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10 Best Sites to Get Free Instagram Followers in 2024

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. You know something is going to be very important when Facebook swoops in and buys it. Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars!

So, what makes it so important? The X factor of Instagram is the users like with any other social media platforms. The more the number of people using the platform the more important it becomes.

That is the reason why brands and companies are using Instagram to market their products and are choosing social media influencers to promote their stuff. This has made Instagram a very competitive place and it has become content-saturated. So, for newcomers, it becomes tough to get noticed.

However, you can use various social media service providers to get a boost. But if you are skeptical about buying these services then why not try them for free! Yes, you get to try these services for free from various sites.

 Best Sites to Buy Followers on Instagram 

Following is the list of sites where you can get free followers for your Instagram account:


free instagram followers

Considering Instagram is such a revolution when it comes to making a mark online, it is justified that people are so busy hunting for followers. It can be called a mad race to establish one’s presence online.

However, if there are trustworthy sites to get free Instagram followers, there is no need to buy fake ones from elsewhere. Viralyft is one such site that assures genuine followers for free.

The website has several plans and packages to offer to people with different needs. Whatever plan and pricing you choose, there are some basics that Viralyft always assures you.

It promises genuine followers who can actively engage with your profile, lending it greater visibility in no time. Besides, the entire process seems organic and fluid, and not forced in any way. Viralyft works 24×7 for user satisfaction and security.

The chief reason to opt for Viralyft if you want to magnify your presence on Instagram is the composite package of trustworthy deals they have to offer. Besides, their features range beyond Instagram, covering multiple social media sites. Wouldn’t it be great to have all your social media woes solved on one platform itself?



Kicksta is a social media service provider that promises user organic instagram follower growth on Instagram. There will be no fake likes, bot, or fake accounts. Everything will be real and authentic.

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology Kicksta helps its customers to experience pure organic growth. So, if you are tired of buying likes, followers, and other stats from companies that just feed you with fake likes and followers then check out Kicksta.

The company has helped more than 10,000 brands and influencers to increase their presence on Instagram and receive a boost in the number of followers all via organic methods.


Let’s kickstart the list with ProjectInsta. It is a popular social media service provider that provides its services primarily for Instagram. The company understands the impact that Instagram has on the online world and thus wants to provide services for people to get a bit of boost for their Instagram growth.

The company has been following the various changes that take place on Instagram be it the algorithm or be it the terms and conditions and so they try their best to provide services in a way that is safe for the users and does not cause any problems for their accounts.

ProjectInsta is basically a free followers website. They have made their services easier and efficient to access so that people can get the boost they need easily. With this site, you can gain up to 80,000 followers, and don’t worry the site tries it’s best to make sure that your account is safe and you don’t end up getting in any trouble.

The followers they provide are genuine and the claim that these followers will follow you because they are interested in your profile i.e. the content that you provide. The site has built a huge network of Instagram users with their transparent policies and their motto is to help you get a good follower boost so you can get your profile noticed.

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta review

Mr. Insta is a  popular social media service provider that provides services for some of the top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. But as you have guessed from its name the company primarily provides a tool for clients to boost their Instagram growth.

The site has been providing services since 2013 and even though it seems that the company does not have much experience in terms of years it claims to have served 1 million customers. Now, that is an impressive feat.

They have various services for Instagram and if you use their premium services you can even get targeted followers (like you can choose male or female-only followers). The company has a free followers package that anyone can avail.

They guarantee that it is safe and you just need your account to be public. You will be able to gain 25 followers and they will be all real. They ask you to follow 10 targeted profiles. If you buy their premium package though you do not have to follow any profiles and you will just get your followers.


famoid review

Famoid came into existence three years ago and is a Delaware based company. It develops software solutions for industries. The company is also popular for being a social media service provider. Don’t worry about it being a relatively new company in the scene.

Famoid has served thousands of clients even in this short time span. Also geared towards making people popular and the company’s name suggests that.

Famoid is basically made up of two words Famous and old (short for object identifier) and when clubbed together means an object which will make you famous. Famoid offers free Instagram followers to their clients. You can get up to 100 free Instagram followers and they will be delivered to you in 6-12 hours.

The site claims that you can use their free toll every 7 days. Famoid assures that this tool is 100% safe for you to use and they do not need your password or any other related information. Just enter your Username, email address, and prove you are not a bot and voila you get your followers. Go ahead give Famoid a try.


Like most companies on this list, Trollishly.com is a very new company. Its parent company is Rise Up Digital FZE which has been in existence since last year and is based out of UAE. The company mainly deals with web designs and digital marketing.

They have been providing essential applications to the industry. Trollishly.com is a venture of the company to provide social media services to clients who wish to gain an edge in this competitive world. The company claims that unlike other companies it provides a sense of trust to its customers and the delivery of the products is at a better speed.

Trollishly.com is also your one-stop destination for all your social media services needs as they provide services for some of the most popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

This means that if you do end up liking their service you can boost your other social profiles from here. The free service for Instagram followers can get you, 50 followers. Just enter your name, username, and email address. That’s it!


Idigic review

Idigic is a social media service provider that provides various services for clients to improve their presence on Instagram. It has good knowledge about the terms and conditions of the platform and thus tries to deliver it’s clients a safe and secure service.

The company understands that it is hard to get an edge in this competitive platform and so they have curated their services to help their clients out. You can buy followers, likes, and views. And they have several packages to choose from.

But besides hits offering followers the company also provides a detailed report about the Instagram followers. They take some time to compile the report but claims that it wi benefit you to understand how your account is doing.

And, claims to have great customer service and whenever in doubt you can call them to resolve or clarify issues. The “free followers” feature of Idigic will enable you to get Instagram followers for free. You just need to provide your email and username and ni password is needed so you can be assured that your account will be safe.

Turbo Media

Being a social media hit matters a lot these days whether you are an individual or a business venture. Instagram is the biggest social media giant these days; its importance cannot be neglected. Turbo Media realizes this potential of Instagram in shaping the digital world these days. Therefore, it’s offers of helping you gain free Instagram followers seems quite a catch.

Unlike several scams on the internet, Turbo Media offers high-quality followers for your account using both free and premium services.

The best part about Turbo Media’s campaign is its simplicity. All you need to do is activate the survey of your choice by undertaking a short survey or 5 simple social media actions. The activation of the chosen plan ensures that you immediately start getting more followers, likes, and engagement with your posts.

The difference between Turbo Media’s free and paid plans is that with a free service you will need to manually repeat the process every 24 hours. With a paid plan, however, it is not just the volume of engagement that seems to increase.

The service too is automated for the weekly reception of new followers and likes. The free service, however, sounds quite charming on its own – assurance of only genuine followers, safety, and security. Turbo Media has a record of serving 500,000 Instagram users so far and has quite high ratings for its services.

Social Captain

The digital world has become highly competitive these days for people who wish to make a mark. The number of followers and likes on social media platforms like Instagram has come to be associated directly with hits and flops.

Instead of running toward websites that offer fake followers at a price, opting for Social Captain is a wise choice. Social Captain assures only quality likes and followers for your Instagram posts and page.

This means any engagement in your post comes from real people who actively engage with your content. Although there are packages of all ranges available on their site, you can always opt for a free one just to be sure.

The primary reason for choosing Social Captain over other websites is their lightning fast delivery. Believe it or not, as soon as you are done signing in with your username, all it takes is some time for the results to start showing.

There is no need for cumbersome procedures of registration and sharing passwords. Even if you opt for a paid service and are not satisfied with their delivery, you can avail of a 100% refund. However, with the kind of services Social Captain provides, there would be no need for the above.

Social Follow

If you are looking for sites to get Instagram followers for free, Social Follow is one of the top choices. The site offers free services for both Windows and Mac-based operating systems. They have an impressive per account average of 2000 followers, considering the services they provide are completely free. Besides, Social follow has an average user rating of 4.89/5, which speaks a lot about their quality of service.

There is no denying the fact that a larger number of followers ensures better brand value. Whether you represent a business account or are an influencer, a greater number of followers and volume of engagement always make you stand out of the crowd. It is somewhat like a snowball effect when it comes to Instagram – a greater follower count automatically lures more people to follow you.

With a handsome count of 10,000+ regular users, Social Follow is quite a revolution. They place security and safety at the fore. This means no fake accounts, no annoying surveys, no sharing of data, and no need for sharing passwords.

Social Follow has a limit of 50 followers a day every page, which means at the end of a month you can have 1500 genuine followers. Such an impressive package priced free is a great bargain for people looking to expand their reach.

Insta Macro

Getting your Instagram profile to stand out is extremely important, considering every field and niche has so many active competitors. This becomes even more important when your profile is talking about your business, idea or personality.

No wonder, more and more influencers, brands and ventures are looking forward to magnifying their presence online. Doing this on Instagram means expanding follower count and getting more likes on posts.

With Insta Macro, achieving the above is simple, easy, and cost-free. Insta Macro helps automate your tasks and daily activities so that your account organically gains more following on the social media platform. This ensures that your increased reach is not just genuine, but also comprises of your target audience. In contrast, sites that offer paid followers pick them out at random, thus leading them to unfollow you after a few days.

Insta Macro has premium services that you can avail at different price ranges. However, just to be sure of their service quality, you can always opt for a free trial.

Efficiently designed and flexibly programmed, Insta Macro is one site guarantees speed, quality, and growth with their impeccable delivery. You have to try their service to believe all of this. All it would take is a few minutes of your time to fulfill the formalities and the results are almost instantaneous.

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