private. You get a refill guarantee of up to 1 year.

So, if within this year if your stats drop below the order amount you can contact the company. Turbo Media provides 24/7 customer support so you can always get in touch with them. The company says that this service can help promote your profile and you can experience organic growth.


So, that was our list of sites to buy Pinterest followers. We would like to add that growing on social media requires patience. If the quality of your content is good then people will appreciate it. Also, do check out options other than purchasing stats. If you think purchasing followers will help then give it a try and see if it helps you gain more exposure. Otherwise, do not hesitate to try other options. We wish you all the best.

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