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10 Best Mystery Shows Like Lost To Watch in 2024

Shows Like Lost

The television industry has been able to enter and the mind and hearts of a lot of people and thus there are many tv series that have a separate fan base of their own. Some of the shows became popular all around the globe and get a proper fan base around the world. Some of the shows like game of thrones, the vampire diaries, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, etc have been able to gain quite a lot of fame around the world and even years after they have ended, the actors get recognized for their roles in these tv shows. In this Article, we have picked Some of the the best Shows Like Lost.

Lost is one such TV show that has gotten a part of every viewer’s heart. It is a show that sits right in the middle of the science fiction, drama, and thriller genre. Season one showed a very huge group of people who had to cooperate to handle the deserted island and the atrocities that live on it. The plot moves forward and the group has to go through a lot of things and experience a lot of supernatural occurrences. The show is a great way to enhance the mind’s capacity to think of fiction and has gotten a great fan base all around the world. 

Apart from Lost, there are other shows too that have a lot to express when it comes to science fiction. There is a separate section of people who love such kinds of shows. Here is a list of TV shows that are like Lost and can be a complete entertainment package for people.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Shows Like Lost To watch in 2023.



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The show was completed with four seasons and started with season 1 back in 2006. The show came out two years after Lost and was able to catch the attention of nearly every household. Teenagers and young adults used to watch each episode that used to air every single day. The show was able to create a separate space in the timetable of every viewer.

The show portrayed a group of individuals called Evos who resembled normal human beings but were more evolved than them as they had some powers. The main theme of the show was for these events to find their way to each other and fight a common enemy along with handling other problems that they may face.

The show was of four seasons and had a really interesting story. The show is believed to have gotten a spin-off too as Heroes JJ but the original cast or the director was not a part of it. This show is full of suspense and is great for science fiction fans.


Supernaturals - Shows Like Lost

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Even today, if you ask a teenager if he or she has watched Supernaturals, the answer is most likely to be yes. The show has been a part of the lives of a lot of viewers ever since the first season dropped in 2005. The multi starrer show has fifteen seasons and is by far one of the best TV shows ever. The show was able to get a lot of audiences dropped in at the initial stage itself and since then people have been loyal to it. It is one of the best Alternative To shows like Lost.

The viewers got to see a completely new world of supernatural creatures that may exist and for people who were not over Twilight yet, it was a whole new experience. The plot is also about two young boys who set out on the hunt for supernatural creatures for a competition. The show also has portrayed the naive girls who thought of twilight as the end of the supernatural world.

The show then moves on for more and more supernatural drama with coming seasons but the storyline of season 5 is by far the most loved one as the show moved on from less powerful supernatural creatures to entire immortal beings. This show is a complete entertainment set up for people and is thus suggested if a person is a fan of thriller and science fiction.

Storm Of the Century

Storm Of the Century  - Shows Like Lost

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If you are a fan of the Stephen King novels then, Storm of the century is a show that is made just for you. This tv show is based on the novel written by Stephen King and has the exact adaptation as the novel portrays. The plot of this show is completely adventurous and can give chills to the viewers at any given time. The show can provide a completely new experience of horror too as it is full of suspense and thrill.

The show is about a town that gets to suffer from a storm that cuts off its connection to the outer world and creates a claustrophobic kind of condition. The thing stranger about this storm is the appearance of a man who knows all the deepest darkest secrets of every person in town.

He murders one of the town members brutally and says just one thing, “Give me what I want and I will go.” The show thus revolves around this story and there are a lot of twists and turns that make the show even more engaging and worth watching.

The Lost Room

The Lost Room 

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Even after being from the 1960s, this show was something that was way ahead of its time and was able to get quite a lot of audience. Even today, people can watch it and still get a whole new experience. The show was of a completely new genre and storyline for the people back then and they were enjoying it completely. It is a show that was based on a motel room that was outside of what normal time and space would be.

All the objects from that room that entered the normal world would bring some powers with it and the person having those objects would get the powers. The show is somewhat like Heroes but has a different storyline and was made way before it.

The show is something that can get you on the edge too. It is filled with a lot of mystery and thrill. The acting was marvelous and the story of the show is quite great too. There are lots of people who have already watched the show and have loved it.

The Leftovers

The Leftovers 

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The show started in the year 2014 and had four successful seasons. Ever since the launch, the show got quite a lot of audience as it was somewhat Shows like Lost. It had the same scenario of mystery as Lost did but the storyline was different. The thing that made it different was that there were new mysteries as the show moved forward. It is a show that is based on the disappearance of 2% of the world’s population and the situations that led to it.

The main characters of the show try to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the people and with this, the show comes up with new explanations and even more mysteries left to be solved. The cast of the show did a great job in delivering the emotions right and also portray suspense as it should have been.

There are lots of fans of this show around the world. The show is from the science fiction and mystery genre and all the people who are into this genre are going to love this show. It is quite the way to understand how humans can be and is a great way to check the predicament of different characters.

The 100

The 100 

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It is one of the most popular science fiction and mystery-based shows around the world. As the name says, the show aired with 100 episodes and seven seasons. The show starts with an apocalypse that ends the whole world. Only a group of young criminals are left on the planet and they have to survive all the problems and the disasters that are to come.

Just Shows like Lost, the group of people has to work together but because of human nature, they play deception and also try to cross each other. It is a show more oriented towards survival and human instincts. The show aired all around the globe and has a huge following. Fans are crazy about this show and say that it is one of the most sophisticated mystery shows ever.

The characters are played by pretty famous actors and they have done a great job portraying what would happen if a group of criminals was left on a barren Earth. It is a show that can be recommended to the people who want to watch how a group of people would survive with nothing. It is fiction but has a compelling story too.


Fringe - Shows Like Lost

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If shows with science fiction and the roles of multiple universes excite you then fringe is the show that you must watch. With JJ Abrams co-producing it and being more active than he was in his last engagement, Lost, the show was Like able to get quite a lot of engagement with the audience. The show has 100 episodes just like The 100 but has a completely different storyline.

The show was aired on Fox and had a run from the year 2008 to 2013. This show was stretched quite long due to the audience that it had built up. There were multiple seasons and all of them had an intriguing story. The main story of this show is about the multiverse, parallel universes, different timelines, and many more things.

It is a complete science fiction shows that the geeks loved absolutely because of near to perfect description of the scientific occurrences. The show does not make up things on its own and thus is loved by people because of the actual scientific theories being used in it. There are a lot of people who would love this show if they have not watched it yet.


Westworld - Shows Like Lost

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The show started in 2016 and is currently running too. As of now, the audience has decreased because of the slow story and the plot not bringing something interesting and new. The first season of this show was a complete blast and it got a lot of attention to itself. There are lots of fans of this show around the world and they love how the human and artificial intelligence war was portrayed in this show.

The show is based on a rebel of robotic warriors created by humans. This show portrays some robots created by humans and left inside an amusement park. The robots become smart enough to do things on their own and then start a rebel against their creators.

The show had a great starting but lost momentum as it went ahead. But even with getting slow afterward, the first three seasons of the show are worth it and are great. The audience has loved these seasons and thus they recommend others to watch them too. If you are a fan of the show that might provide you with the knowledge of what may happen if AI gets too much power, then this is the show for you.


Dark - Shows Like Lost

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The show is a thriller that is loved all around the world. As the show started, it became an instant hit and is one of the greatest science fiction and thriller shows to be ever created. The show has a huge fan following and they simply say, if you have the brains to understand this show in one go, then you are truly a genius.

It is quite hard to understand the show in one go if you are not the one who pays attention to little details. The show mainly rotates around three timelines where people from a city in Germany start to disappear and they go back and forth in time.

It is a complex story and giving the details about the plot without spoiling it is very hard. For the people who are thinking about watching it or not, this show is worth it and has been able to boggle up the minds of some highly critical viewers too. Thus the show is worth it if one watches it with complete attention and keeps things in mind.


Manifest -

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The first season of this show aired in 2018 and even with the dying audience for the network TV, this show has been able to get quite a several people in love with it. There are lots of people that return to their TV sets every week just to watch this show’s episodes. The shows like Lost but has a more engaging and interesting storyline. The main story of this show is about a plane missing with the passengers and suddenly five years later, the passengers start reappearing.

The mystery is about where the plane went and how the people came back five years later. The bigger question is also about what happened to these people. The plot is revolving around all such things and the show is continuing with its seasons. This show is worth it for the people who want a science-fiction-based mystery as it delivers the mystery up to the mark. It is a great show and can be recommended to people for watching.


The genre of science fiction and mystery is growing day by day as people are more interested in scientific situations and how the world may change in the future. The people who love Lost may become a fan of all the series that are mentioned above as they are all worth it. These series are made for people who want to watch mystery-based shows Like Lost with science fiction in them. Thus to conclude, it can be said that people can try the shows in this list and then set their favorite on their own.

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