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7 Reasons Why Happeo is the Best Intranet Software


Happeo is one of the leading intranet software companies. Happeo’s intranet software brings intranet, collaboration, and social networking to one place. Perttu Ojansuu and Antero Hanhirova founded Happeo in 2017. Happeo’s intranet software aims to increase employees’ efficiency through its exclusive integration with Google Workspace. It offers many services such as communication channels, collaboration, and data sharing in a cloud-based, user-friendly intranet interface. Happeo was awarded Europe’s most promising startup by the European Union in 2017, and Happeo continues to grow with 280% year on year.

If we talk about Happeo’s pricing, there is no definite plan or pricing structure set by Happeo. Since every organization is of different sizes and has different demands and requirements. For example, An intranet software used by 100 employees will not cost as much as the one used by 1000 employees, as prices are determined per user.

Happeo has 300,000+ users and works with very big high profile clients such as WWF, Randstad Sourceright, and Trimble. You might be asking yourself: how is Happeo achieving such success? So let’s delve into how Happeo is helping organizations improve efficiency

Improves collaboration

Collaboration is vital in every organization. Better collaboration among employees leads to better productivity. Sometimes such scenarios can arise when two employees are working on the same reports. If there is a lack of collaboration and transparency, this could lead to stagnation, an increase in cost, and a waste of time.

Improving collaboration in the organization is a crucial but challenging task. One of the easiest ways to promote togetherness and form a community is to create a working environment where employees connect, stay informed, interact, and share information. Happeo’s intranet software provides that all-in-one platform for employees to collaborate.


Helps with Data and Information Management

Every company has a very big database. Whether it’s a list of raw materials available or an extensive project report, everything matters. Storing content in an easy and accessible way is vital. Because documents aren’t always properly shared, or disappear after a few years, finding just what you need is challenging. An organization needs a system not just to store all files, but also equipped with a powerful search function to find exactly what one searches for.

Every enterprise wants a kind of magical place to keep their data, to make data easily accessible, that allows sharing and collaboration. Happeo’s intranet software helps in data and information management by securely preserving data and providing crucial features like the sharing function, which includes making it accessible to the entire organization or only to concerned employees. Don’t forget automatic backups. Happeo ticks all the boxes and provides an all-in-one information management facility.

Drives communication

In every organization, channels of communication are crucial for efficiency. Employees should be heard by top management and their superiors, and have the opportunity to talk to them and voice their opinions. Naturally, miscommunication can always happen in the organization as many employees have different personalities and stature.

It can be very costly to organizations sometimes, but it can be avoided through better communication. Avoiding information overload is a good first step, and Happeo’s intranet software helps organizations target who gets what information and make sure their communications are relevant.

safe communication

Easy to Use

Every organization prefers a user-friendly interface. Senior employees or those without any tech knowledge might struggle with adopting intranet software, even after completing workshops. Posting a message shouldn’t take more than a click, reading the news should feel like reading a blog, and finding information should be as easy as one-two-three.

If it’s not, forget success, unless success means less than 10% of your business using your intranet daily. Happeo’s intranet software provides a user-friendly interface so that it automatically drives employees to use it.

Makes Internal Comms measurable with Advanced Analytics

Analytics can play a vital role in organizations to improve productivity and efficiency. For example, Happeo’s intranet software provides easy to read and accessible data that helps the organization know how employees are performing, what information they are searching and consuming, and which departments and employees perform efficiently.

In short, quantifying all the many ways in which the platform can be used. Of course, you may not be able to see the benefits of such analysis directly. However, such analytics can offer meaningful insights to management about all organization’s levels of engagement.

Keeps company data safe and private

Security is the main priority of any company. There is very confidential data in every organization which they can’t afford to lose. Therefore, secure intranet software is the topmost priority.

There are different types of security options offered by many software such as SSL encryption, single-sign-on (SSO authentication), secure storage such as Google Cloud, and security certificates such as ISO 27001 (an information management security standard) and GDPR compliance.

Happeo’s intranet software offers the most reliable and secure safety of Single Sign-on and SAML authentication. Single Sign-on is a cloud-based security service that protects unauthorized access to data with full convenience to their employees, and SAML authentication protects the credentials. Happeo’s intranet makes sure the organization is safeguarded and secured.

Keeps everyone connected with a mobile intranet app

Social Intranet App

Nowadays, everything is available on smartphones. It’s the favored choice of everyone. The Corporate sector also sometimes makes presentations and reports on their smartphones, as it’s easy to carry everywhere and allows them to work from different places.

According to a survey by Happeo, 72% of employees access internal digital channels through business-owned mobile devices; 43% through personal mobile devices. Happeo App enables intranet software on their mobile phones, allowing them to work from anywhere.


We can easily see why Happeo is the choice of so many big enterprises. It increases the organization’s productivity and helps create a very work-friendly environment, a sign of every successful enterprise. Surely Happeo is the best Intranet Software around.

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