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10 Best Sites to Get Free Instagram Likes in 2024 (Safe & Real)

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There is no questioning the fact that today one of the biggest social media platforms is Instagram. It pulls in millions of active users daily making it one of the most potential places for people to get noticed or for companies to market their products.

But as we all know the more the number of users in a platform, the harder it is to get noticed. This is the reason there are so many social media service providers that provide services to boost your stats on these social media platforms.

But most of these services are paid services which can make people hesitant. So, we have decided to compile a list of service providers that provide free services for Instagram.

This list will inform you about some websites where you can get free likes for your Instagram posts. So, without spending any money you can get a bunch of likes. Let’s get into it!

So here is the list of best sites to get Instagram likes for free:


Viralyft - free instagram likes

Viralyft is a social media service provider which is only focused on providing free likes for your Instagram post. The company understands that there are multiple service providers which provide a tonne of different services for various social media platforms.

But these services are very expensive and many times they will not work as expected. So, you are taking a sort of a gamble when it comes to purchasing such services to boost your growth on various popular social media platforms. Here, there is no need for you to take any risk as the service is completely free.

The company claims to provide good quality security and ensures that no harm will come to your account. If even the slightest hint of error is found all activities are immediately stopped. The company claims that this reduces the risk of any unwanted scenario to almost zero percent.

You do need to sign in with your Instagram account. This can put many people off and we understand that. But if you are willing to try it then you can end up getting a bunch of likes for your posts for free. Also, the company is claiming to have good security.



Famoid is one of the popular social media service providers which has a bunch of services for various different platforms. The company has been around for three years having been founded in the year 2017. It is currently headquartered in Delaware, United States.

They understand that the quality of service is what matters in Thai competitive market but that is not enough if you can’t build a trustworthy relationship with your clients.

Famoid treats their clients individually and tries to give them the best support. The company name is actually made up of two words Famous and oid (this means a sort of object).

So, basically, the name means – an object which can make you famous. You will find a bunch of essential social media services on this website which makes it easier for you to improve your presence on multiple social media platforms.

The company claims that the prices of the services it provides are quite competitive. PayPal and SafeCharge are the payment options that clients can use to purchase the services.

You can get free Instagram likes for your posts using Famoid. Just put in your Instagram user id and email address and you can get 50 free Instagram likes for your latest post. Famoid claims that this service can be used every 24 hours. So, why not give it a try?


like 4 like

Like4like is a bit different in its approach than the previous company when it comes to delivering social media services for Instagram. It uses a system for exchanging likes. This is one technique that many websites and social media service providers use.

They basically provide a platform for users to like others’ posts and get likes in exchange. There is a little chance of getting bot or fake likes. This is because the posts of other users that you will like are going to be real accounts.

Similarly, other users who are looking to get some interactions on their posts will be looking to exchange likes by liking your posts. So, you do not have to worry about bot or fake accounts.

Most of the steps are automated on this platform and you just have to decide where you want to spend your likes. You can install the chrome extension for Like4like.

You do not need to register or anything. Just sign in to your Instagram account and start exchanging likes. Like4like will be the one to exchange likes with others so that you get more likes.

Once you have a good number of likes you can choose where to spend them. It is not a hard process so check it out.



When you are trying to provide social media services for popular social media platforms like Instagram then you have to face some serious competition.

There are many companies which provide such services so you have to give something different. Likezoid is a website that provides social media services for Instagram.

It claims that it will help you get free Instagram likes from users who are real so no fake or not accounts. The company also says that the likes will be from accounts whose users are genuinely interested in your posts.

Follower retention is something that is very crucial if you are looking to make it big on social media. You can buy followers or use websites to get free likes and stuff but if people are just doing it because your one post was good or because you subscribed to an app then you will lose the following.

So, if people are genuinely interested in what you put out they will stick longer and maybe even become your follower. Likezoid helps you achieve this. Download and install the application on your desktop and log in to your Instagram account.

It is completely secure as the login is done via the Instagram portal itself and not via Likezoid’s application. Now you have to add up to 5 users and you are done.

Just minimize the application and it will run in the background. Likezoid basically uses its network of Instagram users to help get your posts the attention they deserve.



InstaFollowers.co is quite a popular website that sells various social media services for many popular social media platforms. Some of these platforms are TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But as you can sort of guess from the name of the company it sort of markets its Instagram services more.

InstaFollowers is a corporate and trusted website which has many services all aimed to improve your presence on social media platforms. You can get free Instagram likes using the free service provided by InstaFollowers.

The company does have paid services and more packages but if you just want to try out and get a glimpse of what’s going to be in the store for you then you can use the free Instagram-like service. It will not only give you an idea about this company but also boost the likes on the Instagram post of your choice.

When you visit the website of InstaFollowers you will see a box named Photo Link. You can paste the URL of your Instagram post in this box.

Now you have to click on the get free likes button and wait. You will see a bar loading. Wait till it reaches 100%. This service will increase the likes on your selected post by 50. If you like the service you can opt for more likes by choosing a package and paying for it.



Ezlikers is a website where you can get services for free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. It is basically an auto-liker and an auto-follower tool for Instagram.

So, if you are not sure whether you would like to go for social media service providers for your social media marketing strategy then before paying for service elsewhere you can try out the free service on Ezlikers.

The company claims that this service is completely safe and will not cause any problems to your account. The interface is very simple and easy to use and the out is quite fast. All you have to do is visit the website and sign up to start getting noticed on Instagram.

Ezlikers claims that the followers and likes that you receive are 100% real. You have to log in using your Instagram name and password.

This might put some people off since nobody feels safe entering their account password elsewhere but the website claims that everything is safe and the security is tight. There will not be any unauthorized access. Head on to the website to see if you like it.



One of the newer brands in the scene of the social media service providers market is Trollishly. The parent company of Trollishly is Rise Up Digital FZE and is based in UAE.

The brand has started in 2019. But don’t worry about the company being a new one since it claims to provide good quality services for its clients. Trollishly provides various services related to web design and digital marketing.

Within the one year that they have been active, they have been able to get hundreds of clients and provide satisfactory services to them by selling good-quality social media services.

The basic approach that Trollishly takes while doing business is to build a good relationship with the client while providing them with good services.

A loyal customer base can bring in more customers. Trollishly provides fast delivery of services and the clients will not have to wait for a long time to see their social profiles boosted up.

One of the features that the company claims sets it apart from many others is that you will find a plethora of different services made for multiple different popular social media platforms in one place.

You can opt for a freebie service in Trollishly to get free likes for your Instagram posts. Go to the freebies option and provide your name, email and Instagram post URL. Then click the get free likes button. You will get 50 likes for your post.



InstaGrowing is a place for free Instagram likes trial. This website is all about helping you get a bunch of few likes in just a few clicks.

InstaGrowing believes that likes are quite an important factor when it comes to growth on Instagram. And just posting perfect photos and captioning them with appropriate hashtags will not ensure your success.

So, if you get a bit of a boost in terms of the number of likes it can help you. The company promises that everyone can use its free Instagram likes trial to get free likes for their Instagram post.

The team will give you its full support to help you access this service. InstaGrowing claims that using its services you can ensure that you will get likes from real accounts only.

One thing which is good about this service is that you do not need to enter your Instagram account password. Just put in your username and email id and you are done. It takes about 10 minutes for the likes to be delivered to your Instagram post.

So, it is very quick delivery. Currently, the company is providing 10 or 50 likes for free but they are hoping to make it more flexible by providing 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100 free likes.


IDigic.net buy instagram likes

The last website that we will take a look at is iDigic.net. This is another website that provides services for Instagram users to boost their presence on the platform. iDigic understands the difficulties that many Instagram users face while trying to grow their follower base on the platform.

It is hard to get noticed these days which is why social media service providers like iDigic exist. The company offers you multiple packages to increase the number of likes on your Instagram posts, the number of views on your video posts, and the number of followers on your account.


These services are geared towards increasing your visibility on Instagram. The company guarantees fast delivery of the services and also claims to provide a drop guarantee because you will get your stats from real accounts which will not be banned.

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