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7 Best Android Training Courses in Gurgaon (2019)


Being one of the most advanced urban cities of India, Gurgaon has one the most beautiful skylines in India, which can easily compete with the ones of Hong Kong and Singapore. The blooming, vibrant and thriving nightlife, the majestically-flourishing lifestyle, the beautiful and serene National park and a large, placid lake of Sohna makes Gurgaon a full-packed, all-in-one city, thus, making it one of the exponentially growing tourist spots. Also present are outstanding schools and teeming-with-quality educational centres in Gurgaon, or, as it is now officially called, Gurugram.

Finding the best android training courses in Gurgaon can be a daunting task. So, if you want to be a future uber-cool and awesome app developer, and know your way around with computer coding languages, then you have come to the right place.

Improve and increase your android software skills from these top android training courses offered in Gurgaon:


With the ever-changing demands that occur in all corporate companies, Skyinfotech is perpetually updated, and provide IT training to meet every undulating demand. They are popularly known as one of the best android training given by a company in Gurgaon. They have over 8 years of experience in this field. They provide a solid foundation regarding android platforms and thus, give a highly propelled android training that is always updated and up-to-the-mark.

They have dumbfounding employment opportunities provided to the people who do this course, and their employment rate is a staggering 100%. People get placed in the top MNCs. They have a state-of-the-art lab that is well-structured for android training, providing career-oriented skills to uphold the jobs and career path. Their courses are carved and painted according to the latest technologies used by companies. They have a very premium infrastructure, and they cater to a multitude of courses that you can choose according to your likings and understanding.

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In the field of training and development, SSDN Technology has power-fuelled in and put a step on to show global presence. Their expertise in the length, breadth and depth of the subject is accentuated using their technology, learning design and capabilities. There is a humungous individual growth in android courses from their training, as they have tailor-made training solutions that identify skill gaps and help people to easily grasp the knowledge through end-to-end learning and development programmes and globally-recognised certifications that shoots results par excellence.

They understand the different requirements of different individuals, so, they identify the most efficient and effective way to design learning programmes. They have one of the best strategies and operating model defined by them. SSDN Technology is a highly efficient platform to share the best practices and replicate knowledge and learnings by providing innovative ways to facilitate learning and growth.

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His intense passion and dedication in this field have helped Kapil Mehta carve a niche among the leading providers of android training at Gurgaon. He presents a holistic approach to training programmes, developing and evolving the style with time. He has more than 5 years of experience in teaching android application development. What’s better than to directly learn from one of the top app developers out there in the industry with good experience? This one-to-one learning will help you in a great way, paving your road high towards successfully understanding concepts and cool job placements.

His style has an innovative approach to deliver the content, taking the course to a whole new level, thus making it more interesting and engaging with the android app-developing aspirants. He is so well-established that he has given speeches at IIT Delhi and IIT Hyderabad. The best part is, he is a home tutor, and can come to your house and train you, so you need not step outside anywhere, and learn within the comforts of your home. You can choose his home too if need be. With 4 years of teaching experience, and him being well-versed in Punjabi, Hindi and English, Kapil Mehta is definitely one of the coolest mentors out there in Gurgaon.


aptron india

Aptron provides multi-layered, in-depth training of android. Their android certification provides you with job opportunities in top MNCs of India. With their training, their trainees imbibe rich and thorough knowledge of android and app development, rendering them innovative and creative, along with quick thinking and problem-solving ability. Veterans with over a decade of experience as analysts, managers, consultants and researchers from the software industry are their star highlights, that is, their trainers. Their special training conditions are fabricated by realistic situations produced using simulators and devices.

In their classes, they mould everyone into doing troubleshooting or technology-management decision-making without interrupting any running business operations. Their exemplary infrastructure and laboratory include the latest updated software, devices and applications, and smart classroom facilities. Their placement procedure involves the steering of people into renowned MNCs and conducting interviews, and they have a whopping 96% placement rate. Adhering to international industry standards, their android training process also involves self-developed practice session modules.

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W3training school teaches you to build an android application from scratch by making you work on a live android app. This highly advanced android app training is provided by the most efficient trainers who have more than 7 years of experience in the software industry has developed over 120 apps themselves. You can even select the training batch according to your comfort and feasibility- whether it is weekend classes or weekdays, you can attend the training in a flexible undulating way as well.

The coolest part of the most advanced android course content with the latest tool kit is that you get to make your own android app that will feature in Google App Store. Their training is industrial; thus, it plays a major role in job placements. Their short-term course will definitely up-skill you in the relations of android app development, and Android in general. Their batch sizes are compact, making it easier for everyone to learn, relate and understand.

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Starting from 2013, Samyak Solutions provide a plethora of IT solutions and integration services through an unparalleled onshore and offshore delivery model. Registered both in India as well as the US, Samyak Solutions have shown the stone-hard commitment of timely and budgeted delivery. The professionals of their company and the clients have a symbiotic relationship, where both of them mutually benefit on different technologies and the achievement of their goals.

Headquartered in an upcoming-IT-hub, Jaipur, They have over 100 professionals who are trainers. They believe in first looking and analysing, observing then coming up with a smart solution for everything. They firmly believe in transparency and quality, and project competence and sustainability through their training programmes and the 80+ IT colleges around them. By making most of the various operating systems out there, Samyak Solutions make sure that your app is optimised for speed, performance, look and feel on the various hues of android devices. Their lab is completely updated with all the latest technologies.

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Ducat’s computer training programmes help people to develop their skills and add value to their worth, thus fetching them better jobs, and the training is directed towards IT job market demand.

Their enhanced labs and experienced faculties give a sharp edge in android training development, along with project-development, regular revision and cross-checking, and tips for coding that are provided by them. Their trainees have a rich level of knowledge and experience.

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Talent++ has a spectrum of high-quality training in IT domain. Their group of professionals are world-class professionals and they have years of hands-on experience from working in MNCs in India and abroad.

Using Java as the coding language, they have a highly practical approach to android training that gives their students a jumpstart in technical and business understanding of android app development.

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We hope that our compilation has helped you pick the best android training courses in Gurgaon. If you have any doubts or queries, do let us know below in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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