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How Technology is Making Our Lives Easier


Despite what the world says, it’s a known fact that Americans appreciate the role of technology in their lives. While there are naysayers who believe that technology is ruining us, it hasn’t stopped experts from developing it.

In fact, 4 in 10 Americans believe that technology has played a major role in the betterment of human life and will continue to do so.

If we think about it, technology has come a long way in almost every sector, like if you are away from house, you can monitor your home from anywhere, and you can download yoosee app for pc, if you want to see in computer also. The medical industry is booming with advanced machines, medicines and procedures that are helping in improving the quality of life and health. Similarly, electronic gadgets provide safety, improved, communication and what not.

Technology has, in fact, made our lives easier. What took days to do can now be done in minutes thanks to technology. Let’s have a look at the impact of technology in our lives.

Safer Work Environment

Work Environment

It is because of technology that the environment around us is safer.

  • Car Safety: The first car was invented between 1885 – 1886 by Karl Benz. This particular model operated on an engine and looked like a bicycle. While it was one of the biggest inventions in the world, it had a long way to go as it lacked safety features and accidents were pretty common.

When you look at the stats, you will realize how the number of accidents has increased, which is quite understandable since we have more cars on the road now. However, if we calculate the average, today’s cars are a lot safer due to superior safety features such as crash detection abilities, air bags to prevent heavy impacts upon accidents, car cameras, etc.

Travelling in cars is a norm today and we are comfortable in doing so because we are assured of our safety. Around 1 billion cars are currently being driven all over the world with Volvo being the safest car on the planet. However, things are constantly improving and we may soon have accident-proof cars as well. The future is definitely bright.

  • Construction: Around nine hundred workers lose their lives every year in the construction industry due to various accidents including electric shocks, falling and tripping from heights, exposed to radiation, injuries etc. While wearing safety gear is the norm, it doesn’t protect workers like it should.

Technology is playing an important role in this regard as experts are working hard on introducing methods that are less risky. Some advancements include:

Drones: Construction is a dificult industry to work in. Workers have to constantly be at it no matter what. This can take a toll on their body and result in injuries. One of the most complicated jobs is the scanning task that includes climbing poles, where the risk of an injury is even higher.

Drones help sort this problem as they offer video mapping that’s safe, quicker, and more reliable. With drones in plac, the risk has greatly reduced as there’s no need to perform mapping manually. Drones can get the job done without any issue.

Robots: We have autonomous vehicles and robots in the construction industry, making life easier for workers. They are used to transport heavy loads and perform other such tasks. 

Providing With Drinking Water

Technology is playing a vital role in making earth green again by offering fresh and drinking water by desalination.

  • Desalination: The planet has a total human population of about 7 billion with the number constantly increasing. The greater the number of people, the more resources we need.

One of the most scarce resources is drinkable water. The planet might have a lot of water but most of it is not drinkable and many of us even waste it.

To solve this problem, environmental experts introduced desalination plants. These plants make hard water drinkable by evaporating salt from water. Many countries are using this technology to make salt water drinkable.

The method is pretty commonly used in Saudi Arabia but other countries like Japan, China, Spain, India, Oman, and UAE are not behind either.

The population of India is around 1.3 billion and water is a luxury in the smaller cities. However, desalination plants are becoming common in the country. In fact, the largest desalination plant is found in India. It provides 36.5K liters of water every year.

In addition to this, some countries, such as Singapore, are using other techniques as well to make water drinkable.

Making Earth Green

Pollution is one of the major problems we have to face today. Experts are working towards reducing this problem and making the planet safe again.

Saving Energy: The population of the world is rising second by second and is expected to reach to a point when resources might come short. One of the most needed resources is energy. It’s hard to imagine a life without energy as we’re so used to it.

Scientists are working on creating energy from sustainable sources. We can now use wind, sunlight, and other such resources to create energy. It creates less pollution and is sustainable.

In addition to this, we are also working on creating energy efficient products so that we can save more energy. Today we have green bulbs and other appliances that help save energy.


It is the process of doing things quickly and automatically. Consider a toy making plant in a factory. It molds the toy, joins the right parts, packs it neatly and the toy is ready.

There’s no need for a human to interfere as the assembly line works automatically and the process goes on and on. This reduces effors and improves output.

Most industires today work on automation. It’s everywhere. Go to an ATM machine and you can perform everything from withdraw cash to even pay bills without needing human support.

Think of computers as well. You can order name necklace online without needing human interference. The task is handled automatically and the unit is delivered to you.

The quality of life has improved drastically since the advent of automation.

The Conclusion

Despite what everyone says, technology has made our lives easier and is continuing to do so.

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