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10 Best Shows Like Gossip Girl to Watch in 2021

Best Shows Like Gossip Girl

Back in 2007 when the first episode of “Gossip Girl” was aired, it at once created a huge fan base that’s intact even till now. Rather we can say by the time the hype around it has only increased by leaps and bounds. After six electrifying series “Gossip Girl” came to an end in 2012, breaking our hearts.

I mean which show can ever again give us the complete package of high end drama, messy relationships, deep emotional attachments, hot fashion, and even hotter characters.

Even though we can watch it on HBO or Netflix now but even the die hard fan will agree at a point re-watching the series has to lose the utmost attractiveness. Getting our hearts broken and repaired by Chuck can’t go on for ages.

I know it is nearly impossible to find Serena’s party animal vibes, Blair’s true queen personality, Nate’s “oh my god” pretty looks and our bad boy Chuck’s Chuck bass ness. But we got the solution for it. If you liked the story line of Gossip Girl revolving around the scandalous lives of the Elites of Manhattan, below is our list of 10 shows that are similar to Gossip Girl.

These shows will give you the vibes of Gossip Girl with their unique story line and plot twists. Though Gossip Girl can never be replaced totally but bet even Blair Waldorf will admit our list to be a list of potential alternatives.

Here are the Best Shows Like Gossip Girl:

Pretty Little Liars

The Vampire Diaries:

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The very first show to make it to our list is the fan fav, Pretty Little Liars. If you were hooked to Gossip Girl due to the mysteries, secrets, and above all the lies, then Pretty Little Liars is probably the best alternative for you.

The story revolves around a group of five pretty girls or we can say, pretty liars. The queen of the group Allison goes missing and the rest four, start getting mysterious messages from “A”. This “A” not only threatens them to reveal their dark secrets but also informs them about Allison’s death.

The four start finding Allison and the story takes twists and turns as they proceed to discover Allison’s unseen life. The storyline has a lot of things for which you were addicted to Gossip Girl.

Love triangles, high-end fashion, relationship struggles, high school drama, and of course a mysterious stalker who knows all their darkest secrets. The storyline is so efficiently plotted that to reveal the mystery you have to watch all seven seasons and undoubtedly it will keep you more engaged than you can imagine.

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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries:

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Ever since I have watched shows like Teen Wolf and Twilight, I found supernatural characters pretty hot. And the list of hot supernatural characters goes incomplete without the inclusion of the Vampire Diaries.

You might think but this is a list of shows that are similar to Gossip Girl. Don’t worry we are not shifting our focus to anything else. The Vampire Diaries is no less engaging than Gossip Girl.

Two extremely hot vampire brothers falling in love with a pretty mortal human girl. The story has a solid love triangle and that leads to a lot of smoky scenes.

No, it is not a story of two dotting brothers, one sacrificing his love for another. You will get to see a lot of vampire rivalries throughout the series. And among them, the strongest is the rivalry between the brothers Stefan and Damon.

Like Chuck Bass, we have our hotshot hero Damon here, initially trying to mess with his younger brother’s relationship. But instead ends up with the pretty female lead Elena. You can never get over the mysterious love triangle, engaging storyline, extremely hot cast, and even hotter scenes.

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Now it’s time for a classic which is not a classic. Yes, we are talking about Riverdale. The show has all the characters you read in the Archie comics but the storyline of the show is at the opposite pole of the comics.

Sounds similar to Gossip Girl? Gossip Girl is based on the YA book series by Cecily von Ziegesar but far away from the actual storyline of the book series. Similarly, Riverdale has Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and other Archie comics characters but it is like the modern adaptation of the comics.

Hands down, the modern adaptation is perfect to go on your watch list after Gossip Girl. It’s darker, sexier, more fashionable and of course way hotter.

The story revolves around the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, a wealthy and powerful teen who was also an important football player in the school football team.

While Archie is busy building his music band, struggling, and discovering new relationships he and his group try solving the mystery behind Jason’s murder. As they proceed a whole new world of dark mysteries and the multi-layered storyline is revealed to them as well as to the viewers.

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The O.C.

The O.C.

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Now we present the west coast version of the upper east side Gossip Girl group. Technically we can call the O.C. or the Orange County to be the ancestor of Gossip Girl.O.C. ended its fourth and final season the very year when Gossip Girl was started. And both the shows revolve around the dramatic lives of blue blood high school teens.

The hotshot male lead Ryan Atwood gets mental shocks after feeling underprivileged compared to the three rich families of Southern California- the Coopers, the Cohens, and the Nichols.

Now how the hottie got taken away by even sexier lawyer Sandy Cohen is a thing for you to watch. Through Cohen, Ryan enters into the unseen life of Orange County.

If you loved the power pair Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl then you will love the pair of Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts from the O.C. even more. Marissa is also the love interest and neighbor of Ryan.

And his foster brother Seth or we can call him Dan of O.C. has a come and go relationship with Summer. Similar to Gossip Girl, this show is full of drama, secrets, mysteries, and not to mention the nail-biting gossips of the lives of the high-class teens. Popcorns anyone?

Beverly Hills, 90210:

Beverly Hills, 90210

The Gossip Girl shows the scandalous lives of wealthy teens of Manhattan whereas Beverly Hills portrays the twist and turns of the elite teens of Beverly Hills. 90210 is the famous zip code of the place where the story is plotted.

The storyline of Beverly Hills, 90210 is more or less similar to Gossip Girl. The struggles between the privileged and underprivileged.

This famous TV series of the 90’s portrayed the ups and downs of the lives of twins, Brandon and Brenda. These twins move from Minnesota to Beverly Hills.

Shifting from an ordinary high school to an elite high school of California the twins go through the daily lifestyle of upper class teens. Drugs, sex, drama, mysteries, and a lot more which you will find common with the glamorous lives of the characters of Gossip Girl.

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Did you love Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl and miss him? Then here’s your chance to see him slaying the screens again as Joe Goldberg in You. You can’t help but point out the similarities between You and Gossip Girl. The dark themes match so much that many Gossip Girl was left in surprise.

Many of you have experienced the difference between love and obsession. A lot of shows have shown us how terrifying obsession can be. But Joe in You can horrify the whole idea of obsession to some other level and give you chills down your spine. Joe is so obsessed to find love he kills anyone who comes in his way, without any mercy.

The deadly combination of darkness and complex psychology will force you to stick to your couch and watch it on repeat.

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The Carrie Diaries:

The Carrie Diaries

One of the many reasons behind Gossip Girl’s success was the plot of the story in highly fashionable and elite New York City. The same element you will find in the Carrie Diaries. Did you like the critically acclaimed show Sex and the City? Forget sequels, Carrie Diaries is the prequel of Sex and the City. Yes, you read it right.

Carrie Diaries portray the early life of Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. Her life in high school, ups, and downs. The story goes on with a junior high school student and an aspiring writer Carrie grabs an internship at Larissa’s Interview Magazine.

If it’s Carrie then her life has to be highly fashionable as well. Throughout the series, you can have the elite feel of 1980s Manhattan.

As the story progresses, with Larissa losing her job you will find Carrie prioritizing her career over her love interest Sebastian. A perfect combination of love, dreams, relationships, and realistic fiction -the Carrie Diaries surely deserves to be on your binge-watch list.

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One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill

Missing the saucy family drama of Gossip Girl? One Tree Hill is your next destination. This series is one of the very few teen dramas that mainly focuses on the rivalry between two brothers.

Half brothers Nathan and Lukas get into a feud with each other on and off the baseball court which gets sparked when their father clearly prefers one son to the other.

The situation gets complicated when a love triangle is created among Lucas, Nathan, and Peyton. With the progress of the story, you will find the entry of new interesting characters and new love and relationship twists.

The characters in this series are numerous and so are the hookup elements. This is not your typical high school drama and will surely hook you up to your couch.

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Next on our list is Privileged, which is similar yet different from Gossip Girl. There are some undeniable similarities along with some interesting new elements. The story revolves around Yale alum Megan Smith who gets fired from her journalist job in a tabloid.

With an aim to put her life in place Megan takes up the job of the home tutor of twin granddaughters of an elite businesswoman Laurel, Rose, and Sage.

Like Gossip Girl, Privileged is also based on a YA novel How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls. Other than this similarity you will also find the complexity of life and relationships of the rich in both Gossip Girl and Privileged.

How Megan gets involved in the luxurious lifestyle and what ups and downs she faces throughout her high end dramatic life are a must watch!

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Dynasty draws a thin line between it and Gossip Girl. This blue blood dramedy is based on two wealthy rival families, the Carringtons and the Colbys. The feud between heiress Fallon Carrington and her stepmother Cristal Flores will remind you of the elite battles of Gossip Girl.

Dynasty is the modern adaptation of 80s famous soap opera with the same name and similar to Gossip Girl, it depicts a dark theme. The complexity of relationships, corporate rivalry, and the detrimental effect of extreme wealth are portrayed aptly throughout the series.

And the extreme hotness is a common ingredient in all shows that dare to represent itself as a potential alternative to Gossip Girl.

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So that’s all for the list of top 10 shows like Gossip Girl. Let us know in the comments which other shows you would love to see included in our list. Till then happy watching!

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