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How to Get Massive Discounts When You Buy Online

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Roughly 89% of Indian consumers prefer to do their retail activities online, according to Adobe’s market study. Given that multiple local and international brands have online shopping offerings, it’s not at all surprising that many Indians are fully embracing e-commerce. If you’re a big fan of online shopping, it helps to know how to get great deals and massive discounts. So how exactly can you achieve that?

Digital Coupons


Online shopping aficionados are familiar with a small box that’s usually part of the check-out page. That box is where you type in a promo code or coupon code that can give you a discount from your final bill. Digital coupons offered an average of a 50% discount, according to Ace Turtle. You can find digital or online coupons for local shops from a range of websites such as GearBest coupons.

Social Media Platforms

According to Jeane Han of eMarketer, Indians spend roughly 29.9% of your day perusing social media. Brands are taking notice which is why their social media accounts are a good place to score discounts and deals. It is advisable to follow the social media accounts of the brands you like on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Twitter. Those are the platforms where brands offer flash discounts and online-only deals. You can score small discounts around 10-20% or if the brand is celebrating something, you can obtain nearly up to 70% in discount offerings.

Seasonal Sales

Festivals and special occasions are an ideal time to take advantage of special sales and massive discounts. Online stores tend to follow the trends of brick and mortar businesses and offer big savings. The end of December and the start of January tend to see a spike in end-of-season sales by around 15-20%, according to Shambhavi Anand. He goes on to say that fashion brands like Marks & Spencer, Global Desi, and several others offer an average of 40-50% during these seasonal online sales. A bit of patience and keeping an eye out for seasonal sales can help you secure major savings as you enjoy your well-deserved shopping spree.

Shopping can be a completely enjoyable and frugal exercise once you familiarise yourself with smart practices. Take some time to look up different methods that unlock discounts and rewards for you. That way, you get to exercise a gratifying activity that won’t break your budget.

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