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How to manage any team with MONDAY.COM?

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If you are someone who is extremely messed up when dealing with the work issues? Does your management with work make you extremely slow in delivering the task? Then you have stopped at the right place.

Work management software is digital tools to handle all your tasks, be it project or non-project. It makes the planning, tracking, organizing, and reviewing of the tasks much more versatile and flexible. 

Consequently, it fosters the growth of the business and provides an efficient team management system. You don’t need to be restricted to the methods of the task for it makes it possible to build a new path for the completion of your task.

But now the question is, which is the best work management tool to choose from? Well, the market is flooded with many but to be specific Monday.com is a leading work management tool which has been successful in handling situations of almost 350,000 people in about 76 countries. From handling your track records to getting the work reaches its competition, it does it all.

 Features offered by Monday.com

Monday.com promises to serve you with the best by serving you with a number of features, which makes it extremely user-friendly to operate. It comprises of the color-coded boards that allow its users to check whether the projects are in progress, tasks are finished or where actually team members are stuck. Some of its features are described here.

  1.   Frequent Email Updates

We all have experienced the missing out of one action or the other due to the long list of events to be performed. Monday.com is quite aware of this problem and thus makes use of emails to alarm you about the next event standing in the queue for the completion. This makes you quite updated about the current scenario going through the work.

  1.   Due Date Tracking

A bundle of work pending with a long list of tasks to accomplish it might be a tedious task for you to remember the deadline. Monday.com provides you a solution for this too by keeping track of all the due dates and sends you a constant reminder about them.

  1.   Tags and keywords

Once written, it seems to be a cumbersome thing to go through the entire text to find that one specific word. With Monday.com, you can get the ability to mark those important keywords which hold special meaning and to use hashtags to mark those generic terms.

  1. Time tracking by project

Monday.com has this peculiar feature of tracking the time devoted to a particular project. Completion before the expected time serves as a motivation for the user and increases the zeal to work more. On the other hand, a delay in the work increases the feeling of accountability, pushing one to reach the finish line.

  1.   Continuous Survey

Surveys pertaining to work progress, execution, and other related matters helps in keeping a check on the performance of the company for a better yield of the output.

 There are additional features like PipeDrive integration, Visual progress display, Execution board, User access controls, API availability, Activity Logging, Customizable Field, and workflow management which make it quite approachable for any person.

How to get started with Monday.com?


Monday.com is a technical tool that requires almost negligible effort to work. There isn’t any rocket science involved when it comes to working with it. One just needs to follow these three basic steps to get familiar with this.

Step 1: Pick your template

Monday.com is extensively used for its availability of a number of templates. You just need to select a template that suits you the best. This serves as a beginning for you to head towards customizing it in a manner that best suits your work. You are in no condition to work with a single template. Go on adding as many as required based on your workflow.

 Step 2: Customising

After the selection of the templates, the next step is to customize the same. Monday.com provides you a variety of options here too. From using columns to tracking time, it allows you to visualize all the aspects required. You can keep a check of the person in charge, mark locations, add texts, numbers, and much more to glorify your project.

Step 3: Get started

Once you are done with designing the base, you have completed 90% of the work. The next is adding your teammates. Now inviting your mates is not at all a hectic process. Once they have joined your group, start your project by assigning them tasks.

Monday.com has proven to be extremely promising in handling all your burden. Its super-efficient interface makes one fall in love with it. Remember to keep all your conversations, files, briefs, checklist, and sheets secured in one place for it makes it easy to locate them. Even if you’re an entrepreneur and working on any small business ideas, this tool proves to be quite useful. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join the community of Monday.com and say goodbye to those useless meetings and unnecessary email threads.

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