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Comparium Review: Best Web Testing Tool With Cross Browsing

Comparium reviews

Comparium is a popular website that is focused on providing technical help to its clients in performing website testing at a commercial level. Website testing is the procedure in which a website and the software that it utilizes are tested on a comprehensive scale so that any known source or a potential source of bugs and vulnerabilities can be identified.

After the source of the problem is identified on the website, it can easily be eradicated by mending the functional characteristics of the website.

What Is Website Testing?

What Is Website Testing

As per the procedures involved in website testing, the soft wares that are used for running the website applications are put to test.

This has to be done so that all the issues that may arise with the functioning of the website are addressed beforehand so that none of them are posing a problem to the users once the website is open in the public domain.

Features Of Comparium

The first version of Comparium is a web application that is designed to make the entire process of website testing more convenient. Comparium includes the tools and applications that are required for website testing on any browser and operating system whatsoever at the same place.

Some combinations and codes are put in to make the website run and generally, a website tester has to test each of these combinations separately to ensure that no vulnerability is left behind. In contrast to this, Comparium has made it possible to check all combinations at once at a single platform.

  • Main Attractions

As stated earlier, the prime feature of Comparium is that it has an objective of making website testing more convenient and easier. It is often seen that those who are running a website and have invested money in it are not very well-versed with the technical aspects of the business. For these people, a simple service offered by Comparium is of great value.

The basic procedure of using the services of Comparium is that the user has to feed the website address and URL followed by which all the website testing results are shown by the website itself and nothing has to be done separately or manually.

  • Browsers And Operating Systems

Browsers And Operating Systems

There are multiple browsers and operating systems on which you can work by using Comparium. These browsers and operating systems include the likes of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Safari 11.0, Google Chrome 75.0, 74.0, 73.0, Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0.

The platform is providing services for all the commonly used browsers and also provides a choice to the user to work on any of them. Still, some of the other browsers can be included in the services. This can be an update which can be expected in the subsequent versions of Comparium.

  • A Good Cross-browser Web Testing Feature 

A Good Cross-browser Web Testing Feature

Currently, the updates that have been worked out by Comparium include the feature of cross-browser web testing. With the help of cross-browser website testing, you can test a website that is probably designed for a particular browser by using some other available option. The same can be done with popular operating systems.

Examples of these browsers and operating systems for which the feature of cross-browser website testing is available today are Linux, Mac OS X Mojave, Windows 10, 7, High Sierra, etc.

  • Offline Service 

Offline Service

While the convenience and simplicity inducted into the procedure of website testing by Comparium are commendable, the other feature which is acknowledged by website owners today is that Comparium can send offline reports of the results of the website testing very quickly.

This helps in distributing the reports among the concerned officials and workers of the organization so that they can rectify the glitches that are present in the functioning of the website.

  • Screenshot Website Testing

Screenshot Website Testing

Screenshot Web Testing is a common feature that is being included in the website testing apps and platforms increasingly these days. The meaning of screenshot web testing is that these apps and websites use the image comparison technique to identify any vulnerabilities and bugs in the website that the user wants to get tested.

Once this is done the results are shown similarly as before. This increases the convenience and simplicity of the entire procedure. Comparium has a great screenshot web testing tool that has been acknowledged by many experts in the field.

  • The Cost

The Cost

Another good feature that is offered by Comparium is that the services of the first version are rendered free to the users. The first version itself incorporates the most basic web testing tools, something that is more than enough for most of the users.

For the subsequent versions and features, a minimal amount has to be paid by the user to gain access. Although this is a scheme of affairs that has been proposed by Comparium, still no final decision has been taken on it. Therefore, as of now, most features of Comparium are accessible to the users for free.


In the end, it can just be said that it is a great online service when it comes to web site testing. Reiterating the fact that it has made website testing more convenient and easier, services of Comparium are being used by several commercial organizations for managing the threats and troubles on their websites.

With many other updates being present in the pipeline, you can expect a great future for Comparium, both for the owners as well as for the users.

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