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Irwin Naturals Review: Premium Vitamins, Supplements & CBD

Irwin Naturals Reviews

The Vitamin and Supplements Industry has been exploding with growth over the past few decades; allowing consumers to be spoiled for choice. It seems almost daily that a new brand pops up, claiming to provide the best supplements and vitamins containing this or that nutrient, causing consumers to be confused and overwhelmed. This is where reviews of brands and companies, not just products are important.

Periodically, vitamin and supplement brands tout themselves as being best in class or best value or most effective; with just a few of those companies being able to back that up. One of these established brands, where the proof is in the pudding, is Irwin Naturals. Not only has Irwin Naturals been formulating targeted supplements for over 26 years but the Company is also known to provide some of the highest quality and best value vitamin supplements and CBD products in the business.

Here is an Irwin Naturals review to delve deeper into the brand and their versatile products:

The Brand Story

Irwin Naturals has formulated a wide variety of products since its inception over 26 years ago. Backed the Irwin Naturals mission of wellness and healing with plant-based medicines, their supplements can help you detox, strengthen and revitalize. Irwin Naturals focuses on innovating products that are results oriented.

They have created a line of 100+ products in various categories including hair skin & nails, weight-loss, multivitamins, supplements, detox, libido support, cleanses and CBD from full spectrum hemp extract. In their latest offering, Irwin Naturals is helping to enhance consumers’ perspective on CBD usage and products.

What is unique to Irwin Naturals is their use of an all-liquid soft-gel delivery system that offers superior advantages over hard tablets and capsules that can often be hard to swallow and digest. Additionally, all supplement formulations include BioPerine Complex to enhance nutrient absorption and potency.

Irwin Naturals also focuses on being cost conscious. Value to the consumer is of utmost importance. Their founder, Klee Irwin, decided in the beginning that they would not be pushing large advertising campaigns. Instead, he would rather those funds be put into quality ingredients and lower profit margins so more people could afford Irwin Naturals products.


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Over the past 26 years of the Company’s well-established grass-roots empire, Irwin Naturals has launched over 5 brands. Their FloChi and HydroCanna brands focus on CBD products both CBD ingestibles and CBD skincare respectively.  Love My Pet, the Company’s dog and cat focused brand, aims at delivering the goodness of CBD to your cherished fur babies. Nature’s Secret focuses on whole-body wellness and has some pretty fantastic cleansing products.

The parent brand, Irwin Naturals, caters to all your needs from relief of temporary stress and mood enhancers to formulas that help you sleep better and relax the mind. Not only do the products provide relief to various daily irritating issues, but also provide whole body wellness.


The brand can cover virtually all your needs with strong roster of over 100 products. You could look through an array of their available products to find your perfect fit to help your body and mind. Their immune supporters have especially been popular, given the times. The natural ingredients are the main reason the products are such a hit with people looking for help after a long day of stress and worries. By using soft gels, Irwin Naturals’ supplements are easier to swallow and digest than tablets. They enhance all of their formulations with BioPerine Complex, which helps in increase both the absorption as well as the potency of nutrients in the soft gels.

Their products range from testosterone boosters to sleep aids. You can also use their CBD balms, gels, and oils to sleep better at night or to calm the mind depending on which complex formula you purchase. But before getting to know their best CBD products, let’s take a look at what CBD is.

What is CBD, and how is it safe?

Cannabinoid, a chemical extracted from the hemp plant, is entirely safe and non-addicting. It mimics the natural cannabinoids produced by the body itself and helps maintain a natural internal balance. CBD acts like a lock and key with the endocannabinoid receptors spread throughout the body.  These receptors regulate pain, mood, memory, stress-response, immune function, sleep, appetite amongst other things. The purpose of this system, which is laid out like your nervous system, is to harmonize the innerworkings and communication between all the other systems in your body.

Irwin Naturals’ CBD is sourced from legally grown hemp in the USA and is tested to confirm THC levels are never higher than 0.3%, which is the federal limit. In most instances, Irwin Naturals’ testing results completed by third party laboratories show the levels as even lower. For full transparency, Irwin Naturals even provides the testing results on their website.

Here are a few of their CBD products you should consider:

irwin naturals products

  • CBD Soft Gel 50 mg

One of Irwin Naturals best sellers is CBD Soft Gel – 50 mg. It is made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and nutritious oils such as Flaxseed Oil and MCT Oil. Again, this is in their all-liquid soft gel for easy digestion and swallowing. Each serving provides 50mg of CBD, that’s 3,000mg per bottle!

  • CBD + Power to Sleep

Another popular product is CBD +Power to Sleep. This product aims to help relax the mind before bed so that you wake up refreshed in the morning.

This targeted formula helps promote relaxation, stimulate sleep and support balance through key nutrients L-Theanine, Calcium, and Magnesium. You could use the product daily or just when you feel particularly restless before bed.

  • CBD Oils 1,000 mg – Peppermint Flavor

CBD oils are all the rage nowadays. They are a more commonly used delivery system for CBD consumption. The usage of CBD oils can help you experiment with how different dosages affect you.

Needless to say, the easy to absorb oil-based CBD products will only help your body absorb more of the beneficial nutrients. Irwin Naturals’ CBD Oil 1,000mg Peppermint Flavor is a delicious take on CBD oil, nearly eliminating the “hempy” taste without reducing the potency. You could use it when you need that extra little something to get over the hump.

  • CBD + Turmeric

Turmeric has been quite a trendy ingredient lately. Turmeric, which contains Curcumin, is a plant widely used for centuries for its medicinal and wellness potential*. It is packed with powerful antioxidant activity*.

When paired with CBD, like in Irwin Naturals’ CBD +Turmeric, it can provide the best of both worlds for whole body wellness.

Exciting Potential

While full-spectrum hemp extract is allowed for both ingestible and topical usage, research on the benefits of Cannabinoid is still on-going.


With unique formulations and effective ingredients, Irwin Naturals has maintained a respected position in the Vitamin and Supplements Industry for over 26 years by providing high quality, good value products to its loyal consumers.

Not only are they good for your body but your wallet too! Considering the vast array of benefits Irwin Naturals supplements and topicals can provide, it is a must to give their products a try.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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