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Penji Review (2021): A Complete Package of Graphic design, Illustration & UX/UI

Penji Review

If you’ve got some graphic designing work, and you do not want to hire a professional, say a freelancer, then Penji might be the solution for you. It can save you all the trouble of finding, managing or hiring some expensive designer.

Moreover, you will never be overcharged. I personally examined Penji and used it to create some blog images. Here I have reviewed the app, and the services it offers, read on to find out.

How Does it Work?

There is no limit to the number of design projects as well as revisions that you require for logos, infographics, social media marketing, and so on. Moreover, there are hardly any hidden costs except for the nominal monthly fee.

The gimmick is that designers are allowed to work with one project at a time. However, even this might be sorted if you upgrade to the popular agency plan. Design requests are usually given out within the night.

Who can Use Penji Business Model?

Penji Business Model


  • Penji might be used by bloggers who wish to include good quality custom images or any amount of infographics for their posts.
  • It can also be used by social media marketers who is in need of Instagram Graphics, or graphics for Pinterest and maybe Facebook.
  • Penji is also used by agencies who would like to supplement some of their design work, without having to add extra staff.
  • It might also be used by businesses who want to create any ads for campaigns on Instagram, Google, or perhaps Facebook.

What Can Penji Do?

Here are some of the things you can use Penji for


  • The customer support at Penji is exceptional. Every member of the team is pleasant and positive which makes working that much easier. Naturally, this cannot be understated.
  • The app is highly affordable and requires no hidden fees. They have an exceptional business model and there is hardly any need to worry about you exceeding the budget. Since there are fixed monthly fees you know exactly what you’re paying for.
  • If you have some job in graphic design, and you don’t want to employ an expert, maybe a freelancer, then Penji could be your option. It will spare you all the hassle of locating, treating or employing any costly artist. In comparison, you will never be overcharged.
  • There is no limit on the number of branding assignments you need for banners, infographics, social media ads, and so on, as well as revisions. Moreover, aside from the nominal monthly bill, there are barely any hidden expenses.
  • If designers are using a style that you don’t approve of, then you can let them know- after this, you will be assigned a different one without unnecessary fuss.
  • No matter what time of the day it is, the people will respond to your requests. Since it is an international foundation, there is always someone active in the team. The requests are given out within 24-48 hours.
  • If you want you can interact with them using the intuitive dashboard. This allows you to give easy feedbacks as well as comments that your designer can directly make on your images.


  • They do not give you the maximum benefit every month if you don’t regularly require design jobs. If you spend at least 8-10 hours per month of development work, only then Penji is worth it. Take into consideration, they are still on hand, even though you use just a few hours a month, whereas a small business owner may not always be accessible.
  • If you’d like you can communicate with any designers through email and via the Penji dashboard. However, there is no way to contact them directly with your phone. For people who are more verbal, this might be a bit of a shortcoming, since, there might not be an efficient way to pass along any details to your designers.
  • In your summary, you must be very thorough. The turnover is slower than that of some other manufacturers. I submitted a few projects and received some prototypes where the recommendations were not adequately followed. This lead to some needless iterations, restricting the number of tasks I could do per month.


  • Customer Service

At Penji, customer service is excellent. Each team member is friendly and optimistic, which makes it so much easier to function. This, naturally, should not be overstated. If designers choose a theme that you don’t approve of, then you should let them know that after this, without undue hassle, you will be assigned a new one.

  • Affordable Pricing

The software is incredibly inexpensive and doesn’t need secret payments. They have an excellent business plan and there is barely any reason to think about hitting the budget. Because you know precisely what you’re getting charged for, there is a fixed monthly charge. The amount of branding tasks you need for posters and visualizations is not limited. In comparison, there are barely any expenses apart from the nominal monthly bill.


Penji makes things simpler to just get professional web development work completed for companies, advertisers, and fast-growing firms. By assigning your tasks to an online team with vetted talent, optimize your effectiveness. No complex recruiting along with speedy turnaround. Moreover, there are set costs for unlimited projects each month- so go ahead and try it today.

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