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5 Reasons Why Your Furnace is Not Igniting

Why Your Furnace is Not Igniting

HVAC is a booming industry that is counted in essential services. Manufacturers are coming up with new technology to make it more user friendly so that they can stay at the top of their business.

Action Furnace experts suggest that some new trends are going to hit the HVAC industry that users should be looking for if they are going to invest in an HVAC system. One such system is the furnace that often breaks down at the wrong time.

That is one of the main reasons that you should never neglect regular furnace maintenance. Here are the five most common reasons suggested by explaining why your furnace is not igniting. It is best to remember that you will be able to fix a few, while for others, you will require a qualified technician.

  1. Issues with the Thermostat

While this is common sense, many homeowners usually overlook the thermostat. Ensure it is set to heat and temperature in your home is colder than the temperature set on the thermostat.

If the furnace still does not ignite, switch on the fan to force the furnace to come on and begin blowing hot air. If the furnace still does not ignite, check the thermostat to see if it is displaying an error code. Most programmable thermostats exhibit error codes when there is an issue. Deciphering the code may allow you to figure out why the furnace is not igniting.

In case you cannot figure out the problem with the furnace, it is best to call a technician to check it out.

  1. Gas Supply Issues

If the furnace is not getting gas, it will not ignite. So, check to see if the gas is turned on. In case you cannot figure out the gas valve, check other gas-fired appliances in your home. They should turn on if the gas supply is uninterrupted. If the other appliances come on, then the supply to the furnace must be turned off due to some hindrance. To get the furnace to ignite, you would have to turn the gas back on. Once the furnace has the fuel it needs to ignite, it will begin working.

  1. Issues with the Furnace

Sometimes, the problem may not be with the thermostat or gas supply, but with the furnace. It is quite possible that someone in your family accidentally switched off the furnace. So, make sure it is turned on. Also, it would be foolhardy to check the gas supply to the furnace if it requires electricity to work. If this is the case, ensure that the power switch is turned on.

Furnaces that use electricity can also cause a breaker to trip. Check the breaker, and if it has tripped, turn it on. In case the breaker keeps tripping, you should immediately call a professional to find out the cause of the tripping.

  1. Problems with the Filter

Clogged filters can also prevent the furnace from functioning. This usually happens if you do not regularly change the filters. Not only will the filters get clogged, but also the registers and vents. Ensure that the filter is clean and no furniture is placed in front of the vents and registers.

Remember, if you are not savvy enough to change or clean the filter yourself, get in touch with a professional who will do it for you in a quick time.

  1. Ignition Sensor Issue

It is prudent to remember that if there is an issue with the pilot light or the ignition sensor, the furnace will not fire up. Usually, you will be able to figure out whether there is a problem by the clicking sounds that the furnace makes without actually firing up.

In case the ignition is dirty, clean it. Turn of the gas supply to the furnace. After that, remove the front panel to reveal the ignition sensor. Usually, the sensor is positioned close to the burners. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the sensor and clean it using a rag. Be gentle as it can get damaged easily. Replace the sensor, replace the front panel, and turn on the gas supply. Ensure the pilot light is lit and crank up the thermostat. It should fire up the furnace.

Remember, it will take a few minutes for the furnace to start working as the thermocouple first has to get hot. In case the furnace does not fire up, get in touch with a technician, who is well-versed in repairing and fixing malfunctioning furnaces.

In case you have tried all the DIY solutions to ignite the furnace, and nothing works. There could be an electrical or mechanical problem with the furnace that is preventing it from igniting. It is advisable to use the services of a certified and experienced technician to diagnose and repair the furnace.

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