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Locklizard Review: Easily Protect Documents from Piracy & Leakage

Locklizard Review

It is very important to secure your digital documents from online theft, copying, data leakages and frauds. All your classified documents and trade secrets must be protected against theft and leakages, and for that purpose, there are several document security applications and online tools available.

Locklizard is one of the most popular tools for securing documents.

What’s Locklizard?

Locklizard is Document Rights Management (DRM) security software that protects your Intellectual Property (documents, training courses, reports, ebooks, etc.) against theft and piracy.

Locklizard specializes in document security that stops document piracy and data leakage.  Using DRM controls it provides copy protection for PDF files which safeguards your intellectual property from unauthorized access and also prevents authorized users from misusing it.

The security encryption frameworks used by Locklizard are approved by the US government and additionally it uses a licensing system to control users and devices and DRM controls to control document use.  It therefore provides superior protection to Adobe Password protection and secure data room / deal room solutions, since it doesn’t use insecure passwords, JavaScript, or plugins.  Also, you do not have to worry about key management (distributing and managing passwords) as the system handles key authorization and distribution automatically.  And lastly, documents are protected locally on your computer so you don’t have to upload unprotected files to a cloud server where they could be compromised.

Features of Locklizard Features of Locklizard

Locklizard has a large number of security features as it offers different kinds of document protection products as well as add-on services.

DRM Security Products

Locklizard has two types of DRM copy protection software for documents, files, ebooks, etc. which are-Safeguard PDF Security, and Enterprise PDF DRM.

Safeguard PDF Security Software

Safeguard PDF Security Software

This software provides PDF document protection with PDF DRM controls by managing the access to and use of your PDF documents.

  • Using this tool you can prevent copying, modification, printing (or also limit the number of prints allowed), and screen shots of your documents and stop indiscriminate sharing and distribution of your PDF files across the Internet. It also controls what users can do with documents, and for how long they can be used for i.e. PDF expiry control.
  • You can revoke access to secure PDF documents at any time, irrespective of where they are stored or who they are sent to. It administers the security policy on the documents governing their use, and enables you to dynamically change access – even after documents have been distributed.
  • It has a dynamic document watermarking feature, providing additional PDF protection so that even if photocopies are made of printed copies of your PDF, or users take photographs of the screen, your Intellectual Property remains secure. The dynamic watermark feature shows user information on the document when it is viewed and/or printed so you can readily identify who the source was if photocopies or photos are made.
  • It is very simple to use, can be quickly implemented, and is completely flexible according to your needs. It offers total PDF DRM protection for your documents using a multi-layered protection mechanism that does not rely on passwords, because password-protecting PDF documents are not secure since passwords can be shared with others.

Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM

Safeguard Enterprise PDF Security is PDF DRM software which provides enterprise rights management for PDF Files for large publishers and corporate enterprises.

Besides having all the security features of the previously mentioned Safeguard PDF Security Software, it has many more additional features – extra security for safeguarding PDF documents, document logging, delegating administrator access i.e. sub-administrator feature, IP and country-wise restriction to access, flexible license checking and transfer, customized messages and display options, reports, batch commands, etc., and lets publishers track how their documents are being used.

  • Using this software you can control sub-administrator access, by controlling who can assign document access, protect PDF documents, and administer the system.
  • It allows you to lock user access to country locations i.e. allow or disallow specific country access. You can also lock user access to specific IP addresses or a range of IPs (for instance, you can lock document use to the IP addresses of your office computers to ensure that they can only be viewed from the office).
  • Publishers can use this tool to track and log document use as it lets you log document views/prints and see your top 5 most accessed, printed and viewed documents.
  • It allows you to transfer user licenses from one device to another easily so that if users want to open protected documents on another device you can easily authorize the new device and disallow the old device instantly.

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewers

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewers

Locklizard provides free Secure PDF Viewers which enables users to view protected PDF files (PDC files) on various Operating Systems.

This software comes in two forms- Installed version and Zero Installation version. Users either install the Viewer on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices, or use the zero installation Viewer that can be accessed through a web-browser using any Operating System, or via a USB device.

  • It controls authorized viewing of secure PDF files published in the PDC file format which are protected with Safeguard PDF Security and Enterprise PDF DRM.
  • It is a completely free standalone application that implements the licensed use of secure PDF documents. Document controls are fixed and licensed by the document publisher and cannot be changed by the user or Locklizard.  Copy control measures implement document protection while remaining transparent to the document user.
  • To view protected PDF files, users click on a link to authorized their device with the Locklizard administration system. Once authorized they can then view protected PDF documents just by clicking on them and without having to enter any passwords etc. – the system works out what documents they are allowed to access and securely and transparently downloads the access keys. This process occurs in seconds so the user does not even know it is happening.  For added protection, the access keys will not work if copied to another device.

Safeguard PDF Security product add-ons Safeguard PDF Security product add-ons

Along with document DRM products, Locklizard provides add-on tools and services for better, comprehensive and automated solutions.

Multiple add-ons can be used together for creating a fully automated document protection system. For instance, you can use command line to automatically protect documents, then use the ecommerce API for automatically adding and assigning access rights to new users, and finally give Web Viewer access.

The main add-ons offered are:

  • Safeguard Web Publisher
  • Safeguard PDF Portable
  • E-commerce API- Automate User Account Creation and Access Rights
  • PDF Command Line Encryption- Automate Batch Protection
  • Publisher Own Branding
  • Custom Viewer Registration Email

Plans & Pricing Plans & Pricing

Locklizard provides a 15 day free trial for all of their products and services if you fill in their free evaluation form. The Safeguard PDF Security Software and Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM are paid products while the Safeguard Secure PDF Viewers are free.  You can protect an unlimited number of documents and have an unlimited number of users view them all for the one set price.

There are various combinations of products, add-ons, licenses and hosting and support types available. The minimum plan for Safeguard PDF Security Software is $500 (monthly, payable quarterly) and the minimum plan for Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM is $1000 (monthly, payable quarterly).  You can let Locklizard host the administration system for you or host it on your own servers.  Visit the Locklizard official website to find out how much your product combination costs. If you do not find your combination there, you can ask them for a quote or use the online quote generator.


Locklizard is undoubtedly one of the best document security services available in the market with a variety of document protection productswith comprehensive features. It enables you to securely distribute your documents, whether that be safely sharing documents with third parties, or selling ebooks, training courses or reports.  If used within an organization then it helps enforce document retention policies by ensuring documents are no longer available for use after a certain time period.

If you’re looking for a document DRM security solution for your commercial and confidential documents, Locklizard is a great choice for you.

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