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SSL2BUY Review – The Best SSL Certificate Provider In 2022

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A hacker attack happens every 39 seconds. 43% of the attacks target small businesses (Source). Ladies and gentlemen, we live in dangerous times. The web, which used to be a sanctuary for seeking and distributing information is turning in a spider web of threats. Your website could also fall into that never-escapable traps if you are not investing in a SSL certificate.

I first heard about SSL certificates in 2014. Google had recently wrapped up its annual I/O conference. Strangely, almost all my friends who were in the IT, digital marketing and cyber security space started having excited talks about HTTPS and SSL certificates. Turns out it is a saviour of sorts for the web.

If a SSL certificate can protect your website as well as aid in improving conversions for your website, what else do we call it?

So, I got really excited about SSL certificates. I started going behind every SSL certificate to know more about them. What are they, how do they work and what makes them special that even web conglomerates like Google and WordPress have taken them seriously.

Here are my two cents:

A SSL certificate is basically a file. You install it in the backend of your web to protect malicious bots and hackers from breaking in. Along with SSL certificates comes other components like a HTTPS bar and a trust badge/seal. They serve the purpose of showcasing your website as one that is secure from genuine.

Depending on the number of domains secured, a SSL certificate can be classified into:

  • Single domain SSL certificate
  • Multi domain SSL certificate
  • Wildcard SSL certificate

Alternatively, they can also be classified based on the type of validation provided. Validation refers to the extent of background checking and facilities provided along with the SSL certificate. On that grounds, the most common types of SSL certificates include:

  • OV SSL certificate
  • EV SSL certificate
  • DV SSL certificate

Now let’s go shopping.

Where to get your SSL certificate from? get ssl certificate from ssl 2 buy

There are ample number of SSL certificate providers in the market. But, choosing the right one can be a tricky maze. I have done my share of research and found few worthy ones.

The one I would like to present to you today is SSL2BUY. SSL2BUY is a reputed SSL certificate reseller. Here is why you would want to consider them when it is time to buy an SSL certificate for your website.

Global brands 

I am a fan of brands. Brands stand for something unique. They also have a high bar of quality standards that makes their product trustworthy.

So, a product shelf that is well-decked with global brands of SSL certificates was one of my look-for’s while reviewing SSL2BUY. Must say that they have a formidable brand list of SSL certificates from popular Certificate Authorities like:

These are names that have been around since the inception of the web and cyber security. Their presence makes me trust SSL2BUY more and so should you.

Local prices Pricing Dishes

Well, although branded products are amazing in their own way, they are often pricey too. Take for instance, Apple. It delivers unbeatable user experience, great build quality and top-notch security. But, it is priced to make your bank balance see red. For something like a SSL certificate this should not be the case. It should have a global brand appeal, at the same time it should be priced nominally.

So, it was naturally that I went on to explore the pricing pattern of SSL2BUY. As a Buyer, I was expecting the brand to offer some discounts on the retail price. I was not disappointed. In fact, I was impressed.

The lowest price of a single domain SSL certificate sold by SSL2Buy ranges from $9 per year. That is the cost of a Starbucks coffee if you ask me. Of course, higher up the ladder the cost increases proportional. Still, it remains friendly to the bank balance of any small business. And, there is also the promo codes that you can avail to have a final slash on your prices before checkout.

Security of all types security

The security needs of a small business and a large enterprise may not be the same. In fact, the security needs of a small blog and an online store itself would be different. They are two different things. Nevertheless, they need an SSL certificate, either to secure the website or to meet the SEO ranking signal requirements of search engines.

My analysis found that no matter what the requirement is, SSL2BUY is equipped to meet it. For instance, it has in its ambit of security products every range of SSL certificate including single domain SSL certificate to Extended validation SSL certificate. You can have just the HTTPS bar or have the entire package of SSl certificate details, padlock symbol, and the trust seal.

Customer support Customer support

A SSL certificate is not a smartphone or a IKEA furniture that you can assemble on your own. It is a highly sophisticated product. Configuring it in your web backend can be tricky.

You will definitely need expert support.SSL2BUY gives that in plenty. They can be reached for support  through email or even directly through live chat. Rest assured, you will not find yourself lost at sea trying to setup your SSL certificate.

In a nutshell

SSL2Buy is a worthy choice. That is too little a sentence to describe its worthiness. It is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to buy an SSL certificate for their business. Thanks to its light prices, impressive customer support and a sprawling portfolio of products, it is definitely a go-to place for your SSL certificate needs.

What I missed to mention until now is that, you can get a SSL certificate issued in less than a day. It takes longer only if it is a DV or EV SSL certificate that have detailed verification processes. Now, in case you need an SSL certificate, you need where to look for it.

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