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10 Best Action & Sci-fi Movies like Hunger Games To Watch in 2023

Best Movies like Hunger Games

Hunger Games is a film that has been widely praised worldwide, primarily because of Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning performance. Aside from being a brilliantly conveyed story, it’s one of the few movies that have given an actress the reins of the plot. And it’s an extra bonus because it’s someone like J-Law who proved her talent on the silver screen by winning an Academy Award.

On a separate note, quite a few movies have been released in the past decade that is based on dystopian and post-apocalyptic futures. These films describe a society where humanity has had to start essentially from scratch, and the people are under a regime that they don’t like. Below is a compilation of movies like the Hunger Game Series. Many are on the same theme.

We’ve also included some that aren’t exactly the same but have the same ethos. You can watch some of those movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu.

Movies like Hunger games are followings :

Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game Movie

Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) is a mute but genius boy, recruited by the New Earth’s Foreign Military Regime. Fifty years ago, in an invasion, an alien race called the Formics nearly conquered the planet. The Military is currently developing an attack for which Ender Wiggin and several other young teens have been recruited.

Because of their ability to obey orders without a doubt and respond very easily to challenges, children are chosen to command an army of robot spaceships. In other terms, they are both dumb and clever.

As expected, Ender turns out to be the kid protegé. In the process of preparation, he becomes cold and emotionless. However, when he realizes that in his mission he must make a whole race of organisms extinct, his faith dwindles. Will he choose between the lesser evils? A fantasy Dystopian with a mind-boggling climax.

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This film is the third installment of Riddick ‘s popular science fiction series Chronicles, a continuation of the life of a fugitive interstellar assassin. Going by the name of Riddick, he’s a legendary thief and killer with a major bounty on his back. Throughout the universes, he is also known for murdering any mercenary that comes after him.

Riddick was betrayed by his leader after becoming the king of the Necromongers and left to die on a barren, sun-scorched world. Yet the stubborn warrior he is, Riddick refuses to die and must find a way to survive in the dangerous world slowly yet inevitably. Then, he himself calls a squad of mercenaries to apprehend him after finding an emergency signal. Where do you get this sort of trust? Group crowds tend to swarm in to catch the notorious Riddick.

Will this time the lone-wolf get apprehended? And would any fool who makes the mistake of getting in his way destroy one by one as usual? I think the answer is, you know.

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The Maze Runner

Stuck inside a strange and ever-changing labyrinth, a group of boys (keeping no gender ratio) try to understand their purpose. They are waiting for the ‘elevator,’ which brings a new boy every 30 days, without recollection and no directions about how to proceed. We don’t know why they’re being held hostage there; they just have to get out of there.

They run the length of the maze every day -which continues to change in a fixed pattern every day- to map it. The plot thickens when a boy Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and a girl Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) arrive one day, after which the elevator stops to return. The incumbents are afraid of the new development and begin to blame the couple for what has happened.

With no recollection of how he ended up there and what function does Thomas want to fulfill? Maze Runner is yet another ultra entertaining starting point for a dystopian-world series that will attract you in the same manner as the Hunger Game series.

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The Giver

The Giver Movie

Featuring a fictional utilitarian society, this film describes a world without emotions, free will, and colors. Where are they still living? I mean what are they calling an orange? So in this dystopian world, the Chief Elder (Meryl Streep) and other Elders set up an impartial governing system several years after ‘The Ruin’ – a world-ending event. Or so it seems.

In this new universe, from the Giver (Jeff Bridges) an adolescent Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) is selected to obtain earth knowledge before the Disaster. Being the protector of all intelligence before and after the alleged initiation of a drug regime that dulls the human senses. The Giver gives it to the eager Jonas and opens his eyes to the reality of their way of life.

He gives him books to read, and music to listen to make him realize what the people in this seemingly peaceful existence are missing. Could the latest beneficiary of history change the trajectory of the coming history and save us from the Chief Elder’s evil intentions.

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I am Number Four

I am Number Four

This science-fiction thriller, starring Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, and Teresa Palmer, tells the story of John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), an alien from Lorien’s planet. To escape from an invader species called Mogadorians who want to kill all Loriens, he and eight other gifted children are hiding alongside their guardians on Earth. John’s guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant) is bent on protecting him because he is special at any cost.

That sometimes gets his adolescent social life in the way. When attempting to flee the Mogadorians who have already murdered three of the talented kids in a new town, John becomes friends with fellow classmate and aspiring photographer Sarah Hart (Dianna Agron). John is attempting to fend off the terrorists who intend to murder them in cold blood alongside her and another Lorien kid Number Six (Teresa Palmer). Is He going to succeed?

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The Percy Jackson Series

The Percy Jackson Series movie

Also Check More Books Like Percy Jackson

Many young adult books feature the arrival of a teenage character to a whole new setting that they would have to adapt to quickly. Although Katniss is going through her preparation to play in the games, Percy Jackson is going through an experience much like that.

Joining Camp Half-Blood, Percy hears of his identity as a demi-god and must easily assimilate himself into this new universe of mythology so that he can survive and one day lives up to the promise he is destined to fulfill. It’s packed with action and a lot of fun! There are also apps like Hunger Games where you can play the game similar to the movie.

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Divergent movies

Also Check More Books Like Divergent, Movies Like Divergent

People have begun living in groups inside the dystopian dystopia. They’ll have to make a choice as soon as someone grows old enough. They have to decide if they want to stay within the same family faction or choose any other faction.

When an adolescent makes a surprising choice, she has to undergo extreme psychological and physical changes in order to outcompete others or she risks any particular faction. What she shouldn’t say us is that she’s Divergent, not suited for either group. Whoever knows that will mean death for certain. But this is the key which could save her men.

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Welcome to a world without feelings. Humans have established that feelings are worthless and pointless at the heart of all their problems. They invented a pill that would eliminate all human feelings. The government has been effective in eliminating all the sufferings and conflicts, but in the end, the basic human dimension has also been lost.

In amongst this secret hysteria, an official tasked with upholding law and order John Preston (Christian Bale) loses a dose of the mind-altering drug. He realizes that living without feelings is not practical, and ventures on a solitary mission to overthrow the ruthless, mindless regime. Christian Bale ‘s action in this film and the acting displayed -as usual- is something to savor.

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V for Vendetta

“Remember, remember November Fifth.” If you’re interested in one person standing up for the common people against a corrupt government, you can’t do any better than this. With some exceptional acting shown by Winner Natalie Portman of Hugo Weaving and Academy Award, this film is bound to make your hair stand up. Set in 2027, it tells about a time in which the whole world is in turmoil. The United States is plagued by a pandemic and is in civil unrest.

On the other hand, the United Kingdom is ruled by a fascist regime that executes whoever the government finds ‘inappropriate.’ An unknown revolutionary named V (Hugo Weaving) rises in this Chaos.

He blows up the House of Parliament with a spirited young girl Every Hammond (Natalie Portman), to recreate the Gunpowder Treason. With the explosion, the sound of freedom resounds throughout the town. The deaf simply watches out when the scream is loud.

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Fans of Jennifer Lawrence will be super-excited as they will be able to get a lot of face-time involving the very talented actress. This film will at the same time lead you to doubt your morals and common sense. Set in deep space, the starship Avalon brings more than 5000 passengers-deep in cryosleep-on a 120-year trip to their new planet Homestead II.

Halfway, the spacecraft crashes, waking only one passenger Jim Preston (Chris Pratt). Jim contemplates suicide after being isolated for a year, but wakes up another passenger, Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence), instead. He tells her that her cryo-pod malfunctioned to gain her confidence.

Aurora begins writing her life story after accepting her fate that she will probably never see the new planet, and eventually falls in love with Jim. But when she learns what Jim did, she resents him for ruining her marriage. A near brush with death makes the couple question their goals. Aurora wants to spend her time on the starship with Jim, instead of sleeping again. Tell us what you’d prefer: a life with people you don’t even meet or spend a brief time with only one guy you can’t do without?

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The Road

The Road Movie

Another grim addition to this list now and the best-selling, post-apocalyptic book is also based on this. The story centers around a young boy and his father as they travel across the country during what seems to be a zombie apocalypse outbreak. Protecting his son at all costs is really about the father and his child’s emotional journey and the sacrifices he will undergo to protect his family. This is an emotionally powerful film that plays on some of the Everdeen saga themes.

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The Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter Series Movie

CheckOut Movies like Harry Potter

You have already seen Harry Potter, frankly. This is one of the few franchises that has (highly) outsold Hunger Games and is essentially one of the rising names on earth, producing everything from theatre productions to theme parks. However, if you haven’t, the style overlaps a lot with Katniss and co escapades. Focused on children with so much pressure for life or death on their hands, both film series will create a fairly bleak world of bursts of feel-good happiness and nearly limitless re-watching.

However, you can get further into both worlds by contrasting the movies with the novels. As the Harry Potter movies have become a franchise there are many official stores that sell the official goodies. Likewise, there are stores like Hunger Games where you can find the official movie memorabilia.

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Oblivion Movie

Do you want to see the world destroyed and start over? Okay, luck is in you. It’s the year 2077, and 60 years after a battle with extraterrestrials, the world now lies covered under toxic-radiated garbage. Most humans save for two men, Jack (Tom Cruise) and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), have left Earth. Its role is to supervise the exploitation of residual natural resources, especially water.

The life of the pair improves when a girl named Julia (Olga Kurylenko) crashes in their field with her cryo-pad. She learns something about Jack and a hidden reality that lets all of them understand that a sinister plot is operating against society as a whole. Could one man defy all odds and rescue the rest of humanity from a wipeout?

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The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element

“The Fifth Element” is a story with imagination, determination, and result from the French modern father of action Luc Besson. Set in a dystopian universe about 200 years from now, it revolves around planet Earth ‘s redemption from darkness, where five elements (4 stones and one human) play a major role in this daring quest that combines fate with a cab driver ‘s journey played by Bruce Willis. Colorfully entertaining, it incorporates the signature style and cinematography of the director, coupled with Jean Paul Gaultier ‘s impressive costumes. An eye-grabbing enterprise in operation for the pleasure in everyone.

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road Movie

Check Out More Movies Like Mad max

Wanting to see a protest against a corrupt, autocratic regime? You ‘re right on the mark. Since the annihilation of the Planet by a nuclear holocaust, a cruel tyrant named Immortan Joe had made the refugees his prisoners, with false promises to send them to Valhalla. His commander Imperator Furiosa, the ultra-talented Charlize Theron, rebelled and ran away with Immortan Joe’s five daughters, whom he had specially selected for breeding. Joe, fearful of losing his prized possessions, sends Furiosa to catch the army of his best boys in the battle. In the middle of all this madness, is a human Max (Tom Hardy), captured by the War Boys and used as a blood bag.

Max invariably ends up with Furiosa after getting himself freed, which starts a chain of events. Watch this crazy couple riding with other mindless freaks on their trail together on the way to death. The ultra-entertaining film was nominated for ten Oscars, six of which it won.

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Trust us you ‘re not going to be disappointed. You can also find websites like Hunger games and play the movie online.


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