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How To Make Your Walls More Alluring With Wallpics Photo App


Wallpics have become incredibly popular and understandably so because of their captivating looks and features that make them easy to use and move around. This brand presents high quality standards in creating customized photo tiles. Their picture tiles are beautiful pieces of contemporary décor.

Download the phone app on Apple iTunes or Google Play Store and it will enable you to upload the pictures that you want to get converted into photo boards. There is no need to get them printed or go through a myriad of photo frames to pick the one that best suits your wall color and interior décor. You can place the order for Wallpics with just a few finger taps, that is how easy the entire process is.

Despite there being an abundance of wall décor items being sold in the home décor stores, more and more people are decorating their walls with these stickable picture tiles. There are various reasons why Wallpics have been everyone’s true favorite wall décor item.

These photo boards are economical and do not cost as much as other wall décor items. For just $49 you can get a set of three Wallpics delivered to the doorstep. This rate may change as Wallpics runs occasional offers on their products. This is the standard rate for 3 Wallpics, but if you need to place an order for 150 Wallpics or more, then you may be entitled to a discount. It is best to get in touch with the support team for placing a bulk order for 150 Wallpics or more.

In order to get clear pictures, it is incredibly crucial to select the pics that have optimum pixels. Furthermore, they are renowned for their ease of use, which just involves removing the cover from the stick pads behind the boards and sticking them on the wall. Plus, they offer free shipping all over the USA, but, international customers may be required to pay a certain sum of money.

Now that you know about these stickable photo tiles, let us discuss the many ways in which Wallpics can help you make your walls more alluring that can breathe in life to every corner of the house and make your living space look exclusively and uniquely yours.

Brings Stories to Life Stroies Wall

Everyone goes through a number of phases in their lives and experience different emotions during these phases. And, the only way to revisit these phases is by viewing the pictures that captured those times.

That’s correct. Photographs display stories that are worth revisiting over and over again. Filing your walls with photographs is one of the best ways to decorate the walls. And, this is where Wallpics come in handy as they can bring stories to life like nothing else can. The presence of photo tiles showcasing the best stories of your life can make your house look appealing and cozy.

Gives a Special Place to your Memories Memories wall

Do you want your house to have a special place for your memories? If so, then Wallpics can do just that for you. These stickable picture tiles exhibit the best parts of your past in the best way possible. To create an artistic gallery wall, you can fill up an entire wall with Wallpics. Put the best pictures of your family to showcase your own unique wall décor.

By doing that you will be able to give a special place to your memories. Display your memorable moments all over the house to customize the space. Visit the official Wallpics website to see some inspiring examples of the interiors decorated with photo tiles. https://www.wallpics.com/

Personalized Bare Walls bare wall

The one thing that makes Wallpics outshine other wall décor items is its ability to personalize bare walls. Personal pictures mounted on an 8’’x8’’ sheen finish board can make the entire wall and the interior space look completely yours.

They reflect one’s’ personal style and makes the interior design exclusive and distinct. Moreover, these boards are equal parts stylish and contemporary. Their presence on otherwise bare walls can create warmth in the room. If you want to see how it works, visit our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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Makes the Home Décor Look Custom Made 

The one thing about Wallpics is that they can make your home’s decoration look custom-made. These inexpensive photo tiles feature an elegant sheen finish that makes the entire interior space look incredible. Wall paintings can surely decorate the house, but they are generic decorative items, if you want your walls to stand out and look fabulous then Wallpics is the right choice for you.

Whether your house is furnished with wooden or metal items, Wallpics showcasing happy moments from the past can customize the living space in an instant. These magnificent wall decorative items add a touch of customization to every corner of the house.

Enhances the Style Appeal of the Home Décor enhance wall decor

Wallpics can create majestic art on the wall that not just makes the whole space look bright and lively but also adds style and character to the home décor. You can put up Wallpics at any part of the house and they will undeniably add elegance to the interior space.

These square photo tiles are a great addition to the home décor. They can single-handedly instantly and effortlessly raise the elegance quotient of the entire house. They complement any type of home décor and can easily stick on any type of wall. Even when you move them from one wall to another they do not leave any mark behind.

Need more creative examples? Let’s see how the stars use Wallpics to decorate their homes:


Painting your walls with a vibrant color can surely make them look appealing but for an alluring impact, you should try to decorate them with Wallpics. As walls adorned with Wallpics can lift up the mood of the ambience and make the walls look alluring and captivating whilst adding a touch of personal style to the home décor.

Easy to stick and unstick, these boards are known to last for years. The boards feature four 1’’x1’’ sticky pads on the back that are made with superior-quality materials. However, if for any reasons their stick pads lose their stickiness then you can get in touch with their customer support team for a replacement which does not cost a thing.

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