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Oneplus 5T Reviews : Price, Features, Pros, Cons & Specifications

Oneplus 5t

In this golden age of smartphones where almost everyone seems to own a smartphone, OnePlus came in with a bang, challenging giant Samsung and releasing in a style never before seen. By sending referral codes to only a few, the initial OnePluses were a rare and exquisite collectible.

Over time they have released the subsequent models each bettering the previous and always managing to compete on equal terms with the smartphone giants. Now the 7th child of the OnePlus series has hit the shelves and it’s not hard to guess why people are going gaga over it.

The OnePlus 5T, a slight jump over the OnePlus 5 released just days before and a giant leap from the initial still hip OnePlus 3 and 3T brings to the table a variety of features some so big that a user will definitely ask himself “So much for so less?”

Promised features

Full Optic AMOLED – 18:9 Display

Oneplus 5T


A better screen’s promise is always one hard to keep, yet if provided a huge success builder. Increasing the aspect ratio can down-size the power handling capabilities of the device, or can it?

Snapdragon™835 – Qualcomm®

The snapdragon 835 is a tiny 10nm chip which is built to provide highly efficient and fast working. It is said to be 35% smaller and use 25% less power than its previous models. What effect will such a change have in the main framework of OnePlus 5T?

16+20 MP – Dual Camera

One plus 5TSource Image:Cnet

Photography, a growing need of the times requires not only a good crystal clear screen to present but a featureful camera as well. Boasting of two cameras both in the front and rear, the 5T seems to be aiming to set a new threshold in the industry. But will it match the iPhone’s similar level competition?

Up to 8GB RAM – 128GB Storage

Storage is an important aspect as well of any phone, and a 128GB storage not to mention a decent RAM combination is a hard wager. Will the need for an external memory slot be necessity for this one?


  • Display wise the OnePlus 5T has upped its specifications compared to its predecessor, the OnePlus 5. This is one of the areas in which special attention has been given because the OnePlus 5T has grown into a 6-inch handheld phone making a drastic difference in the look aspect from its 5.5-inch predecessor. Its aspect ratio also features an 18:9 ratio rivaling the Samsung S8 and iPhone X. But this change does bring with it the usual worries of a regular large hand-held phone mainly because by shrinking the bezels above and below the display and by moving the fingerprint-scanner to the back, OnePlus manages to garner to its user’s comforts, which brings us to the next new feature of the flagship model.
  • Face Recognition. With the memes and trolls surrounding the feature after its introduction into the iPhone X, with a view to improve in the future, this feature is also a new security lock in the 5T model. Admittedly the feature is revolutionary step forward for the company and for future models, but as of now the face recognition system is not at par with the iPhone X’s similarly named option. Darkness tends to delude the apps working and is therefore just a beautiful seed yet to blossom in terms of OnePlus features.
  • Over night charging has always been the devil to smartphones, slowly eating away at the batteries and reducing its charge holding capacity. With an average 3300mAh battery, the 5T implements a Dash Charge system which will fully replenish the cell comparatively very fast. Even with a bgger screen size and hence more charge pull requied, on an average with regular use including internet and social media browsing and calls, the full charged OnePlus 5T discharges only to about close to 30% within a day. Playing games or using high charge draining apps while charging does not affect the charging speed, another advantage of the Dash Charge system.
  • With the portrait mode being the rage all-over the world with iPhones DSLR quality photos with the mode, this OnePlus 5T model also boasts a rear and front camera setup of 16+20MP and 20MP respectively. With 2 front cameras and back cameras, the promise of better pictures has been met with the low light working of the rear camera showing a drastic improvement. The telephoto lens which was present in the OnePlus 5 has also been removed. The primary rear camera is 16MP, including an IMX 398 sensor whereas the secondary rear camera is 20MP with an IMX 376K sensor.
  • The design and covering are similar to the OnePlus 5 with a sleek metallic look customary to the OnePlus family.
  • With the portrait modes added likability, there is an issue of the pictures coming out looking a bit artificial. The boundaries of the main object tend to not be as distinct as with the iPhones boasting of similar modes. The blurring does, in basic terms seem abnormal.
  • Customary to the new trends, the OnePlus 5T lacks an SD slot, which is a bother for those willing to expand their memory capacity. But with availability of both 64 and 128 GB models, the need for more memory is cut short drastically.

Sample Images and Videos


Customer Reviews

This phone is one of the best available in the Indian Market

“This phone is one of the best available in the Indian Market. You get a protective scratch guard and a silicon back case with it. I have already ordered a sturdy case and a tempered glass for this, since the scratch guard will only protect it from scratches. No headphones provided. Dash Charger is a beast and fully charges your phone in an hour. Battery lasts me an entire day.

The phone does not heat up while charging. Photo quality is excellent. Being a blogger, I always need good quality photographs for my blog. Loving the time lapse option for videos. However, the zoom quality is not upto the mark. Display is mind blowing. Face recognition technology is superb! I would say, for people having ₹30,000/- as your budget, go for it. 64GB RAM and processor speed makes the experience smooth”


(bought from Amazon)

64 GB – Midnight Black

One plus 5T is the best return for money

“I was an iPhone user and those who are would know how difficult it is to switch to different brand. But comparing the specs and prices, one plus 5T is the best return for money. I went for the latest Lava Red one and it turned out great. Things I loved bezel less 6-inch screen, I thought it would be bulky coming from smaller size phone, but bezel less does the trick.

And if you are iPhone user and worried how would you transfer data, there is simple option to back up your data like pics, contacts on Google drive and can get it on your new one plus 5T easily.

Things I liked:

1. The face unlock works wonderfully which I was not expecting would work so well.
2. Slimness of the phone
3. Oxy OS on top of Android
4. There lot many features which you will adore

So if are doubtful like me and been reviewing many phones to purchase from this is right choice, go for it.”


(bought from Amazon)

128 GB – Lava


Unlike the initial models of the OnePlus family, the OnePlus 5T can be bought from many online markets such as Amazonnot to mention the OnePlus store. The cost allotment as of 24/02/2018 is given below

Merchant site


6 GB RAM + 64GB / 8GB RAM + 128GB

OnePlus $499.00 $559.00
Amazon ₹ 32,999 ₹ 37,999

As can be seen the rates of the OnePlus 5T are very affordable if we take into aspect the huge variety of features available. The box also contains (on purchasing for this price,

  • Screen Protector (pre-applied)
  • Translucent Case
  • Dash Type-C Cable
  • Dash Power Adapter
  • SIM Tray Ejector
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Information

But having a phone also means keeping it safe, after all, “With Great Power comes Great Responsibilities “. Cases for the OnePlus 5T have reached more markets than the phone itself with categories ranging from armor cases for pure protection and designer cases for the classy part of society.


It all comes down to this. What does the phone offer? What is its price? Is it worth it? Th OnePlus 5T with this huge array of features and specifications and the affordable prize at which it is available will definitely be a good option the next time your mind is open to the suggestion of buying a new phone. With the 5T, OnePlus has again given the reigning rulers of the smartphone market a run for their money.

Other phones to look out for are the Xiaomi Mi A1, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and the Pixel 2XL.

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