Reviews XP is an online portal where consumers can post their reviews about products, brands, service providers, books, video games and anything else under the sun, for which they have paid for. By using this community, you can help other customers who are planning to spend money on the same commodity.

You can share experiences that you had with a brand or a product. If the experience was good, let people know, so that they can also avail its benefits. On the other hand, if you had a sour consumer experience then definitely post a review and rate a product so that other customers don’t get duped of their hard earned money.

We aim to provide a platform to the customers worldwide that ends the malpractices of retailers, service providers and brands. We also aim to support and care for the interest of the customers, so that they can shop around for goods with confidence.

What products, services or brands can I review?

Any and all of them. From spa services to cab services, from online hotel booking to flight meals, from protein shakes to a chiropractor in Mumbai, from smartwatches bought from a vendor in Palika Bazaar to new iPhone 6S delivered by a retailer in Borivali, from a particular hair oil to hair transplant clinics; you can review any brand, retailer, shop or service provider on ReviewsXP and help other consumers in making the right decision when it comes to spending their hard earned money.

This community has been created for one and only one purpose – to ensure good and ethical practices by sellers and service providers. So, come, lets join hands and make sure that no customer ever gets cheated of his/her hard earned money by buying defective goods or paying for substandard services.

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