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Liebherr Refrigerator

  • 2021-02-08 07:49:27
  • RATED 1

I bought this Liebherr Refrigerator on… I bought this Liebherr Refrigerator on 12 Nov 2020 invoice no ** thinking it’s a German product though new in the market, would be excellent. To my dismay and disappointment the Refrigerator stopped giving required cooling from the beginning of Feb 2021. It implies that within two and half months the money I spent seems has gone into the drain. I was given complaint number BD 020-40015 by the Help centre of Liebherr for the continuation of the problem registered on 3 Feb 2021. As per the technician he put it under observation and left. Today is the third day and no one cared to get back. I bought this product to not to add to my woes and misery. Please have the money refunded immediately. I don’t want to keep your product. Thanks.


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