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How You Can Learn How to Day Trade?

How You Can Learn How to Day Trade

Are you eager to learn how to day trade stocks but don’t know where to begin? You are not alone. There are plenty who want to make a full-time living as cash-out at the closing bell traders, meaning they never carry a position after the end of the day. Of course, the huge upside to the method is that you never lose sleep wondering what will happen at the next day’s open. The tough part is getting through each day with your sanity and account intact.

So, how do get started? The good news is that there are numerous avenues to learn the craft, some of which cost nothing and others that will set you back the price of a modest membership fee. Here are some of the most effective journeys from where you are to full-time day-trading.


It sounds old-fashioned in this age of cyber schools and online everything, but books are a reliable way to learn how to survive in the rough and tumble world of single-session investing. This self-taught process takes time, and it helps a lot if you have a tutor, mentor, or advisor who can set up a study plan that makes sense. Eventually, no matter how great the textbooks are, you will need to dive in and actually start buying and selling.

All-In-One Websites

If you prefer to take a more modern approach to your solo education, check out one of the many package-deal websites that are set up to teach the A-to-Z lessons of the art. The social forums that specialize in financial topics are a good place to start collecting information. For instance, the WarriorTrading review on Stocktwits delves into all the details about one of the larger, comprehensive sites that is specially designed to train people to day trade, no matter what their background.


If you’re willing to pay tuition for the privilege of a tailor-made set of lessons from an expert, consider hiring a mentor. Check the financial ad boards and you’ll find plenty of postings. Be careful to choose someone who works with your particular level of experience. Some of the best mentors only take students who are brand-new while others specialize in those who have already been at the game for a few years. If you opt for the mentor route, spend time checking credentials and ask for at least two references. Even better, ask your broker if they have an in-house list of mentors that you can view.


Wherever you do your securities, chances are you have access to a simulator. For some, this is the perfect way to learn how to make rapid-fire transactions based on reliable information and then exit at just the right time. Simulators also called trading-bots and paper trader trainers, let you start out with a fictitious account balance of your choosing. From there, you try to beat the market return or outdo your own goals as time goes by. And, even though the money is fake, the action is not. On the bots, you’ll be entering and exiting positions based on real-world, real-time price action.

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