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How To Effectively Write a Bookmaker Review

Bookmaker Review

The online betting industry has been attracting eyes from punters and betting enthusiasts from every corner of the world. If you don’t know what we are talking about, quick research using your search engines will prove the spike in the number of searches for betting-related topics over the past few years.

If you want to surf the betting wave but don’t know how to start, we can give you an overview of a successful SEO company that has helped clients with betting-related projects from all over the world.

With that said, we will dive deep into how to write a bookmaker review and how you can attract people to read your articles.

How To Write a Bookmaker Review – The Basics

It is no secret that it is easier to create reviews on the most common bookmakers out there. There are lots of reasons why but the main one is that you can gather much more data on such bookies with less effort and time spent.

With that said, use that in your favor. Check out what other punters have written about the bookmaker in question, and get the overview of what’s being generally said. This will give you a better understanding of what the bookmaker is about and you won’t be caught on your wrong foot when having the first contacts with the betting site.

You should look up for more info not only on real punters and their experience with the said bookie but also the company or people behind it. Are they famous? Do they hold a good reputation? Are they involved in any kind of issue that could be considered scammy?

You can find all these answers and much more online by simply googling terms like “bookie name + scam” or “bookie name + Trustpilot”.

The next steps should be simple: act like an average punter. Sign up for the targeted bookmaker and although this is not mandatory, we recommend you to deposit the minimum amount in order to have a clear and complete experience on how to make the most out of the bookmaker.

Write down your general thoughts on it, check out the desired text structure you’re supposed to fit the text in, and go for it. Also, avoid using complicated terms, and get to the point. As we say here on SeoBrothers, put your ego aside, and focus on being as clear as possible on your content.

You are not writing a poem or anything like that, you are talking to average people who will probably get discouraged to keep on reading your articles if they are confronted with too many formal terms.

Another very important thing is to write sentences without explicitly stating facts that are not 100% true, or that you’re not completely sure about.

The reality is: You do not work for the bookmaker, and it is highly unlikely that you have any contacts inside their company. With that said, instead of writing “I assure you that this bookie is 100% safe”, go for a more conservative stance like “After analyzing the facts that are available online and mixing it with my/our personal experience with this bookmaker, it seems that, thus far, they have proven to be a safe company to bet on.”

This is extremely important, as the bookie’s politics and online behavior may change overnight. However, your article will stay up possibly forever. Always be aware of the terms you use, as they can be used against you personally or against the company you work with.

SEO – A Double-Edged Sword

When talking about online articles, it is crucial that besides an exceptional and convincing piece of written text, we also have ways of making it friendly to search engines’ rules.

The online world has its own rules and it doesn’t matter how good your content is, you won’t either impact lives or make money if it can’t be found online.

Some tips for specifically writing bookmaker reviews that are linked to SEO is basically to avoid keyword stuffing. Articles should contain some relevant keywords that will help your article to be found on the main search engines.

However, don’t go too overboard with that, as your website can be penalized if you add too many keywords to a single article. It would be labeled just like those old spam email services everyone had the displeasure of signing up to at least once in their lifetimes.

So, the main point here is that doing the right thing will pay off in the long-run. If you’re just starting off and do not have enough funds to hire an SEO specialist to do what it takes, try to become good at it yourself. Look up articles, videos, the most respected people of this area, they’re all online and offering tons of free content that can eventually help you.

However, it will take time, and in case you don’t have or do not want to spend the most valuable asset we have as humans, hiring someone or a company who has proven and solid experience and positive results delivered over the last few years should be a good start.


For us, a good bookmaker review should be written with zero egos and taking into account the needs and interests of your audience. Using search engines will definitely help you out to get a better overview of what to say in your text. Be aware of Search Engine Optimisation in good manners, as it can either kill or make your business flourish.

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