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How T-Shirts Serve As The Best Marketing Strategy?


T-shirt marketing is a new form of advertising that has taken the corporate world by storm. Every company of note is incorporating this practice within their publicity drives, and for incredibly good reasons. For t-shirts are the simplest and most effective form of marketing in the current day and age.

All one has to do, is create an appealing graphic which incorporates the brand name or logo. These t-shirts are then distributed (for free or for a price), and then each consumer becomes a marketing source for the company. It is efficient, economical and has been successfully implemented by businesses around the globe.

Serves Dual Purpose dual purpose

The first thing to realise is that t-shirt marketing is extremely cost effective. Depending on the sort of material you choose, tshirt printing can be quite cheap, especially if they are being made in bulk. Consider, for example, marathons that take place throughout the country. In most of them participants are given a free t-shirt. Each of these t-shirts feature the name of the marathon and its sponsors. Such marathons see over hundreds of participants.

Which means, even if a tiny fraction of the participants wear these t-shirts, these sponsors gain a massive amount of publicity and marketing goodwill.

On top of that, people who get free shirts feel as though they have benefitted from this transaction and spread the good word of the company to others. This creates a positive image of the company in the mind of prospective customers, bringing in even more business.

The other form of t-shirt marketing involves selling them, which is more lucrative than one can possibly imagine. Every noteworthy brand on earth sells t-shirts with their brand names on it. Google, Facebook and even Quora have their own branded t-shirts. Not to mention every business entity in the entertainment sector. From DC Comics to Daft Punk, everyone sells branded t-shirts as merchandise. While the revenue from t-shirt sales are massive, their marketing potential is near astronomical.

For example, there might be people who have never heard of the musical duo named Daft Punk. But when they see people sporting their attractive t-shirts, their interest might be piqued, leading them to search for Daft Punk online. This could lead to them purchasing Daft Punk’s music and also their merchandise. So you sell your product and get your promotion done for free. Two birds with one stone.

Visibility And Acquisition Of New Leads

When it comes to marketing, the two ideas that must be in the forefront of your thoughts are those of visibility and longevity. Not only should a marketing campaign turn heads, but it should continue to do so for the longest period of time.

Traditional forms of marketing have a critical flaw, which is their temporary nature. Advertisements in newspapers and televisions run only for a limited duration and soon lose their value. But that’s not what happens with t-shirts. People wear them for incredibly longstints, which can span for years. No other form of marketing can possibly provide you with such extended marketing exposure.

On the other hand, t-shirts can be worn almost anywhere – at home, on the streets, in college or out for dinner. Several workplaces, such as Oracle and Google, also allow their employees to come to work in t-shirts. As one of the most worn articles of clothing, by both men and women, any brand marketed through them stands to gain greater visibility.

Company Culture T shirts

Companies have also started issuing t-shirts to employees, which they are encouraged to wear at work. Even long established banks, such as The State Bank of India, has recently begun to follow this practice.

While these t-shirts are intended for marketing purposes, they also have a loftier aspiration. Wearing company t-shirts at work creates a sense of bonding and belonging. The workforce feel like a family and are motivated to support each other and help one another become the best they can be.

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To Round Things Up

There is no possible reason why t-shirt marketing shouldn’t be the first thing you think of when looking for marketing avenues. The points in its favour are innumerable,

while there are barely any points against it. So the next time you think of promoting your brand, you know where to start with.

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