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10 Best Horror & Sci-fi Movies Like Bird Box to Watch in 2024

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When Bird Box first came out in 2018, there was so much hype and talk around it. A horror/sci-fi flick, it was set in a post-apocalyptic world, Bird Box follows the story of strangers who come together to survive in a world where a terrifying monster takes the form of an individual’s worst fear and then prompts them to kill themselves immediately.

In hope for a new beginning and some safety, a mother (played by Sandra Bullock) sets out on a dangerous journey with her two children that will have them traveling through a huge forest and a fierce river. And to keep themselves safe from the monster that lurks out there, they need to make the trip blindfolded.

A very interesting take on the post-apocalyptic monster movies, Bird Box had people either loving it, or hating it, and considering that you clicked here, we’re guessing you’re a part of the former and would love to explore more movies like this one. We’re put together a list of 10 movies you can watch after you’ve been bitten by the bug of post-apocalypse movies!

Here Are The Best Movies Like Bird Box :

A Quiet Place


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A Quiet Place is probably the one movie that gets compared to Bird Box the most. It follows the story of a family, trying their best to survive and live life as normally as possible in a (guess) post-apocalyptic world that is overrun by blind creatures that have immense speed, and operate mostly on their hearing. So while Bird Box focuses on the sense of sight, A Quiet Place deals with the creation (of lack of, rather) and hearing of sound.

While the movie is filled with thrill, it is very interesting just to see how people adapt to life where they need to cut out something that is so essential. Unlike Bird Box, where the characters could live without blindfolds inside their houses, A Quiet Place sees nowhere where people can safely make a sound. The ominous silence in the film really has us at the edge of our seats at the slightest sound, and that’s why this is the first movie on our list!



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If you are a Sci-fi movie geek you are sure to have watched Gravity. Gravity provides the audience with a riveting tale of an astronaut who is out on a mission in space. The beautiful animation and camera work allows you to have an immersive experience where you see the astronaut going about their lives against the background of the beautiful solar system.

As the story progresses, the movie takes a turn towards being a horror sci-fi movie.Having Sandra Bullock be one of the only protagonists in the movie makes it even better as the entire focus of the movie is based around her terrific acting. Seeing her overcome the huge set of odds that are stacked against her is satisfying in itself.

The movie is based on a space exploration mission that goes haywire. With a swift stroke, the entire mission changes from being an exploratory one to one of human survival.

Seeing the protagonist try her best to survive while being entrapped in space makes for an interesting watch. The themes of hope and despair run side by side in that movie. This movie is a great watch that can captivate you and keep you engrossed in the plot.

The Mist

The Mist

Available on Netflix | Amazon prime

The Mist is a show which takes you through a journey filled with many unknowns. As the name suggests a mysterious mist surrounds a town and they have to figure out what it is and how it affects them. When a small town in New England is hit with a storm the life as people knew completely changes. This storm brings with it a new phase for this town.

One will with horror and many unknowns. The fog which covers this small town hides a lot of mysteries and unknowns which the people of the town are not aware of.The mist surrounding the town harbors creatures that hunt humans. It is on the people to find the best way to survive. We suddenly see strangers uniting and putting up a joint front against these creatures who want to rob them of their lives.

The mist creates a sequence of circumstances that lead the viewers further into the plotline. The personality characteristics of all of these people come to the forefront. This movie is a story of survival and a bold attempt of clinging to hope when the odds are stacked against them.

The movie provides a vivid experience of dealing with dangerous creatures and how humans decide to take back their planet. With the themes of people banding together and the survival of humans against mysterious creatures, this movie is quite similar to Bird Box.

Don’t Breathe


Available on Netflix 

Now this is a movie from a more “home invasion” sub-genre that will definitely keep you sitting at the edge of your seat, and unlike all the home invasion movies preying on the poor people living inside the houses, this one will turn the tables right around and have us worrying about, and rooting for the people who are invading the home in the first place!

The movie follows the story of 3 teen delinquents who decide to break into the house of a blind war veteran to steal his money. But unfortunately for them, the old, blind man is not as defence-less as they originally thought, and the night turns into a nightmare.

What’s interesting about this movie is the sound effects. Films, especially horror/thriller films rely heavily on the running sound effects to supply the atmosphere of the movie, and Don’t Breathe has almost nothing. But this lack of sound actually plays a huge role in making the movie what it is and we think you should definitely check it out!



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Next on our list we have a 2002 release from M. Night Shyamalan, Signs. Signs is a movie that has more to do with extra-terrestrial presences rather than supernatural ones, but the sci-fi vibe is pretty much the same. This movie sees Father Graham Hess and his family moving to a farmhouse that later becomes a site of mysterious crop circles, suggesting the existence of alien life. What starts off as just a little bit of mystery turns into horror when they realise that the aliens are actually pretty hostile.

A hugely popular movie when it first came out, this Mel Gibson starrer probably didn’t miss you either, but in case it did, we highly suggest you give it a watch. And even if you have, we recommend watching it again and finding similarities between it and Bird Box that would probably not have come to your mind at first!

It Comes At Night


Available on Netflix  

Next, we have a more mysterious horror movie that was released in 2017, named It Comes at Night. Following the eerie aftermath of a mysterious (wait for it) apocalypse that doesn’t leave many survivors, two families come to live in a house together just to have that little bit of extra protection and togetherness, especially when it comes to keeping at bay the danger that lurks outside.

But the harmony they have between them soon gets replaced by a veil of suspicion that has them not being able to trust each other, wondering if what they’re been so scared of hasn’t been on the outside, but is actually something within the walls of the house they live in.

This movie is filled to the brim with mystery and is a really good slow-burn film if you like something that keeps you guessing and wondering and working with your mind throughout. The themes that it shares with Bird Box have us believing that you’ll really love this movie!


HUSH Movie

Available on Netflix

We’ve mentioned at number one on our list, A Quiet Place, and this is another movie that has to do with hearing, or rather, the lack of it. It follows the story of a deaf writer who retreats into the woods to live a solitary life in order to continue writing in peace, but her peace is shattered when a masked killer appears at her window, forcing her to fight for her life in a world that has no sound.

A lot of the movies that we mention so far have to do with the senses. We have A Quiet Place, Don’t Breathe, Bird Box, of course, and the latest on our list, Hush is no exception. It really makes you think of how much easier it would have been if the protagonist hadn’t been deaf, especially when the killer is right behind her and she has no way of hearing him unless she actually turns around! A thrilling horror, this is another movie that we think you’ll enjoy!

The Road


Available on Netflix 

Another movie set in a post-apocalyptic world, The Road, released in 2009 is similar to Bird Box in terms of the journey that the protagonists set out on in search of a place they can be safe.

The movie sees a father setting out across a barren landscape with his son, due south in search of a hospitable environment that will warrant their survival. But things take a turn for the worse when they encounter a cult of cannibals who will either eat them or turn them into their slaves.

The trailer doesn’t do much justice to the film, and if you go into it expected only the usual action, thrill, and suspense that comes with these movies, you’ll be in for a surprise. A much, much darker movie than most, The Road will make you think and then leave you numb with questions of what it even means to exist. A great watch then we would recommend to anyone, regardless of whether or not they enjoyed Bird Box!

War Of The Worlds


Available on Netflix 


Another alien-related sci-fi/horror, Tom Cruise starrer, War of the Worlds is the next movie on our list! War of the Worlds is a very underrated thriller that came out in 2005 and surprisingly didn’t blow up immediately! It sees a father having to come into his own and look after his family when a threatening alien species comes to the earth. The characters are endearing, as are their arcs as they use their love for each other as their main source of strength to keep going.

The tone of the film is dark, grim, ominous, and well, post-apocalyptic (props to you if you didn’t see that coming), and we have good reason to believe it’ll be a great next watch after Bird Box. Especially if you also liked the third movie on this list, Signs, War of the Worlds will be right up your alley!

28 Days Later


Available on Netflix 

Now this is one of those movies that you simply cannot miss if you’re big on the post-apocalyptic sub-genre of horror/thriller flicks! 28 Days Later even makes an appearance in the horror/thriller category of the popular book ‘501 Must See Movies’ and that’s reason enough to watch it! Released in 2002, 28 Days Later was actually a sequel to another post-apocalyptic horror movie called ’28 Weeks Later’, and while people anticipated the first to be scarier, the second one really took the bait. It can also be watched as a stand-alone movie so don’t worry; you can get right down to it!

It follows the story of group of survivors who must try their best to save their lives after a mysterious virus wreaks havoc in the UK. We watch as they struggle to cope with the aftermath and try to find security. A great movie, for sure, we won’t hesitate a minute before recommending it!

It Follows


Available on Netflix 

Last on our list, we have It Follows. Now, It Follows actually is the most different out of all the movies we’ve put forth on this list, and the reason we recommend it is because of the thing that causes the terror in the first place. Bird Box has a mysterious element that takes the form of a person’s worst fears, and this shape-shifting characteristic is also seen in the “antagonist” of It Follows.

The movie follows the story of a teenager, Jay who sleeps with her new boyfriend for the first time and learns that she is the latest recipient of a fatal curse that is passed from victim to victim via sexual intercourse. This curse will bring her death, and Jay learns that it will slowly creep toward her as either a friend or a stranger, making it all the more difficult to avoid it. Since it is visible to no one else, it is hard for her friends to believe her paranoia, but when they too begin to see the effects of this supernatural curse, they try to help her defend herself.

And that brings us to the end of our list! We hope you liked these recommendations, and if you feel like we missed out on any good ones, feel free to let us know!

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