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15 Best TikTok Bots for Views, Likes & Followers in 2023

TikTok Bots for Views, Likes & Followers

Hey TikTok lovers, are you struggling with getting views, likes, and followers for your videos? Are you not getting the attention that you believe you deserve for your creations? You may be amazed to know that there are tools available online to get you the required visibility in the highly competitive platform of TikTok, where almost everyone is trying to steal the show and eyes of the viewers. Let not the competition trouble you as you have automated tools like Tiktok bots to make your work easier to rise to fame. So, leave all your worries aside and just focus on creating high-quality interesting videos that can swoon anyone into liking you.

Here is the list of the 15 Best Tik Tok for Views, Likes, & Followers.


Tokupgrade - Tiktok bots For those looking forward to quickly increase the number of views and followers, along with genuine likes on the videos, here is Tokupgrade for you.

As the name suggests, it helps you to upgrade the performance of your videos by leaps and bounds. You can simply connect your account to this tool and see the magic for yourself. You can easily promote your videos to a specific niche segment and get their love quickly.

What is even more amazing about the tool is that it has been successfully tried and tested by many leading brands, and they have tasted immense success with this tool, thereby making it a trusted platform.

The fans are genuine and the tool can help you directly interact with fans, while providing you a dedicated account manager with no signup fees. Yes, there are no free plans and the package content is less, but it is still worth a try.


Autotokker - Tiktok bots If you still want to try a tool which allows you to experience the benefits for free for a limited time at least, you can try Autotokker, which takes your TikTok account to an altogether different level.

You will be able to test the platform for 3 days, without shelling out a single penny. Moreover, the bot quickly and automatically likes a large number of videos, while also following and unfollowing accounts in an automated fashion at a very fast pace.

You will also find a lot of analytical comments posted on your video by the bot. However, some people have been concerned by the quality of comments as they have been quite questionable at times.

But that is overshadowed by the real engagement, real likes and real followers that you earn. If you don’t like their plans, you can cancel the subscription at any point of time at your own will, with no strings attached whatsoever.


Instamber - Tiktok bots Some TikTok content creators don’t stop at TikTok, but also reach out to followers on Instagram and Facebook. These content creators want a tool that can handle all their accounts together seamlessly, with a uniform experience and outreach across all platforms.

Instamber is one such tool that helps to connect with the audience using TikTok, Instagram and Twitter at once. You can simply sign up on their website and start availing their services at a minimum $1 for a 3-day trial.

No need for downloading any app and burdening your phone’s storage, as this web application handles everything for you using a web portal. The top notch customer support offered by the platform is undeniably its unique selling point. Just go for the monthly subscriptions in a click, if you like its services.


Toksocial - Tiktok bots Genuineness and transparency is highly valued in the influencer industry. If you want to build your brand based on high principles, then you must rely only on those that promise you honesty and sincerity in their operations.

Toksocial is one such application where people can come for earning genuine followers and genuine reviews for their content created with utmost creativity. People will value you for the real fans, genuine likes and organic growth in views that your account will witness.

They do this by having dedicated account managers to help with the growth of your account, while also deploying the cutting edge algorithms to make your account growth a success.

Along with unique filters and amazing designs, they promote your videos to make you a celebrity within a few days. It is easy to get started on this app. The app is however very expensive and has no free trial.


Followersup - Tiktok bots Not all TikTok bots in the market can assure you of safety while they operate your account for growth on your behalf. But here is one that takes care of the security of your account like a pro. As the name suggests, Followersup helps to grow the amount of followers and the magnitude of fame & reach one has on TikTok.

It integrates with your accounts on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and provides growth of audience on all channels using the videos you upload. Just take care of creating high quality content that can engage well with the masses, and leave the rest to Followersup. With support for several social media platforms and with a free trial to delight you, the tool also makes sure that your services are delivered quickly to fulfil all your needs for likes, views and followers.

The 100% money back guarantee adds another feather to its cap. What still upsets a few people using this app is that the number of comments or reviews on your video are limited and there is no guarantee that the followers are going to be genuine.


Fueltok - Tiktok bots Aspiring for fame has never been easier before Fueltok hit the market. Gaining followers and likes in a highly competitive market can add a lot of stress to the minds of the content creators. However, not for those who use Fueltok, as the app takes away all the hassles of gaining reach and visibility among people.

If you are looking for a quick way to increase your follower base and have more people like and comment on your videos on TikTok, then go for Fueltok which will bring a humungous increase in the fame of your account. Just sign up for a 7-day free trial and see the magic for yourself.

You can also customize the hashtags, location, and accounts to be targeted using your videos. The customer support service is always on its toes to help you with any requirement that you may have from the app.


UseViral - Tiktok bots Being viral with one’s content is a dream for many people. However, some people choose to not waste time in waiting for a perfect video to go viral. Instead, they wisely use apps like UseViral, which can bring them their fair share of followers, likes and views from around the world.

This is one of the best TikTok views bots in the world. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your account getting banned for any malpractice, since UseViral uses your account in a very natural fashion, without sounding any alarms.

The charges for this app varies from one social media platform to another, but is generally lowest for TikTok. This makes it one of the best tools for beginners to get more views, likes and followers on TikTok. The app has pocket friendly rates and is very seamless to use for all users. The lack of free trial and limited reviews is upsetting, but its other services just steal the hearts of the influencers.


Tokcaptain - Tiktok bots Many TikTok bots deceive you by selling fake followers, duplicate likes and cheap reviews. However, what sells in TikTok market and in the influencer business is honesty and transparency. If you are a fan of these high morals, then you must use TokCaptain since it gets you only real fans and genuine followers to help your account grow.

You can easily buy their services to get an organic growth of your account. The tool wonderfully increases the visibility of your account and gets you the exposure before the right audience.

The immediate results that the tool shows delights every customer and it has pocket friendly rates too. Moreover, there are no shady subscriptions or hidden fees that many other tools charge.


SidesMedia - Tiktok bots For people still looking for other platforms to buy genuine followers and earn real reviews, SidesMedia is another platform that helps you grow your account like a genie.

Once you sign up for their services, the tool helps you with amazing results within 72 hours and gets you the real following that TikTok content creators usually crave for. The affordability of its services and the wonderful integration with social media platforms makes it one of the most sought-after TikTok followers bots in the market.

You can choose from a variety of packages as per your needs and can get astonishing results soon. However, beware! The customer support is poor and there is no free trial as well. So, go for it if you have the patience to wait for 72 hours for results and if you are fine with shelling out money upfront.


SocialViral - Tiktok bots Are you the next TikTok superstar? If yes, then SocialViral must be your new best friend. This tool offers amazing services to get you a large number of likes, followers, and views on your videos, without any fakeness in its services.

The app also takes care of keeping your account secure and safe from any malicious activity. This is crucial as there are chances that TikTok followers bots can happen to post obnoxious content from your account or block your access to it.

Not the case for SocialViral, as it prides itself for its customer-friendly practices. It integrates with a large number of social media managers your activity on those platforms uniformly.

Though there is no free trial and no positive customer support, its speedy delivery of services and zero password requirement make it one of the 15 best TikTok bots for views, likes, and followers.



Looking for a reliable partner to get more likes, views and followers to your TikTok account? If yes, then don’t think twice before choosing Jarvee as your partner in success.

This application helps to grow your follower base and also increase your visibility & fame by getting you genuine reviews and likes without anything going wrong. We all know that in the influencer industry, one wrong move can ruin the reputation built over many months.

Jarvee is a bot that knows it well and makes sure that not a single wrong move is taken, on any of the social media platforms that it integrates with. You will also get a 5-day free trial with no need of entering credit card details. The advanced options for targeting your audience will stun you as your account will be reach out to exactly those who you want to love your work.

Tik Boost

Tik Boost

One name that you cannot afford to ignore is Tik Boost. If you are not one of the patient guys who can wait for long hours to get stunning results, then this is your tool to go with for getting results within few minutes.

The customized packages in this app delight everyone as the services appear affordable. In case of any technical glitches, you can simply chat with the customer support team and can get their expert advice to resolve your concerns.

It takes care of the security of your account and also of your data, lest you worry about privacy. Excellent customer support and customized packages are the additional perks for the users of this tool. However, free trial does not exists and the customer reviews are also limited, which impacts the trust factor for this tool.



Last but not least is Stormlikes, which is an amazing platform to get genuine likes, followers and views to your account. The instant delivery of services is something that makes every TikTok content creator happy.

The guaranteed instant delivery of services and the support for various social media platforms makes it worthy. Witness a storm of likes on your account by using one of the best TikTok likes bots that will make you a celebrity soon. The lack of free trial is upsetting, but the zero password requirement sets it apart from its peers in the market.



You may not believe that there exists a reliable and revered tool in the market that can help you grow your account’s visibility and reach meteorically by leveraging the best social media marketing tactics for your account.

Jeffery is a tool that many leading brands and established influencers are using today with great satisfaction. The tool uses online automated services to grow the outreach of your TikTok account and helps it increase followers and likes on other connected social media accounts as well.

If you want to become an influencer in a stress-free manner and want to manage your fans seamlessly, then this is the tool for you. You can automate the follow and unfollow activities on this app and use a campaign manager to customize how your TikTok account is supposed to grow.

Media Mister

Media Mister

For all those looking for a tool that can help get stress off their hands while managing TikTok accounts is Media Mister. This one app can help you relax and still grow the fame of your TikTok account like a pro.

Everything is made available under a single roof, and you can get the love of your audience on all social media platforms simultaneously. The platforms that Media Mister supports are TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, SoundCloud YouTube, and Twitter.

Just a few clicks can get you the skyrocketing growth that you have always dreamt of for your account. The personal touch that this platform provides, along with the proactive customer support and the excellent money-back guarantee makes Media Mister one of the best TikTok tools for views, likes and followers.


Becoming a superstar on TikTok is not that easy. If you want your account to stand out, you need to boast of a large number of followers, likes on videos and reviews. That is possible only when you have in your arsenal some of the best TikTok followers bots, TikTok likes bots and TikTok views bots. Help your account grow like a moonshot by leveraging one of the bots from our ultimate list and climb the ladder of success faster than others.

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