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SlideModel Review: 20000+ Ready-made PowerPoint Templates


Are you bored with the in-built templates that Microsoft provides you? Does your PowerPoint presentation twins up with those of your rivalries in terms of design? Want to impress your boss with that projected PowerPoint depicting your ideas? We have a solution to your issues.

Suppose you have prepared a fully convincing speech to present your idea in Infront of your seniors but imagine it being rejected just because the presentation couldn’t match the level of your speech. While dealing with those MNC’s, or the clients or a simple college presentation, it is mandatory for you to keep a check on those slide transitions, color combinations and the highlights of facts and figures. Else you might land in the spot of those people who have the talent and opportunity but fail to grasp the golden chance.

SlideModel is a powerful weapon that gives you artistic tools to uplift your presentation skills and grab that rare chance. It is a one-stop shop for accessing all those irresistible PowerPoint templates which have been designed by experts to help you with that basic structural work and gives it a professional touch.

About SlideModel

SlideModel guarantees you instant access to attractive templates that just need to be downloaded. They are aware of the old obsolete designs, thus give a frequent update to their designs keeping in mind the latest trend and market needs.

They have those simple yet effective slides that the user can modify according to is needs to carve a permanent impression on the viewer. They believe in “Easy to use, easy to edit” mantra and do not force you to compromise quality.

Features provided by SlideModel

SlideModel has contributed a lot of innovation to satisfy users of diffindustries, be it a businessman, workman or simply a student.

They have it all from convincing someone with your idea or presenting your work to your juniors, they are there to help you with editable slides to give your presentation that designer touch. Here is a glimpse of the features it offers to subscribers.

  • Tempting PowerPoint Templates Tempting PowerPoint Templates

SlideModel is something that will not disappoint when it comes to templates. Those appealing templates are fascinating to work with. They are primarily designed to support several business and training sessions.

They are sure to meet all your requirements and make that task a presentable log before the deadline.

  • PowerPoint Diagrams power point diagrams

Honestly, this one is the most cumbersome yet the most effective part of a presentation. The more difficult it is its detailing, the easier is its presentation. But why worry? SlideModel is here at your service.

With extreme precision and details, it helps you formulate those diagrams, pie charts graphs, and all those statistical figures which give your presentation that professional look.

  • PowerPoint Shapes power point shapes

More than those written texts, it’s those shapes that attract the attention of the viewer. SlideModel provides you with a series of shapes to choose from for adding that extra lift to your presentation.

  • PowerPoint Backgrounds power point backgrounds

Choosing a background can be really confusing, especially when it comes to a business meeting. The background should be such that it does not overpower your content. It needs to be classy yet readable at the same time. Keeping all the points in mind, SlideModel provides you trendy background styles which makes your work looks more appealing and promising.


Here are some of the reasons why we would like to recommend this to our readers.

  • It makes the editing process easy and fast which gives you a boost to complete your project before the deadline.
  • The templates, diagrams, and slides can be customized including the size and color according to the requirements of the user.
  • You don’t need extra software for editing the templates. They are compatible with all software like PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote or OpenOffice.
  • The templates can be checked before buying. You need not pay to take a look at the templates. You can freely roam about the section finding the product you desire before spending your hard-earned money on a specific thing. You can also visit their Free PowerPoint Templates section and test some free templates designed with the same principles and practices as the premium gallery.


Talking about the Cons, there is no such feature that might regret you for choosing this. However, the choice is rather a subjective topic. You might entirely love a template but at the same time, someone sitting beside you might find it extremely obsolete.

So, choose wisely. While buying, do run through all the available options that might attract the attention of the viewers.

Plans offered by SlideModel Plans offered by SlideModel

In order to satisfy people of all sectors, they provide an extremely versatile approach of pricing which doesn’t seem heavy on the pocket at all. The access is guaranteed as follows:

1 Day Access

This gives you a full day to browse and download up to five templates on that specific day.

3-Month Access

You need to pay for it quarterly and gain access to 100 downloads per month.

Annual Access

This is most widely used by businessmen where they are permitted 200 downloads a month with a maximum of 50 downloads per day. It also provides priority support.

Unlimited Access

This is billed yearly and not only grants you unlimited downloads but gives the provision to 10 employees as well for them to use the services and collaborate.


SlideModel provides plans for different presentation needs. But still, if you are sceptical about choosing the templates, they have a solution for that too. They serve you with some free templates on their site to make you familiar with their products. So, go give it a try. It is worth that money and time.

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