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3 Main Types of Backlinks That Will Boost Your Rankings

Types of Backlink

Trends are changing, search algorithms are evolving, but backlinks remain the main driving force behind SEO. Whoever tried to blame the strategy of gradual link building for primitiveness and obsolescence, so far no one has come up with anything more effective for improving ranking. At the same time, it will not cost you a fortune: all you need is to put in some effort and tune in to creation. But we’ll talk about this a little later.

There are now many opportunities to get backlinks, not all of which are equally relevant or useful for a particular business type. It is essential to evaluate not only the number but also the quality of links: SEO boosting of your site directly depends on this.

For you to understand what you are getting yourself into when starting a backlink campaign, we have selected for you three main types of backlinks that you need to know about. Let’s put things in order in our knowledge!

Link Value: How Is It Determined?

As usual, in the beginning, there is little theoretical information, which does not cease to be useful.

The horror stories about links that undermine your SEO performance have a solid foundation. Whether a link will help you or, at best, will not have any impact is determined by two important factors:

  1. The reputation of a site, which is defined mainly by indicators of traffic and domain authority. DA is influenced by a large number of cumulative factors, in particular the age of the site and the number of resources who saw fit to mention it in their publications.
  2. The answer to the question of whether weight is transferred to links: if this is a do-follow link, then yes, links are indexed, anchors are taken into account, link juice is transferred; if nofollow, then the links do not allow search bots to follow them and do not transfer link juice.

The location of the link on the site also has a certain meaning. While they are usually not placed in the footer or sidebars, it’s worth saying that the higher the link is on the page, the more effective it is. The best option is contextual backlinks located directly in the content.

Types of Backlinks You Should Know About

We have already realized that the most valuable options are dofollow mentions from authoritative resources. In that case, how to get dofollow backlinks in 2021 and be sure that they will work for your site? All you need to do is highlight their main types and understand which ones will be most relevant to you.

In the beginning, we promised to tell you about the 3 most powerful types of links. Why exactly such a quantity and where are the other dozens of types that can be found in other articles on the Internet? Because there are not very many really effective options.

We have selected those that will be useful to everyone, bypassing good, but much less effective options such as posting links in directories, author biographies, or comments. You can use them without fear of harming your resource, but they will not have the same result as what you are about to read about.

1. Guest Posting

A simple and effective method, like any other ingenious approach, is to create high-quality content and post it on sites relevant to your business. Somewhere in the text, you naturally bring the topic to your product or service and leave a mention, benefitting both the reader looking for a solution and your site receiving link juice.

Search engines have long ago put a stop to the abuse of this technique and the massive creation of low-quality content written not for value but for a link. Now Google easily detects such cases, so it makes no sense to engage in guest blogging without the intention to bring value.

The main rule of this method is the honest and transparent creation of useful content and its placement on sites that cover topics related to yours. Of course, no one talks about publications on competitors’ websites. There are many thematic blogs with huge audiences that will gladly accept a valuable article with fresh insights or a fresh take on a well-known topic.

2. Useful Material

The power of the free tool makes it one of the most powerful backlinking capabilities out there. It can be anything: a calculator that allows you to quickly calculate percentages, an SEO assistant that quickly highlights titles, descriptions, and headings, or a light version of a large-scale tool that usually is sold for money.

Also useful content can be a video that reveals interesting aspects of a question or a webinar recording. This works very well because most of the time, this material is either not recorded at all or is not free.

If the tool is really useful and does not mindlessly repeat the functionality and design of dozens of the same tools, then people will start referring to it from everywhere: from personal blogs, thematic sites, social networks, etc.

The main thing that you need to do is create a real value proposition and try to spread the word about it for initial coverage. Then everything will go trending up. Such links are very valuable because search engines immediately record the benefits they represent.

3. Natural Mention

Also known as editorial, this type of mention is considered one of the most precious due to its naturalness. Here you are not asking someone to post a link to your content; it happens by itself at the initiative of a third party. This can only happen if you are an influencer in your industry and have proven your credibility long ago.

Besides mentioning your content, it could be a link to an infographic, a quote or interview with one of your colleagues, or your site’s inclusion in the top list according to specific criteria. The key to creating viral content is researching popular search terms in your industry and hitting untapped keywords that are popular among competitors.

Final Thoughts

It will be much easier for you to understand what links you need and what impact they will have on your site’s ranking. Massive, pointless, and merciless link buying from anywhere has long lost its relevance: now the most important thing is to create valuable content worthy of mention and sharing and posting it on platforms relevant to your topic.

Equal backlinking opportunities for all types of businesses, from start-ups to market giants, have spurred everyone to create quality content. So it is very likely that gradually the Internet, oversaturated with garbage texts full of unreadable keywords, will perk up and begin to grow with useful and interesting posts.

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