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YouTube Ads Guide: Step by Step Guide for Beginner in 2024

How to Start youtube ADS

Will you have your own name, and are you thinking about ads on YouTube? You are on a strong course! YouTube is one of the world wide web’s most popular sites, people waste hours viewing videos and listening to music there. This social network/video hosting should, therefore, be included in every marketing strategy in order to make their product visible and build brand awareness, and what can get better than a video commercial?

Nonetheless, we know that video AdWords can sound a little intimidating to beginners and that’s why we’re sharing a free, easy step-by-step tutorial with you.

Until you know it you can manage YouTube Campaigns! And we’ll be taking you through the entire process:

Create a Video Ad

Want to see your company on YouTube but you don’t know exactly how to make it happen? Try out an incredible, animated commercial. They’re entertaining, engaging, and captivating. Since it’s not just how much money you’re charging to YouTube, the video material will be of a high standard and exclusive in order to stand out from millions of other online videos right now.

Because YouTube is one of the biggest search engines, as we said, and everyone wants to be there. We love to make exclusive videos at Yum Yum Videos which will draw, sell, and close more deals. Just as we did with the animation of Tortilla Land which was such a hit that our company enabled us to create a video testimonial about it.

Beyond the usual advertisement, there’s another form of material that you may advertise: video explainers. They work great to acquaint youtube views with your product but in just a few minutes, they give a message.

For more perspective, take a peek at our own video explainer:

  • Learning the Terms: Before jumping into all of the contexts of the Campaign, first, you’d have to understand all the basic concepts of video Adwords. The main YouTube ad forms are called TrueView, and in-stream and content exploration are subtypes. TrueView ‘s magic is that it provides the viewer the capacity to pick whatever they want to look at, meaning you won’t pay for undesired views.
  • In-stream ads: They are the advertisements that you encounter before, after or after viewing a YouTube video and for the first 5 seconds, you may opt to miss them. For Adwords for content, whether it’s quicker and someone engages with it, you’ll just pay if someone sees 30 seconds of your ad or the whole film.Additionally, you can incorporate an overlay of Calls-To-Action (CTA) to invite people to access your website or other video material. Adding a headline text with a connection, for example, would allow audiences to visit your homepage and close further sales. Giving it a go!
  • Video Discovery Ads: These are the ads that appear when you search for something on YouTube or in the section about the related videos. Often, they appear on the homepage of YouTube and on partner pages. They are shown with a thumbnail picture and a description so you can take that into consideration and label it with an enticing description and a nice picture to encourage people to watch your film.
  • Bumper Ads: There is also another format called Bumper Advertising where they show before or after a YouTube video, as in-stream videos. The major difference is that they cannot be skipped and are no longer than six seconds.In this case, you can compensate through CPM bidding (Cost-per – thousand views) depending on perceptions, which ensures you compensate each time the video ad is viewed 1000 times.
  • Tip: YouTube also offers ways to get free promotions. This you can do by offering attractive content that may appear in organic searches. Educational videos, a good way to do that is.This is a perfect opportunity to achieve a higher ranking on YouTube as it is informative and will meet the desires of the viewers by offering valuable knowledge

How to Begin

girl thinking

The next move is to register in Google Adwords, after uploading your ad to YouTube as we described. It’s free and simple just follow the connection. You will connect the YouTube Channel of your company to your Adwords Account when signing in. Click the “Linked YouTube accounts” menu and check for the alternative Then we can go on lobbying!

Creating a Campaign

Go over to your Adwords webpage and click the red “+ CAMPAIGN” button in the drop-down menu, then click on the video. You can fill a name for the Campaign at this point and select the type of ad you want. Before doing so, start thinking about which one will meet your business objectives better! They’re designed to have different functions and impacts as we explained before.

Setting the Budget

Consider how much money you want to pay on advertising on YouTube. Smart advice here is, to begin with, a limited budget and increase it later if you are pleased with the performance and decide to extend it. Go ahead then and pick a distribution method for your ad: normal or accelerated, which means displaying it equally over time or faster.

Where Will You See the Ad?

You can select either YouTube or YouTube videos to search for. When someone looks up a particular keyword, the first option will show your ad in the search results. The other displays the ad before or after YouTube videos and other Google channels.

Setting Language and Location

YouTube is a website that can be viewed around the globe. Make sure you choose the right locations for your potential audience and their language because there are more than 75 options available!

Link the URL of the Video

Your video ad will need to be uploaded to your YouTube channel as we explained. Then you can paste the URL here and pick whether you want it to play as an In-stream ad or as an exploration picture.

Unless you adjust it, your YouTube Ad will show up on all your mobile devices. When you don’t want to show on mobile apps, you can raise or decrease this choice even though we don’t suggest it because you would lose a good opportunity. Roughly 70 percent of the videos are currently watched in the mobile YouTube app, so be sure to have mobile-friendly content!

When to Run Your Ad

You may decide when to start running your ad in the Advanced Configuration portion, and when to finish it. There’s even an opportunity to schedule daytime specific times to display your ad. For example, during the night you can shut it down and resume it in the morning or in the daytime, which is always dependent on your marketing strategy.

Cost per View

The Cost-per-view rate, also known as CPV, is the maximum amount you’ll pay if someone watches your ad’s first 30 seconds, or the entire duration if it’s shorter, or if someone interacts with any part of your video ad. For more information on Bidding and CPV please click here. Our advice is to continue with a low price and then raise it for better performance later on.

You can test the success of your advertising using the analytics resources offered by Adwords.

Setting A Target

Adwords for Video provides a broad spectrum of targeting strategies to attract the right viewers to your website. The first thing you can do is worry about who your future customer is, what he or she enjoys, and what desires they have. On that basis, you can now start setting your campaign targets. Have a good look at all the choices and be precise, and you can build a broader audience.

These are the key approaches that you may use:

  • Gender, age, parental status, and income bases demographic groups
  • Topics and concerns
  • Keywords, by word or phrase
  • Placement, like other YouTube channel subscribers, or other websites.

Saving your Ad

Now that you have done reaching your audiences, you are able to click on the “Save ad group” That will stop the configuration of the advertisement and your ad will start working according to your preferences. Continuing to advertise your video is a smart move for cross-promotion, showcasing your video on certain social networking networks apart from YouTube would increase your audience.


You’ve already discovered every phase of the advertisement cycle on YouTube. Piece of coffee, no? If you were dubious you can be positive about ads in one of the most popular search engines after reading this free guide.

This post goes over all the details you need, such as building an Adwords page, the fundamentals of TrueView marketing, Program configuration and optimization, and all the tips and advice to make the most of your YouTube ad!

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