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Etsy Alternatives: 10 Best Websites like Etsy to Sell Handmade Crafts

Arts and crafts are now not just for your own joy. You call earn some money doing your favorite activity as there are many websites that let you post and sell your handmade products directly to customers. People with an eye for beauty and uniqueness can buy them on a reasonable price, which makes it a fair deal for both sellers and buyers.

Etsy is possibly the most well-known online business for selling crafts and other artistic items. It was set up in 2015 as a Brooklyn-based powerhouse that sells handmade products to people all over the country. All your artistic skills can be put to use through this website. But if you have already tried to sell on Etsy and need alternatives, we have some options for you.

Here’s The list of Ten Best sites like Etsy that let you buy and sell handmade Crafts (Products):

ArtFire Art Fire

ArtFire is a premier online marketplace for all products unique and handmade. It is the perfect destination to buy and sell handmade gifts and items. The products available here are unique and made by independent artists, small businesses and craft makers from all around the world. Established in 2011, the website has quickly become famous among craft enthusiasts for its reasonable listing and buying price.

Their marketing channels are also great as they use Facebook kiosk, Rapid Cart and coupons. You will get everything from dresses, jewelry, toys, and many more categories of items. You can also post a “wanted” ad if there is anything specific you want to get made. The listing fee on this website is as less as 23 cents per item, with a flexible subscription fee. If you are looking to stock up on handmade stuff, this is a great place to shop.

Amazon Handmade Amazon Handmade 

Amazon Handmade is the artisans-only service of the giant e-commerce brand, Amazon.com. Needless to say, it is the biggest destination to gain visibility on your products and get more customers across the globe. Amazon Handmade offers artisans and craftsmen a chance to join their community and sell their products directly to customers.

People from over 80 countries are listed as sellers on this platform, where they gain a whole lot of profit by selling their unique goods. What is even better about this service is that it is free to join. You can create your shop with a unique URL through this website, which is free for listing products. Amazon Handmade deducts 15% of your earnings when you make a sale, which is fair enough since you do not have to pay anything beforehand.

Zazzle Zazzle 

Zazzle is slightly different from websites like Etsy and ArtFire. Here, you don’t actually have to create the products. You can concentrate entirely on the design and final look of the product. Just decide on the design, upload it and figure out which items can be made from that. If you designs sell, you get royalties for profit. Not a bad business plan, huh?

This is perfect for people who are full of ideas but do not have the time or resources to actually make the products. So, you will get money even without worrying about manufacturing and shipping. Fabric items are most popular on this platform, rather than massive handmade objects. So, check out this unique website for some quirky ideas and products.

iCraft Gifts iCraft Gifts 

iCraft is a purely craft based online market based out of Ontario, Canada. It lets craftsmen set up their own store and use marketing services to advertise and sell their items. After registering here, you will have access to their community blog, message boards, and related events. It can be used after paying a nominal subscription but does not require any listing fee. However, they review the products before showing it on their website.

Only handmade crafts, artistic items and fashion materials are sold here. They have a strict no-admission policy for vintage and used products, along with food items. The site is best for small businesses or craft makers who want to connect with genuine customers and find takers for their products. Only original and unique products can be bought and sold here.

Not Mass Produced

Not Mass Produced is an online market for all things local and artistic. People who make and sell handmade products can set up their own store on this website. The prices will also be decided by the sellers. The website only takes care of the marketing aspect and makes sure that the products reach customers who might be interested in these items. They mostly serve customers from the UK and other European countries.

Their flagship site, Tastia, offers much more and they also sell food for local restaurants, wholesale purchasers and retail buyers. Here, you can manage the listing, pricing and shipping, while the company markets your product. The revenue you get will be directly from the website and not from individual customers. This exclusive site lets people participate by invitation only, so the quality is top notch and completely reliable.

Aftcra Aftcra 

Aftcra is a purely American handmade products market that sells crafty products from local artists living in the US. They sell these products to people across the world to support local talents. Each product found here is unique and made with a lot of love and effort. Aftcra takes care of the marketing and handles the sales part of the otherwise homely business of selling handmade products.

Founded in Milwaukee in the year 2012, it has now become famous for providing unique products in categories like clothes, jewelry, paper goods, arts and crafts, home furnishings, etc. They only sell local handmade products from US residents and do not charge any listing fees from the sellers. The only applicable charge is while the transaction takes place. They also have an active customer service and believe in keeping the buyers happy and contented.

Cargoh Cargoh 

Cargoh is a huge online marketplace that became popular while still in its beta stage. It lets creative people set up independent businesses and earn profit by selling their handmade products to customers from around the world. Emerging designers and people running family businesses can get a lot of leverage from this site, which only charges 3.5% commission on each sale.

Cargoh has set up its offices in two places: Vancouver BC, Canada and Washington DC, USA. It sells a wide range of products, some of which are bath and beauty products, accessories, arts and crafts, bags and purses, clothing, household items, jewelry, pet products, toys, paper goods, tees, wedding trinkets, graphic print goods, and many more.

Uncommon Goods Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods was launched in 1999 by Dave Bolotsky as a seller of recycled or handmade houseware. Now it has emerged as a big online marketplace for crafted and handmade goods. It has its current office in Brooklyn, New York. This is a “closed” and exclusive platform where you have to gain entry by passing a thorough admission process to check the quality and standard of the product you are selling. The suggested retail and wholesale prices are also required to be submitted in advance.

The buyers will then vote for the products and based on that, your listing will be approved. Their geek-chic collection is to die for, and the lengthy quality check ensures buyers seldom get disappointed by what they buy here. Starting out as a curator website based in Dave’s apartment, the company has grown into its own and now has a loyal follower base who love their unique collection and wide range of products.

Artful Home Artful Home 

Artful Home is an exquisite market of handicrafts made by USA designers and craftsmen. It serves customers in the States and Canada. You will get a variety of products here, from home and décor items to apparel and accessories. Their jewelry collection is also unique. This site offers more variety of products than most other such websites, making it a tough competitor of Etsy.

From fine art to handmade crafts, get anything and everything to decorate your home here. Over 20,000 pieces are in their collection, which you will not find anywhere else. They also sell clothes and shoes from local American talents, with select collection from international designers as well. Launched in 1985, it is one of the oldest online crafts market and has a great record of customer satisfaction. Check out their collection and beautify your home and yourself.

Ruby Lane Ruby Lane 

Ruby Lane is much more than a site for buying and selling crafts and handmade products. It is also a marketplace for all vintage and antique items that might turn out to be priceless for you. Here, people can sell valuable old products or things that they have made themselves. All you have to do is register on this website, pay a set-up fee and you are all set to sell your goods. They also charge monthly maintenance to keep your products in the range of visibility for customers.

The Ruby Lane website has attractive products in many categories. Some of the beautiful things on offer include Victorian artifacts, antique jewelry, furniture, dolls, silver items, porcelain and pottery, handmade crafts, art and sculpture, etc. You can buy paintings, collectibles, art pieces and vintage houseware here as well. They have a section for the day’s arrivals, new shops, featured items and other categories to help buyers search for their required objects easily. You will also get items for interior decoration and things to set up your spring garden on this website.

All these and many more websites sell beautiful and unique handmade products from people all over the world. They can give a tough competition to Etsy and offer more variety and options to the buyers. Some of the other websites that cater to this market are Lilyshop, ArtYah, Yokaboo, Handmade Catalog, Folksy, etc. You can check out all these places before deciding which craft or decorative object you want to add to your collection.

If you are a seller, you will find that there are several more platforms to list your products, ensuring that you get proper exposure and adequate profits for your hard work. Do not forget to explore the world of online arts and crafts, and let us know which site you liked the best.

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