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Lessonly Review: Good Learning Management System of 2021?

Lessonly Review

This article on Lessonly Review covers the features, tools, pros, and cons of the popular learning management platform. The platform, called game-changing by several organizations that have used it or are using it in the present, is one of the most opted for by businesses today.

It is great to have fresh young talent joining the company, or even experienced professionals bringing in tons of new skillsets with them. Yet, many companies refrain from replacing their old, seasoned employees with new ones for several reasons.

One, and by far the most reasonable, is that employees who have remained associated with a company for long have already grown accustomed to its ways and practices, goals and targets, clients and vendors, and so on. Yet, one cannot deny that skills are equally important, especially new, lesser-known ones.

With the world becoming increasingly competitive, it thus becomes important for workers to keep upgrading their skills and learnings. A better idea would be to help employees garner skills while they are engaged with your company. Investing in your employees can assure high returns, profitable engagements and better customer relationships.

These days, with the advent of several interesting LMS platforms, this task has become pretty easier. Lessonly happens to be one such brilliant platform, where both individuals and teams can get together to learn several skills, new courses, and multiple pieces of training.

What is Lessonly?

about lessonly

Lessonly is a powerful yet simple learning management system (LMS) that has earned global recognition for its efficient performance across platforms. The software is a great choice for anyone looking to organize their team’s learning, practicing, and working efforts. Such is the reach of Lessonly that it sees users of 3 million people worldwide. This includes some of the biggest companies in multiple genres, such as U.S. Cellular, Zendesk, Trunk Club, and Ibotta.

Lessonly’s powerful and robust tools allow one to carefully curate content that is compatible across a range of devices, from mobile phones to laptops and so on. At the same time, the extent of customization possible also allows sufficient room for teams to modify platforms as per their wishes. The flexible interface, intuitive functions, and simple tools allow one to use the platform seamlessly for an array of functions.

Lessonly: Features

Lessonly, the globally acknowledged LMS platform, offers an array of services and features. The software can be used to Build, Learn and Track a host of tasks for teams to coordinate across. The number of features Lessonly provides under each of these sub-heads are vast and varied.

Building Tools

With Lessonly, one can go for unlimited content creation when it comes to lesson-building for teams. Not just the course content, Lessonly can also be used effectively for creating and managing assignments on the go. The simple yet highly-required tool of drag and drop allows you to build lessons with ease from pre-created documents or files on your device.

Some of the most interesting lesson-building features the platform provides are:

  • Course Creation: starting from scratch to creating fully-functional, engaging courses
  • Built-in Course Authoring:
  • Collaborative lesson building: enables multiple individuals to curate a lesson through a collaborative process
  • Mobile configuration: helps make more responsive lessons so that team members can use them across devices
  • Content Widgets: for different styles, layouts, inputs
  • White Labelling

Learning Tools

The primary aim of Lessonly is to provide efficient learning management services to its users. Therefore, it goes without saying that the platform aces in terms of learning tools and services. This is the prime reason more and more companies globally are resorting to the platform for helping their employees engage in meaningful skilling, learning and growth.

Some of the most useful features Lessonly provides for learning and team-involvement are:

  • Lessons and Course Assignments: to help curate multiple courses and their assignments for teams
  • Learner self-registration: so that your team members can help themselves access the platform and its courses
  • Notifications and Reminders: to keep reminding team members of any upcoming schedule
  • User and Assignment API: for easier access and a more interactive interface
  • Learner’s Portal: for everything a learner needs, including self-learning tools
  • Mobile Learning: for more responsive features across devices

Tracking Tools

Besides creating lessons and engaging with them, Lessonly also comes in handy for tracking the courses and progress. With the help of the platform, administrators can record lesson progresses, assignment results, and learning outcome reports for future reference. Besides, it helps companies keep track of their employees’ overall progress, as well as performances relative to others in a team or over time. The array of tools provided by the platform ensures all-round tracking and timely monitoring. Some of these are as follows:

  • Gradebook: an interesting feature that allows full-view of all learning data at a single place
  • Progress Reports: for timely evaluation and monitoring of real-time performances and progress of learners
  • Certification Management: to help reward learners on basis of their course completion
  • Collaborative data-sharing: helps learners and administrators share progress, reports, and other data

Lessonly Review: Pricing

lessonly pricing

Lessonly no longer shares its pricing standards although it earlier used to. Based on public information, it can be surmised that the pricing plans for Lessonly are based on the pay-per-learner system, which is a norm among several LMS platforms. The platform also offers four different types of subscription plans, ranging across different budgets and company requirements.

Lessonly Review: Pros

Lessonly is an interesting and highly relevant platform for companies today. Its features and tools are worth exploring, especially for self-learners in companies looking to expand their skillsets. The interface of Lessonly is not just simple and effective but also intuitive. It seems to pay great focus to customization and user experience. Course and report creation is fairly simple, thanks to the many tools available for the purpose. It is also very easy to streamline training and knowledge databases with Lessonly’s powerful and robust data-sharing features. At the same time, the activities and progress are highly traceable, making monitoring an easy task.

Lessonly Review: Cons

Although Lessonly is a great LMS platform, it comes with its own set of shortcomings. The quizzes on the platform cannot be retaken unless the learner has failed in them. This leaves no room for up-gradation and improvement in terms of assessing performance. Besides, some users have complained of rigid collaborations with Salesforce, which happens to be much sought-after by companies today. However, Lessonly recognizes these areas of improvement. It is constantly striving to deliver better and better by the day.

Who should use Lessonly?

Who should use Lessonly

Lessonly is the perfect platform for any customer service team or an organization looking for growth and development. It is great if a company wants to make its employees acquainted not just with new skills but also with their policies, guidelines, and procedures.

In short, Lessonly is perfect for both knowledge and orientation purposes, that is learning and training. In these times, when online learning and meetings have become the new normal, Lessonly comes across as a powerful and robust platform for all.

Lessonly is also the perfect middle ground when it comes to learning management systems. It is not overpriced, yet very promising in terms of features and tools. It is perfectly suited for both small (less than 50 members) to large (above, say, 200) teams, thanks to its self-learning portals and great monitoring tools. Also, the platform offers engaging support services, available round the clock. This makes Lessonly a great choice for all companies looking to roll out efficient training programs with the least hassle.

We hope this Lessonly review came in handy for you and your team. The popular platform is widely lauded for its simplicity and flexibility. Let us know if you have any experience dealing with Lessonly or other Learning Management Software, and how they fared.

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