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10 Best Tools For Generating Blog Topic Ideas (2021)

Not sure about what to write about? Are you getting a writer’s block? Do you run low on ideas? There are several online blog subject design resources available to support you so that you never have a problem with what to blog about. These generators of blog topics will help you kick start your creativity, ensuring that you continue to build fresh, compelling ones. And stuff that’s clickable.

These days, a blog has no doubt become an important part of every popular website. It’s time to start if you own a website and haven’t already started a blog for it. If you’ve been reluctant to start a blog (or don’t regularly update your blog) because you just can’t think of any good topics to write about then that’s not a good excuse.

As you already know, creating a blog plays a crucial role in attracting website traffic, enhancing the exposure of your company, and eventually contributing to further sales. To help you generate ideas for your next blog post, there are a lot of useful resources available on the market. We’ve gathered ten useful resources in this post that will help you generate amazing blog ideas rather than just staring at a blank screen.

Here are the Best Tools For Generating Blog Topic Ideas in 2021:

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Since it is easy to use and fast to generate great blog titles, this tool is a very common blog topic generator. It offers an easy-to-use layout where you insert up to 5 nouns and the generator will help you do the rest.

It’s very daunting to generate topic ideas, particularly for a growing blog. If you find it hard to look for unique angles for every article or publish various types of content for your content marketing campaign, Hubspot’s blog topic generator is undoubtedly there to help.

Up to five nouns can be entered and the instrument can help you work out the rest by giving you five suggestions from the headlines that will stimulate your creative juices.

Then you can change it a little bit from those titles so that it can suit your approach better. The tool will send 5 headline ideas and will help you get those “creative juices” flowing. If you fill out your details, it will send you 250 ideas or a year’s worth of ideas.


Alltop was co-founded by the legendary business advisor and author Guy Kawasaki, and their mission is to help answer the question “What’s happening?” as described on the Alltop blog. Basically, it is a list of recent posts from all the best web blogs.

Alltop covers pretty much every subject you can imagine, from finance and marketing to hair and fashion. Simply select your subject, and the top blog in that industry will show you posts related to that topic. It’s a great way to quickly see what your industry’s top blogs are writing about and inspire some of your own ideas.

With hundreds of subjects, Alltop offers a series of high-quality blog posts. Just by scanning the blog titles that are displayed in each category, you can automatically come up with blog ideas.

For instance, if you want to write a blog about SEO, you can search and learn from hundreds of posts on the same subject. For each title, you can also check for similar topics.

Ahrefs content explorer

Content Explorer is essentially a mini search engine, powered by nearly one billion web pages in Ahrefs’ huge database. How does this help generate ideas for content? Just enter a subject, hit search, and a range of outcomes will kickback.

Does that sound like a standard search engine? Well, yeah, but it differentiates itself in one major way from anything like Google: all results are filterable by Domain Rating (DR), word count, organic search traffic average monthly, language, number of domains related, and more. That makes it super-powerful for your site to find low-hanging content opportunities.

For example, you could filter your results by referring domains and estimated monthly search traffic to discover pages that get a tonne of traffic despite having few referring domains (i.e., backlinks). From these, without building tonnes of ties, you can extract subjects for which you can easily rank.


Buzzsumo is a website that provides you with more than just topics to suggest. A long list of many other variables that could impact a blog subject will be shown to you. Before picking a specific topic for your next blog, you get all the details you need from showing backlinks, sharers to the number of Facebook engagements, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn shares.

For each post you come up with, BuzzSumo is a tool that will make you stay on topic. This can also be used to find the most frequently asked questions on sites such as Quora, Reddit, and Amazon. Via various headings, namely date, type of content, language, word count, and region, you can also filter. This may be your one-stop solution with a specific keyword or phrase to know where you’re going.

In addition, it lets you come up with exceptional ideas for content, as well as track and find questions about various topics and other businesses. You can also search by URL or subject, and filter by time.


While Ubersuggest is not the best tool to come up with actual blog titles, it is an excellent tool to help generate ideas for new blog posts about general topics. Simply enter a word or phrase, and a long list of results containing the word or phrase followed by some related phrases will be generated by Ubersuggest.

These suggested phrases are grouped from A to Z, and we will use an example to illustrate this. For example, you entered “how do mortgages” when entering the keyword phrase “mortgages” + f in 1 and in 2, and Ubersuggest generated a long list of suggested topics based on this phrase instead of just the word “mortgages.”

Similar to Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest is quite similar. It’s more streamlined, though. With this tool, you can use a simple keyword to generate massive ideas for content. It will show you hundreds of phrases that include your keyword once you enter a search term.


While Quora isn’t a direct topic generator, you will certainly accept that most frequently, the following website you land on for a search other than Wikipedia is Quora. A great way to drive traffic to your site and gain loyal followers is to answer common questions asked by online users about your industry, and Quora can be a great resource for discovering these commonly asked questions.

Enter a word or phrase into Quora, and see what questions users are asking related to this topic on Quora. You can also click on “Top Stories”, “Trends” and “Questions” to dig a little deeper into questions related to your subject after your results are displayed as shown in the example below.

One would agree with me that when searching for an answer to any question in the world, this site has everything one needs. You may look up relevant topics of your interest here or look up questions directly to get answers written by experienced individuals around the globe.

Google Trends

Not only is the Google Keyword Tool helpful in producing some general ideas for blog topics, but it can also be used in combination with the above resources to help you find blog topics with a large volume of monthly searches.

I entered the term “mortgage” in the Google Keyword Tool in the example below, and based on this data, I might decide to write a blog post that lists and reviews the top mortgage and financial calculators would be a great post because in this region there is so much search volume. A lot of natural links to your blog post could also be created.

Google Trends can be used for advertising purposes, but do you know that it is also great at creating ideas for content? If you want to use it for brainstorming ideas, input terms that are associated with your brand, company, products, or services. This tool gives you search patterns for whatever word or phrase you enter, and associated search terms.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

A portent is an innovative tool for using when topics are needed. While it indicates just one subject at a time, by just pressing the refresh button, you can get multiple subjects. If you want to quickly come up with a click-worthy blog title, then Portent’s Idea Generator for Content is perfect for you.

If you want to come up with new and catchy blog titles filled with a little humor, it’s a great instrument to use. Provided four blank spaces, this website uses any of the following holes with your keyword or search phrase and adds other related material to the others. Also, for each of the other three subject words used, it gives you the reason.

In other words, if you are looking for a list of subjects, this is a simple but time-consuming method. At the same time, unlike other sites where you get the main word, you get really original subject ideas that you can specifically use for your blog.

To remember, here are some helpful guidelines:

  • If you are using proper nouns, don’t capitalize on the keywords.
  • Make use of a single version of your keyword.
  • To come up with your own high-quality and grammatically precise headline, edit the result.


Many people ignore one of the most popular social networking sites when it comes to ideas for blog topics. You can use your keyword to run a Twitter search with a hashtag (# mortgages, for example) to generate a list of tweets containing your keyword.

The best thing about Twitter is that perhaps the most up-to-date conversation you can find on the site is the conversation. Twitter is a great place to start with future topic ideas if you want to write a post on any trending news in your particular field.

A Twitter search for #mortgagerates, for example, brings back tweets on Twitter mentioning this topic. From these findings, you could get the idea of writing a post about how it is still cheaper to buy a home than to rent a home, for now anyway.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz is another tool in the list that provides you with a thorough list of research for better SEO than just recommending blog topics. When you provide this search with a specific keyword, it gives you the monthly use volume, level of difficulty, organic ctr, and priority for that term.

When you type a particular keyword in a search, Moz does not just suggest blog topics. It gives you insight into the difficulty level, the volume of the monthly quest, the word priority, and so on. You will also get a couple of keyword tips, and a search-based SERP review. It tells you, therefore, everything you need to know about the particular subject phrase you have submitted.

You will also see more suggestions for keywords and a SERP review based on your search. In addition, at the end of the post, there’s also a list of mentions of this keyword in other blog topics. Therefore, in simpler words, you get to see everything you might ever like to know about the subject sentence that you have submitted.


At one point or another, it can be overwhelming to come up with new content concepts all the time. So, if you’ve been blogging for a while now, you’ve already been through a lot of it.

The good thing is, once you actually come up with an idea, you don’t have to sit around and dream on your own. On the market, many instruments are available and most of them are free. They are there to help you out in order to come up with more innovative ideas for content.

In your content strategy, testing out the resources we have provided above will help you to achieve results, build your target audience, upgrade your customer lifetime value, and fill your blog with killer content. It’s fun to come up with ideas, but not all of your thoughts will work or even turn into final blog posts. With these tools, for your blog and content, you will see what works and doesn’t work.

How do these ideas and headlines, for instance, match the voice of your personal brand or business brand? And how far do you want the envelope to push for your content? Hopefully, these resources will help you see that you are swimming in ideas and headlines for your blog posts, infographics, and ideas for content. To this list of the best blogging resources to generate ideas, what resources will you add?

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