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10 Best Trilogy Movies Like Maze Runner To Enjoy Weekends

Movies Like Maze Runner

Maze Runner was an instant hit when it launched. The movie follows the story of a group of teens who are entrapped in a maze. They are leading a life just outside the maze. The maze is filled with creatures that are dangerous and can even kill them. The teens have to choose whether they stay where they are or try to change their lives for the better. Both of these options require them to risk their lives. The Maze Runner delivers a complicated plot where the audience wants to see the teenagers succeed. Read the list to know which movies you can watch if you liked The Maze Runner.

We have listed down other movies Like Maze Runner to watch in 2022. 

Hunger Games

The hunger games - Movies Like Maze Runner

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Hunger Games is the first movie that comes to our mind when we are thinking about movies Like Maze Runner. The Hunger Games have been one of the most popular franchises in this segment with the movie and its sequels being well received by the audience. The movie is an adaptation of a young adult novel written by Suzanne Collins. The movie is seen as one of the best adaptations of a young adult novel on the big screen. Hunger Game was excellently directed by Gary Ross and the movie does justice to the novel.

The movie is set up in the future where the world functions quite differently compared to what we are used to. We are introduced to a new world with some peculiar rules. The movie is centered around the lives of the people who live under totalitarian rule. In this tyrannical regime, there are 12 districts with each district having its roles cut out for them.

The districts are numbered based on their importance and the type of work that is allotted to them. There is an annual game which is organized by the rulers and takes place in the capital. This event is known as the Hunger Games. In this event young adults selected from the 12 districts have to battle it out in a deadly game where they are pitted against each other. These participants are known as the tributes.

hen a girl is selected as the tribute from District 12, her sister offers to take her place. Jennifer Lawrence has pulled off an excellent role as Katniss Everdeen and the movie will not disappoint you from start to finish. The original movie is well made and impactful but the others in the series hit the mark as well.


Divergent movies - Movies Like Maze Runner

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Divergent is another adaptation of a popular young adult novel. When a worldwide bestseller has been adapted into a movie you expect big things from it and the movie does not fail to deliver. The writings of Veronica Roth have been executed perfectly in the movie.

The movie closely follows the genre of adventure and a thriller which makes it quite similar to Maze Runner. The scenes in Maze Runner where people are trying their best to survive all of the adverse conditions and hostility that is thrown at them are similarly represented in this movie.

The movie is set up in a futuristic world where the current order has been changed. The entire structure of the society has been replaced with a new order. The new order comprises 5 factions or groups. When a person turns 16 they have to choose one of the 5 factions to be a part of. They have the choice of remaining with their family in their faction or changing to a new one. The movie follows the life of Tris Prior.

She is what people in the world term as divergent. She cannot fit perfectly in a single group and is thus labeled as divergent. In this new world, ill-treatment is meted out to the divergents. In this movie, you will see how she tries to survive in a world that is hostile towards her and uncovers something which might have grave repercussions.

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

Maze Runner Scorch Trials

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It is quite obvious that if you like Maze Runner you will like the sequel as well. this movie adapts the second installation of the book series by Suzanne Collins. Many movie franchises manage to mess up the sequel of a popular movie. They tend to skip some of the best parts and try to diverge from the main themes of the movie. This causes many people to have low expectations from sequels. This is not the case for this movie. The movie manages to do a seamless transition to the next part of the plot.

Movies Like Maze Runner: Scorch Trials picks exactly where the previous installation of the movie left off. The first installation of the movie left things at a point where the viewers were urged to know the next developments in the plot was. The sequel was much hyped and it lives up to that. The movie was able to answer many of the questions which the first part posed.

While helping to answer many mysteries, the movie comes with mysteries of its own which propels the movie further and makes the plot more complex. This movie brings the characters out of the maze and puts them in a world that is filled with things that might be deadlier than the maze.

They must learn to adapt to the changed circumstances and landscape. The movie poses the question of whether the characters can survive the new world and the abundance of challenges that they face in front of them. This movie becomes a must-watch if you liked the original Maze Runner and want to know how the story develops.



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There is a saying that Christopher Nolan does not make bad movies and we highly agree with that. Inception is one of the finest movies made by the highly decorated director. The movie manages to explore new concepts and ensures these concepts can be understood by the audience in a bid to not alienate them from the plot of the movie. This Movie brandishes a new concept while making the storyline not overly complicated.

The movie has been made to allow the common viewer to have a good movie experience while brandishing mind-bending concepts. Nolan has not been shy with the use of his directorial skills and innovation while making the movie. The supreme level of direction is visible in each of the scenes of the movie.

While the director takes a lot of the praise nothing should be deducted from the part of the actors for playing their roles brilliantly. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy are the standout actors in this movie. All of the actors play their roles excellently. They take the movie to a whole new level with their acting and the performances they put out.

The movie shows us a timeline where it is possible to enter the dreams of individuals. The main character and his team are a group of sophisticated thieves who use technology to enter the dreams and do corporate espionage. They steal information and secrets which are valuable.

They try to perform one of their biggest heists and many problems start to occur. The past of the main character comes to haunt him and can put the entire mission at risk. From the concepts to the characters everything is on point with this movie.

Dark City

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We would be doing an injustice to the movie if we did not have Dark City as a part of our list. The movie will give you major flashbacks of when you first started to watch The Maze Runner. Dark City is a movie that wastes no time when it comes to diving straight into the action.

It throws you into the unknown and makes you experience the exact things which the actor feels on the screen. They start the movie with a sense of anticipation and surprise which manages to draw your attention to the movie instantly.

In the beginning, you find the actor gaining consciousness. He has no idea where he is and does not recognize his surroundings. The movie does not give you the time to analyze the situation as suddenly he finds out that he is a wanted man. Delivering these pieces of information at a fast pace keeps the audience on their toes. The biggest thing which seems off with the world is that there is no sun and all people fall asleep by midnight. This makes the main character question his conscience and the existence of such a place.

I am Number Four

I am Number Four - Movies Like Maze Runner

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The story is about an alien who manages to get to earth and changes his identity. He is trying to escape from hunters along with his guardian. This requires him to keep changing cities and not get settled permanently in a particular spot. When he moves to Ohio he finds that there are others like him. He was number 4 in a series of other aliens who have their unique powers.

The movie talks about how they bond with each other and understand their power. They decide to stop running and make a joint stand against their pursuers. The movie provides you will a lot of action along with a storyline that is well written. You will enjoy this movie if you have liked our suggestions so far.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World - Movies Like Maze Runner

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If you do not know what The Jurassic World is you must have been living under a rock. Jurassic World is one of the most famous movie franchises in the world. The movie has broken many records and is treated as a classic. If you loved the concept of having to survive enemies and predators in the Maze Runner you will like this movie. The Jurrasic world is an amusement park. Instead of fun rides, this park houses dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs have been recreated with the help of scientists and now they plan to commercialize this place with people coming to visit dinosaurs just like they do in a zoo. This seems like an innovative and fun concept until everything starts to go wrong. What could go wrong when you make dinosaurs and put them in cages? When these dinosaurs stage a revolt and begin their destruction everything falls apart.

No security measures can save the tourists who have gone there for the inaugural of the park. The main character played by Chris Pratt has to then use his skills to save the tourists from these dinosaurs who are destroying everything in their path.

We see how these tourists try to outsmart the dinosaurs which are very smart themselves. A battle of wits and strategy is seen by the tourists as they try their best to make it out alive. Jurassic Park brought a whole new concept to the cinema with the resurgence of dinosaurs. The CGI work in the movie is great and you will find the dinosaurs to be very realistic.

The Village

The  Village - Movies Like Maze Runner

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The horror survival theme has been well portrayed by The Village. This movie has a strong storyline that does not have any flaws. This storyline is well executed by all of the actors and has been given amazing direction by the famous M. Night Shyamalan. The movie manages to encapsulate all of the elements of a horror movie and manages to showcase those particular elements throughout the movie.

The audience is greeted to the movie by the unfamiliar setting of a village that is different from the regular villages that you see. This village is located in the middle of the forest. The people live very isolated lives. They are cut off from the rest of the world by this forest.

This forest harbors many monsters. The forest is the playground of these monsters. A pact made between the villagers and the monsters ensures that peace prevails in that village. The villagers were forbidden from going to the forest and the monsters in return would not attack them or enter the village.

All hell breaks loose when one of the villagers decides to go to the forest to procure some medicine. This causes these monsters to enter the village and terrorize the humans living there. You follow the journey of the villagers as they try to flee these monsters. Village cements its spot as one of the best horror movies.

The Cube

Cube  - Movies Like Maze Runner

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The cube is a series of movies that shares the same setting as the Maze Runner. In Maze Runner, we saw a group of teenagers try to escape a maze that was deadly and designed to keep them restricted in a place. In The Cube, the individuals are kept inside a maze. This Maze is of the same shape as a cube. All of these cubes are linked to each other. The Cube is as close as it gets to be a movie of the same nature as Maze Runner.

The participants have to figure out a way to get out of this cube. The claustrophobic scenes will make you understand the gravity of the situation which these individuals were facing. In a small and constricted space, these individuals have to survive and make it out alive. This movie takes gore and violence to the next level with many scenes that might be too graphic for some people. If you like the Cube go watch its sequels as well.

Ready Player One

Ready player one

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This movie was the topic of discussion when it launched. People had gone crazy with the new concept which is brought to the front. The entire movie takes place in a virtual reality world with some scenes of the real world added to it. The concept is something pretty new and the great execution of it has led to the fame of the movie.

The movie showcases us a world where the virtual world has gained more importance than the real world. Everyone stays engaged in the virtual world forgetting about the significance of life in the real world.

The virtual world contains a treasure that can be found by the players. This treasure is of great significance and requires you to be able to understand the virtual world and find it. The main character and his friends try to find this treasure while competing against others. This movie is a good watch.


Movies Like Maze Runner are great movies that provides the audience with an innovative concept. The movies on the list are quite similar to The Maze Runner. They have similar storylines which makes them a great watch after you have watched the Movies Like Maze Runner.

This list should provide you with many suitable choices when it comes to selecting the m]mnect movie you want to watch. All of these movies are great choices and you should give them a watch to see the great stories they bring forward. The genre is filled with gems and we have tried to help you find them.

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