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Tailor Brands Review: Best Logo Maker With Multiple Logo Ideas

Tailor Brands Review

One of the foremost requirements that a business should have in order to grow is the logo it carries. Your logo defines a lot about your business and what type it is. So it is very important to develop a unique Logo that defines your business in the best way possible.

Why to Use Logo Designing Tools?

A Logo is one of the best tools of marketing. Hence if you’re looking for a platform that could help you out with designing the logo for your business Tailor Brands is the place. Tailor Brands is a logo maker that creates a logo which is unique and which defines your brand and business in the best way.

It is a machine-learning tool that helps a budding business and entrepreneurs in making strong branding. This not only creates a market for your product but attracts more customer base as well.

Prominent Features of Tailor Brands

This automatic logo creator turns out to be very helpful if you want to expand your business and take to another level. It allows you to set a logo for your brand according to your preferences and settings. This amazing tool comes up with very interesting features which are as below:

  • It allows for generating a logo according to your preferences and settings.
  • You get a number of alternatives to choose the best or suitable logo of your choice.
  • It allows you to design business cards as well.
  • You can also design and develop your social media posts.
  • One can even analyse the performance of a brand in social media.
  • Not only can this but you also design many other things such as books, landing pages etc.

Why to Use Tailor Brands? Multiple logo ideas

To answer this question you must first know the importance of a logo. The Logo acts as a face of a company or a business. They are meant to visually represent the unique identification a company carries. It is one of the important requirements that a company needs in order to expand a business.

Tailor Brands is a software program that provides companies be that a small or large a platform to take their brand names at a higher level. This application helps them to give a good return on the long term banding investments they are making.

How to Use Tailor Brands to Create a Logo?

You can create an eye-catching logo for you company in a couple of minutes. Here is how you do it:

  1. Open Tailor Brands using any browser of your choice.
  2. After you open the website, enter the name of your logo.
  3. Now enter a relevant description of your business to allow it to find the best fit.
  4. Now you can see a number of alternatives the program suggests and you can choose any one of them.
  5. They will also ask you to choose in between two fonts and if you don’t like either of them chooses the option “I dislike both” so that they give you better options.

It is always preferable to register yourself with Tailor Brands in order to save your Brand. It allows you to get an easy access to it again when you want when you register yourself. Once you do so you can develop new logos and edit the previous ones as well.

You can always make bundles of your brandand purchase it. After you purchase a brand bundle you can always see the purchased bundles and the add-ons you made. If you haven’t purchased any of them you can always do it by clicking on the “upgrade” button. If you are having separate brand names you can create a separate brand profiles for each of the brand names.

Pricing of Tailor Brands Pricing of TailorBrands

Tailor Brands has three subscription options available which are: (i) Basic; (ii) Standard and (iii) Premium. The details of the plans are discussed below:

1. Basic– The basic subscription allows creating high-quality logo files with full ownership. Not only this it has got features like the logo to resize tool, watermark tool, holiday logos and a guideline on online branding.

Cost: It costs $3.99 per month which is billed annually

2. Standard- The standard subscription pack has got everything as in basic. In addition to it keeps vector EPS files of your logo, design of business cards stationery and master design tools. It comes up with +500000 designs with free images and icons. You can even design with your own images and most importantly it has unlimited storage

Cost:  This pack comes for $9.99 per month.

3. Premium- It has everything as in standard and a social media auto-scheduler you can find and share +3000000 trending article and posts. It has got 1000 editable designs for different social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and more. This social media analytics tool also acts as a social schedule optimizer.

Cost: It costs $15.99 per month

The subscription period depends on the pack you choose. It offers subscriptions that come monthly, annually and biennially. You can cancel your subscription at any time you want and renew it as well also you can upgrade to a better plan whenever you like.

Advantages of using Tailor Brands

  • It helps the entrepreneur to grab attention of the public.
  • You can make a strong first impression to claim immediate ownership over your brand.
  • Tailor Brands allows you to stand out of the crowd.
  • The cost, features and fewer risk factors are what that makes it the most preferable.

Limitations of using Tailor Brands

  • You cannot choose the specific colour that you want but have to use only those colours which are provided by the colour palettes.
  • If your logo is not having an icon you cannot add logo to it.
  • It is improbable to have unique logos for similar running businesses.
  • Also you cannot go back and edit the logos which you already purchased.


Tailor Brands is a remarkable tool that allows you to develop a logo for your brand is a unique manner. It has fastened the process for marketing and branding by creating logos in a couple of minutes. It has eased the process of designing and business building at an affordable package.

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