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The Biggest Fear & Fun Moments of Software Developers

Fear & Fun Moments of Software Developers

Halloween is over, but there are still a lot of developers’ fears that make them anxious. On the other hand, the workday of the software engineer can be full of pleasant moments.

We have interviewed the team of CyberCraft to determine what frightening and funny our employees can face in their everyday activities. Let’s start with the worst things. After that, we can smoothly transition to fun moments.

Fear №1 – Estimation of the time

It can sound weird because estimation of the time isn’t always perceived as rocket science.

Anyway, there are a lot of outside non-programming issues to consider, from meetings to documentation. These factors make the task more difficult.

Fear №2 – Uncertain schedule

Developers need to know current goals and time-lines even for long-term projects.

That’s why the best option for them is an achievable goal. Aims should be in accordance with the iterations of the project implementation. This is controlled by the PM who chooses the right management methodology.

Fear №3 – Totally re-building and new features

Some customers insist on project modernization, including new features or even total re-building in less than a week after the adaption.

It’s obvious that developers get tired of such an approach.  A literate manager can solve the problem.

Fear №4 – Obligatory tools

Different teams have defined sets of tools. Newcomers, even if they are experienced developers, should use the same tools.

But a software engineer can hate them. Therefore, such tools provoke distrust. The best option is to discuss this nuance and to find out a mutually beneficial solution.

Fear №5 – Non-technical obsessive colleagues

Some people give everyone in the office a hard time. For example, they can ask you for explanations and answer obsessive questions. Why does the application look different on the screen of an old Blackberry? How to speed up the laptop?

Why did email not work at 10 AM? Of course, the same questions can throw the most discreet developer off-balance. Perhaps, it’s a good idea to invoice these people? Or just remind them of Google.

Fear №6 – The designer who is always complaining

If the designer is fond of little permanent changes of the interface, it can be exhausting for front-end developers. That’s an additional work that is related to button moves, different effects, color change, etc.

As usual, such designers do not document their recommendations and improvements. That’s why the developer isn’t required to implement each idea.

Fear №7 – Fans of the word “just”

Just make the search more advanced. Just provide the user with a possibility to make voice commands in the application. Just implement more functions that are related to artificial intelligence.

All these modernizations can be paid for. But if they are non-paid, the software developer is beginning to get nervous.

Fans of the word “just”

Fear №8 – Boring tasks

The vast majority of software developers want to work on cool projects.

If you make money, but feel unhappy during the workday, it’s time to change the project. Perhaps, the new task won’t be perceived as Sisyphean labour.

Fear №9 – Permanent interruptions

It’s more about the annoying habits of some people, not about fear.

If somebody interrupts the developer, the quality of the code is declining, as well as the volume of the work.

What work moments are pleasant for developers?

Money talks. This saying isn’t always true. When developers choose a new job, they usually pay attention not only to salary but to working conditions.

There are a lot of small moments that can be pleasant for software engineers. Most notably, they can be cardinally different from each other.

Fun №1- Flawless management

The literate manager, who knows how difficult it can be to build qualitative software and encourages thinking developers, is supposed to be a godsend to the team. Also, a manager should meet certain requirements: be able to protect the team while speaking with customers and know how to compromise.

Also, a good boss trusts the team and doesn’t feel himself an expert in everything. This makes the team more motivated and happier. The provided autonomy isn’t full, because it can make the team structureless.

Fun №2 – Learning something new

It can sound weird but developers are fond of spending their free time challenging old skills and learning new ones. It can be any flashy new technology. For example, Ruby or AJAX, Big Data or Artificial Intelligence.

Fun №3- Having a good laugh

Reading jokes or funny stories is a true pleasure for developers who are tired of the routine work. Perhaps, you need a few jokes that will cheer you up. Here you are:

Having a good laugh

Image Source: Flickr

A: What do computers and air conditioners have in common?

B: They are useless when you open windows.

A: Why did a software developer put two glasses on his bedside table before going to sleep?

B: A full one, in case he gets thirsty. An empty one, in case he doesn’t.

software engineer

Image source: Explosm

A software engineer and his wife just had a child and the doctor first hands the baby to the programmer.

“Oh, my dear. Is it a girl, or is it a boy” his wife asks impatiently.

Smiling, the programmer replies, “Yes”.

Fun №4 – No bureaucracy

Developers can build a lot of applications, write efficient, not one-off software without any delay. But everyday meetings will mess as well as a long-term approval of any change.

Therefore, bureaucracy takes much time and effort. Making a project decision without preliminary discussion is a real pleasure for the developer.

Fun №5 – The reward for hard work

As any other worker developer needs to be recognized for difficult tasks and projects. Such recognition includes financial compensation, simple “thanks” and lots of praise.

It motivates even an introvert.

Fun №6 – Building something extraordinary and meaningful

Everybody wants to feel a part of the big progress.

Making the world better is one of the main ideas for lots of developers even if they don’t fully understand it. We implement it when working on social and technological progress.

Fun №7- Creative approach

Challenges help developers to grow and become real problem-solvers. When they face new tasks, they learn to find a creative approach that helps to solve current problems. Therefore, any interesting project may include new challenges for software engineers.

Note that there are a lot of other moments that can be pleasant for developers. The main one is the team.  If your colleagues are interesting, friendly and technically skilled developers, a job will make you happy.

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