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Step By Step YouTube SEO Guide to Rank Higher in 2023

Step By step YouTube seo guide

Would you want your YouTube videos to boost the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)? Read on to know how you can increase views on your own YouTube channel with my best tips!

You might a channel on YouTube. You have a channel header, you have filled out your section about it and you frequently upload content.

Okay a big piece of the puzzle may be missing: YouTube SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You might not know this but youTube is next to Google’s second-largest search engine in the world. And if you aren’t scanning your videos properly, you ‘re losing out on a massive, long-lasting stream of views and subscribers!

Here’s how you should make sure you automate the hell out of your YouTube channel and videos so you don’t lose out on this enormous number of views:

Optimizing Title and Thumbnail

Your title should include whatever search term you wish to rank for. You should be thinking about what search phrase you would like to rank for this video with every video that you make.

We’ve done this recently with a food vlog we made in Budapest. We decided to rate for food from Budapest so we made sure that the title included certain keywords.

Users usually first read the tag, then check the preview to provide a deeper view into what the video is about. A decent thumbnail will strengthen the title and make it sound better!

If you’re unsure about what makes a successful thumbnail, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Comprehension of what is happening in the thumbnail should be easy.
  • Make sure to zoom out while changing your image and get a feel of what it is going to appear like in the search results.
  • You may have a thumbnail that looks incredibly grown-up, but when you slim it down, it’s illegible!
  • If you want to put text on the thumbnail, make sure that it is visible and does not distract from the imagery.
  • Take our thumbnail for proof in Budapest. I realized I wanted to place the text to the top left of the food when I took the picture so I made sure I left some space. A little foreplay will go a long way!

Work on Video Description

In reality, this one is quite easy but sometimes overlooked. Whatever phrase you ‘re trying to rank for, make sure you mention it within the first 25 keywords (or at least a slight variation thereof). And bear in mind the easier (probably) the sooner you discuss it.

To maximize search traffic on your video, select 1-2 keywords that accurately describe your content. Including them in the summary and title of your video to improve its chances of appearing in the search results of potential viewers. The same goes for your description of the channel.

Uncertain which keywords to use? Tools such as Google Advertising Keyword Planner and Search Trends can help get you started.

Only type in the terms that better explain what your channel or video is all about and Google will recommend the keywords that are nearest to you.

Optimizing Video Tags

Many new YouTubers undervalue tag strength. Tags tend to be a crucial component of the search rank algorithm on YouTube but be mindful that the algorithm is often pretty wise. You can’t only apply the “vlog” suffix, and expect the search word to rate.

YouTube then aims at the marks in tandem with plenty of other items including:

  • Keywords Description
  • Keyword definitions
  • Watch time
  • Tags are just another puzzle piece so don’t miss them!
  • YouTube requires up to 500 characters to be inserted so make sure you add as many tags as possible!

Sort out Tags

Most people claim your tag order plays a role in how YouTube rates your film. I’m not sure if that’s accurate, but I don’t think it will hurt to make sure the best tags come first!

There are some great extensions to help you sort your YouTube tags by their rank with ease. These tools also do a ton of other things and it’s a must-have for any serious YouTuber, in my view.

What you do next is play a little bit with the search results for YouTube.

There are two things we want to do here:

  • See what YouTube indicates when you browse (you would like all those terms to be ranked);
  • Classifying some videos that appear to spring up now and again for essential web searches (particularly the “by Relevance” tab by default)

Plan Niches

No point attempting to list with terms such as “coffee” “cars” or “fitness” There is so much out there that to vote for it is practically difficult.

The trick is to find an audience you can speak to in your film. Niches have a lot less competition, and you are going to have a much higher chance of getting Youtube views.

For instance:

  • “Coffee” may become “Coffee shops in Boston”
  • “Cars” could transform into “Missouri muscle cars”
  • “Fitness” could transform “Fitness for pregnant mothers”

Such definitions are random. It is up to you to figure out what niche you’d like to talk to. Here’s a fast staying statute. Whatever your highest level topic is, dig at least two levels deeper.

And if your channel is more about magic tricks, maybe it’s for novice magicians directly and maybe you’re focused on street magic. Thus anything like “Street Magic Tricks for Beginner Magicians” could fit well. And now you’re covering a niche. And honestly, you could go even deeper with that one!

Rely on YouTube

This is a great little trick I use before I settle for some video on a word. Whatever your key category is, let’s use this magic example again, enter it in the search bar for YouTube and see what it says!

Which ought to give you a good understanding of what customers are searching for. And the more you maximize for those keywords, the more assuredly you are going to come up with or be suggested alongside the top search results in those results.

Add Keywords

Many YouTubers know how to fill out their section regarding it, but I think the keywords really play a part in the search rank of your channel within your segment.

I don’t think this is an immense aspect of the algorithm, but it’s so simple to incorporate that I guess it’s worth doing just in case!

Just take a short glance at your segment and make sure you have your keywords in it!

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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) is the constantly-changing method of developing web content that will rank high on the results pages of search engines (SERPs).

Because search is always the gatekeeper to your content, it is important to automate the quest for your website in order to draw traffic and to develop a following. Make sure you go through the article above to understand how SEO in YouTube works.

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