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Don’t believe fake news: Baba Ramdev is not dead and doing well

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In yet another case highlighting the growing problem of fake news, a viral Whatsapp video claimed that yoga guru Baba Ramdev had died in a road accident. This video was shared by several people on WhatsApp and other social media.

It has now emerged that the photos of the yoga guru and a damaged car were from a 2011 accident which he had in Bihar.

The video showed images of Baba Ramdev lying on a stretcher and of a damaged car. It also claimed that the accident happened while the yoga guru was traveling on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

The truth is that Baba Ramdev is well and doing absolutely fine. This has been confirmed by several of his supporters to the media. Highway and police authorities have also rubbished the news and said that no such accident had taken place.

This incident should serve as a wake up call to everyone to check for facts before blindly forwarding messages on Whatsapp. The problem of fake news is getting bigger every day and some of these fake videos also have the potential of leading to law and order issues. With social media, it is easy to modify images or edit videos and change their meaning entirely. It is also believed that several anti-national elements and criminals use these tactics to spread panic and riots in the country.

Therefore, we encourage each and everyone to first verify the authenticity of any news or video that they receive on Whatsapp or social media before sharing it with other people. This is the only way we can combat this growing menace of fake news in our country.


Main Image Credits: indiaprime

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