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CanvasDiscount Review: Print Photos for Every Occasion

CanvasDiscount Review

CanvasDiscount is a canvas printing service provider. It can help you convert almost any photograph, painting or image into a sort of an artwork which feels as if being the work of a painter i.e. painted or drawn by hand.

The company has different products that it provides to its customers like Wall décor, MIXPIX, Photo Gifts and much more. They strive to achieve full customer satisfaction by providing high-quality service at a lower price. The kind of affordability that they provide is amazing. For as low as 5 bucks you can get a canvas print. Let’s take a deep dive and look if the company is as good as it sounds.

Type of Products and Services offered by CanvasDiscount.com

  • Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

The first product by the company that we are going to look into is Canvas Print. It is one of the prime products of the company and they provide good discounts for this service. As mentioned above for as low as 5 bucks you can get an 8″ X 8″ print. The company mentions that the canvas print that you order is ready to ship within 24 hours and the price is highly competitive.

Also, if your order is 70 bucks or above the shipping is free. They provide different edge designs for your canvas like folding edge, black edge, white, mirrored and stretched so that you can choose whichever is applicable to your room. Once you choose this product they display these edges in detail so that you can make an informed choice.

  • Wall Décor

Wall Décor

Wall décor basically means that the company will take your photo and convert it in a décor item to beautify your wall. Here too they have different categories that you can choose from. You can go with the classic canvas print to give the illusion of a painting.

Other choices include the photo frame print which gives your photo an elegant frame and matting, the acrylic photo print promises elegant composition and pin-sharp resolution, the metal photo print which provides quality aesthetics with high durability and then there are Forex photo prints which are light and economic décor item.

  • Home Lifestyle

Home Lifestyle

This service provided by the company allows the customers to put their photos on certain home and lifestyle items. These are Pillows, blankets and Towels.

The photo pillow allows you to print the photo you provide on a soft pillow with satin cover for as low as 22.90 bucks. This makes for a great gift for your partner.

You can also opt for a photo blanket which is exactly what it sounds like. A good quality swift blanket with a moment you like forever with you while you sleep or rest. This service can be opted for as low as $22.

If you want your photo or image to be captured in a towel then you can opt for it for $26. The towel is soft and quick-drying.

  • Photo Gifts

Photo Gifts

There are various gift items that you can buy. A personalized gift item with a special photo or image is one of the best gifts that you can give. CanvasDiscount.com provides various different options to choose from.

One of the most gifted items are mugs with personalized images on them. You can upload the photo that you want to be printed on the mug and let the company do their magic. The mugs are high quality. This service can be availed for $13.90.

MixBlox is another gift item provided by the company. They cost $9 and you get a few small blocks with your choice of images which you can play around with.

Another special gift item that this company provides is the Star Map. If you send them the location and time of your special moment they will send you a personalized star map which shows how the sky was oriented at that particular date. This service costs $20 and can be a very special gift that you can give to your partner (your first kiss) or family (first time on the beach).

Other gift items include mouse pads with anti-slip layers for $12.90 and a photo puzzle for $14.90.


MIXPIX are basically multiple tiles that you can stick on your walls in any orientation. The more tiles that you have the better is the result. The product starts at $8 and the pictures are of high quality and good detail.

Steps to avail the service

  • The steps to avail the services of CanvasDiscount is very easy:
  • First, select the photo that you want to be printed or converted.
  • Select the product or service that you want to avail.
  • Upload your photo.
  • Now, select the various specifications pertaining to the service.
  • Select the payment option and place your order.

CanvasDiscount Review

Look, if you look at the services provided by the company along with the pricing things look very good. The company seems to be providing high-quality service at a discounted price in this competitive market. But is it all talk or is there some truth to it?

pros and cons

Pros of the Services provided

  • Customer satisfaction:

After going through hundreds of testimonials not only on the site but on other places across the internet and researching a bit about the company it seems that there claim of 94% customer satisfaction and 110% discount guarantee is not baseless. Even though they do not have humongous customer base they provide very high-quality service to their customers and have a huge potential to grow.

Even though the prices they provide are cheap going as low as five bucks they ensure that the service is of high-quality. They also suggest the dimensions of your prints based on the image that you have uploaded. This ensures that the final product does not consist of pixelated images.

  • Good Machinery

One more thing to understand is that canvas printing and printing on other various items like blankets and mugs is not cheap the machinery is expensive if you want to provide a high-quality product. So, since the output that you get from CanvasDiscount is of good quality you can be sure that they are using expensive good quality machinery to do the printing. This means that they care about their customer. The inks used by them are safe enough and will not have problems with children.

  • Plethora of choice

One of the best things about the company is that they have a plethora of options to choose from. As you have already sen mentioned above that the company has a Greta number of products catering to the various needs of the customers.

This means that if you don’t want your photos to end up in a canvas but rather have them in a different product like a mug, pillow, et cetera you can easily choose to do so. This product range is very attractive and is also very affordable.

  • Confidence in Discount

CanvasDiscount’s marketing seems to be primarily centred around discounts. They guarantee 110% that the price they provide is guaranteed. Though I have not tried it or found any other testimonials the company mentions that if you find another company providing a better price email them and if things are as they seem they will send a 10% discount voucher.

Cons found

  • Information

One thing that I found and is also mentioned on photoworkout.com is that the information that is one the website of the company is pretty scarce when it comes to their company and process. They have good descriptions of products and stuff but not so much about their organisation. Also, the prices mentioned without the discount seems quite higher. So, it will be hard to tell how much they are actually priced at.


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